Stars and Dumplings Shining All Around Me

Starry Stamped Nails A tiny bit of smearage, cause the only top coat I have is SH Insta Dri - if you stamp, avoid it.

A tiny bit of smudging, cause the only top coat I have is SH Insta Dri – if you stamp, avoid it.

Can you guess I have a favourite stamp already? I don’t have many stamping plates to choose from but I got three tiny round plates (Cheeky) from eBay and I’m quite taken with their stars (CH26).

I don’t really count the cheap-o image plates I got from eBay just to verify my potential stamping skill (I did suspect I wouldn’t be able to stamp as I have tried DOTTING before – seemed a simple enough technique, looked like a small bird vomited all over my nails and I was shooting for a uniform dotticure).
Anyyyyways, I graciously granted myself some time for practice, but the first stamping you saw in my virgin post was not a total disaster, sorta worked. Those cheap-o plates however don’t transfer the images well enough (I wasn’t really expecting them to for their price) and some images don’t stamp at all. So I ordered three Cheeky plates from eBay and they rock :) (CH17, CH20 and CH26 if you’re interested) – I bid on these particular designs not because I particularly fell in love with them, but because a girl from the UK was selling them and I wanted to try Cheeky as a brand before maybe ordering their Jumbo Collection 2013.

Those nails are all CND Toughen Up base coated. White nails are a slightly shimmery Inglot 006, two coats, which shows commitment, because I usually do one coat with shimmery Inglots as they’re simply awesome. It’s not really white, more like a pearly shimmer, cold and silvery. And accents are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear I bought of eBay specifically for stamping, but this particular shade doesn’t stamp well – Psychedelic Purple. It’s an amazing colour though and matches my hair so I used it as a base too.
I stamped on white with Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Heat Flash; on purple with SH ID Presto Pink.

Oooook. In other news, the pictures of my starry mani are pre my making dumplings for 4. freaking. hours. I’m talking non-stop, no bathroom or cigarette breakes (my mom and third mom surely took theirs :P) work. I sat on the same kitchen stool (as I showed y’all in my virgin post – broken foot, otherwise I always stand cooking. It’s a mater of principle.) for said 4 hours, I haven’t even tried the dumplings yet (my mom was assigned the job of boiling them and coating them in butter, and my third mom was making the dough) and only took sips of white tea for strength. ;)
Such commitment.
So it wrecked my mani. And my back hurts like a b. But I had Johnny Cash and old country playing so I was quite happy. And when you’re on a roll you don’t stop, now, looking at all those dumplings I’m super satisfied.

Meet the Pierog.

Meet the Pierog.

Have you ever made dumplings?

The ones we make are called pierogi and are filled with a mixture of cheese we call twaróg or white cheese (it’s quark – not a creamy cottage cheese), potatoes and caramelised onions. As the cheese is obviously very important, the kind and quality of it, we only make it when my third mother, J. comes to visit. It probably also has something to do with the fact that my mom draws a line at cooking that takes 4 or 5 hours minimum.

My Camera Got Down and Dirty with the Dumplings to get these shots. All in the name of porn. Foodporn that is.

Got down and dirty with the dumplings to get these shots. All in the name of porn. Foodporn that is.


So the dumplings are made, 466 of them, and as I love sharing food, I’m posting a pic of their buttery glory (we cover them in melted butter so the dough doesn’t stick when they cool and also because, well, it’s butter. You can do no wrong with butter.). My neighbours always get whatever I’m making – live and real and touchable and edible, not only words and pictures :)

Foodporn is almost as good as nailporn so there you go. :)

All of the 466 Dumplings in their Shining Glory.

the 466 dumplings in their Shining Glory

I’m done now, I promise.

Enjoy the pictures and ramblings about my life.



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