If You Ain’t Blanc You Ain’t Right



Anyone getting the Modern Family reference?
Cause otherwise this title makes me look like a complete ass.

Anyyyyyway, to the nails.
They are, surprise surprise, another first of mine. This time they’re a first white manicure I’ve ever worn. And let me tell you, it is shockingly classy. (You’re like, whoah, I’m a lady.)
I got Sally Hansen White On for stamping purposes, and independently this one, Essie Blanc, for, well, branching out purposes. I figured, I gotta move past my trusted blues and greens, and maybe venture into a creme, glossy, unshimmery world.
It was a Decision you see.


Onto a quick:
Essie Blanc Review
Formula: it was my, oh yes, you guessed it, first Essie polish ever used & bought. It applies like a creamy goodness, glides and doesn’t flood the cuticles.
Brush: a thin, shortish brush, which I absolutely love, makes it easy to avoid the cuticle line.
Coverage: ONE coat was patchy, but not overly so. I plan to try only one for underneath a neon or gradient. This mani took TWO coats and was perfectly opaque.
I snuggled my Blanc with Poshé top coat and *gasp* didn’t use a base coat ;)
I believe Essie Blanc was the white base coat released with Essie Neons Collection 2013.


It is lovely, looks incredible, even on my weird hands. The look is strangely summery and so, so classy. I was anxious it’d look like tacky, plastic fake nails, but nope. A real beauty that one. You do it right, Blanc.

A few days ago I was playing around with stamping and put SH White On on a couple of nails. Now, White On totally looks like tipex/white out. Maybe on somebody with milky, olive or honey complexion it would look classy and sophisticated. But if your skin colour doesn’t involve food items it will look like tipex and the precise opposite of classy. My skin tone is, well I don’t really know, I’m not good at this categorising stuff, but White On makes my hands look like a demented elementary school’s pupil. This is not one of the whites that’s easy to rock.


So, if you’re wondering which white to get, seriously, Essie Blanc is THE way to go.


Love, Cat


8 thoughts on “If You Ain’t Blanc You Ain’t Right

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    • I’m so happy! Exactly, you gotta try it!
      I was so sure it’d look rubbish and soooo fake.
      And it’s classy without being too grownup if you know what I mean. My red nails made me feel like I was ancient and not in a mature elegant kinda way… ; )
      Try it, and if you do, lemme know how you like it : )

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