Can’t Stop Staring at Them Greens

Let the Shimmery Godness Commence

Let the Shimmery Goodness Commence

This is one of those colours you just… ugh, so pretty.
I never thought of myself as a person capable of appreciating or admiring different colours or shades. I’m growing I suppose.
I could literally add: an Admirer of Colour, Connoiseur Intermediate to my CV now.
They’re just so. pretty.
Have you ever noticed that there’s never A green on a tree? There’s a whole greeny leafy spectrum, and one could just stare and get giddy with all that beauty.

These are my delightful firsts: Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen. I’m going slightly insane with nail polish hauls, up until now I only had Inglots, so branching out and new brands are SUPER exciting and new colours make my day (every colour addict knows the drill, I’m sure).

Glitter, Anybody?

Glitter, Anybody?

For this mani I used CND Toughen Up base coat, Sinful Colours green in Show Me The Way (first time using the Sinful Colors formula, I’m thinking of writing up a small review, a very interesting polish in my opinion) and Sally Hansen Golden-I – all with one coat. Oh, right, topped it with Poshé, which shrinked like a little non-sandy beach, but I’m still liking it.
Then after a day or so I added Sally Hansen Disco Ball on my pinky and index finger. Disco Ball is my very first glitter and oh my, I now understand the hype around glitters. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of magpie madness.

This Ain't Tip Wear It's the Work of Poshé

This Ain’t Tip Wear
It’s the Work of Poshé

This really was a mani I couldn’t stop sneaking peeks at. The green has my all time favourite finish, a subtle shimmer, and it’s a cross between olive green and leafy springy green. Never had anything like it and I’m really happy with it. Oh, it’s a shimmery jelly but as you can see, quite an opaque jelly (I can’t believe I’m using words like jelly and creme in the same sentences as colours and nail polish, I feel so smart.)
The golden accent picked this mani up and made it more playful. And I really don’t know nothing about skin tones, especially mine, but I think the reason why I love Show Me The Way is because it looks awesome with my complexion. Or maybe I’m just randomly and senselessly in love with it.

This what my pinky normally does, I went o music school for 6 years and played the violin, so it's used to doing its own thing :)

This what my pinky normally does, I went to music school for 6 years and played the violin, so it’s used to doing its own thing :)

By the way, isn’t it amazing that when I click ‘stats’ it shows me a pretty map and it kindly tells me I have readers from, let’s say SOUTH AFRICA? I know, I know, we live in a globalised bubble of a world. But South Africa <3 ?! I love the internets.
There's lovely Romanians (or should I say Ukrainians in this case ;), never mind the IP address), Brits, Americans, Germans, South Africans and French people here and more and that makes me so happy. Both geographically and emotionally.



11 thoughts on “Can’t Stop Staring at Them Greens

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    • Awwww, thank you!
      I’m glad!, cause you’re dangerously close to blasphemy, green is my all time favourite nail colour, glad you would convert for this particular green ; )
      I started loving green nails with that Inglot in my virgin post, about 2 years ago, but now I’m branching out and I’m glad you like Show Me The Way, it’s scrumptious <3

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