Pink French Tips with a (Serious) Identity Problem


Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2013

This pink started out as ombré. About halfway mani however, it went through a midlife crisis and ended up a french tip.
Can you guess this is the very first french tip/ombré I have ever done? Or worn for that matter. Preeeetty obvious. But I do love this mani, because I made it specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2013.
Now, I’ll confess something. I hate, hate, hate (I mean, hate) pink on my nails. Creme pink. Nudish pink. Am I weird? Am I crazy? I feel like people start their nail painting with nudes and pinks, and I started with black and have a strict UnPinkIt Policy (I just invented it, but it sounds cool, so I’ll keep it.) It just doesn’t work. I wore it this summer once (wanted to be adventurous…) and had to take it off midday cause it drove me insane (and it was a pretty Inglot pink, pastel, not in-your-face neon). I don’t know what it is. I’m not a pink-hater in general. Ok. Nuff said.
But I forced myself to wear this pink mani, and advertised it to everybody and, beware, nobody knew it was Breast Cancer Awareness Month! My mani actually did some good!
Now, you may know I’m stuck at home with a broken metatarsal, so you might ask: who’s everybody. Funny story that.
Last Sunday I went to church, which is like a legit trip with a broken foot. We have an awesome Irish priest and he’s hilarious, so it’s actually really entertaining – entertaining’s good for bone recovery I hear. During homily Father D. asked the kids (gathered around the altar) what was the month of October dedicated to and I honestly wanted to say, as in out loud – Breast Cancer Awareness. Literally, I cringe to admit it (why do I tell you this stuff?) but I moved as if to stand up. I think if it wasn’t for my crutches and general lack of mobility I would’ve stood up or raised my hand. Turns out, Father D. meant Virgin Mary Month.
SHOCKED?! I know.

After the service, the combination of I think my cast, my blue hair and the pink manicure caught the attention of our community, and I stood in one of the church naves talking about Breast Cancer Awareness. True story dat. Thankfully, I read up on it when I was doing the mani so I knew how’s the mammography situation in the UK and so on. There were actually two elderly ladies who said they’d go and have their breasts checked by a doctor and one couple who was very interested in a mutual checking experience, wink wink. But wink winking aside, there was a general interest and people stopped by, complimented the mani and became AWARE. It’s always a start.
It was, to date, the weirdest church conversation I’ve ever had in my life, but I’m sure there’s plenty more to come.

There's something gentle and vulnerable about butterflies and orchids, and I think those emotions are quite right when it comes to dealing with disease. I want the butterfly to be strong, too.

There’s something gentle and vulnerable about butterflies and orchids, and I think those emotions are quite right when it comes to dealing with disease.

I completely didn’t expect it and it was so, so worth enduring the pink.

Can you guess what I love, apart from nails and books?

Can you guess what I love, apart from nails and books?

For the manicure I used Sally Hansen grey in Wet Cement, the darker pink is SH Insta Dri Presto Pink, I also stamped the orchid and the butterfly with Presto, and then the pale tips are Inglot 385. Nail stamping plate – B86. I used CND Toughen Up as a base coat and Poshé top coat (that was the first time I used it and I’m happy, quite happy with it).

On a last note, I have been following Nail Art Ideas Linkup for a while, and really loving it, such a creative concept and so cool to see all those thematically coordinated posts together! I’m finally joining and I’m so excited (I just can’t hide it…).
Thanks to the lovely Jacqui aka Craftynail for dumbing it down for me and making it less technologically intimidating!


PS If you don’t like pink, you can like this: ThisKittenHasKlaws.


12 thoughts on “Pink French Tips with a (Serious) Identity Problem

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  3. I think they look really lovely! And it’s great that you were able to raise awareness in your church. It may have been the most helpful and informative church service in the history of the world :) It was so brave of you to stand up and speak out like that. I really wouldn’t have had the gumption to do it. Bravo to you! :)

    • Awwww, thank you :)
      It was slightly awkward for me, not really because of the subject matter, but because, you know, it’s a church. But it was AFTER the mass, this community has a thing for not leaving after the service is done, we all sort of hover around the priest or the front yard and talk. And umm after I was asked about the nails I sort of elaborated on the theme. Hehe, it was weird, it got really quiet around me and people started paying attention to what I was saying. I think if I heard a blue-haired girl talk about breast cancer after a mass, I’d just STARE. ;)
      Thank you though, I do think it made a difference, if only one person gets checked, what an amazing victory. ;)
      Take care!

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