Supercharged Pixie Candy

I just did that!


Aren’t I awesome? No, really. I keep looking at my nails and thinking they’re someone else’s.
Not to sound braggy or anything, but would ya look at them?! ;) They sort of shocked me, how cute they turned out, because I expected them to be a very cold mess. Now I have anxiety I’ll never be able to duplicate this loveliness.
This gradient looks electric and like it involves real skill. It’s so vibrant and lovely, like scrumptious candy, the chemical laden one.
Cute tiny babies.
Try it. It’s good for you.
You’ll want to lick them. Now, that I’m legally obliged not to recommend, I think, but, I mean, they do look tasty.

And, don’t tell anybody, and I mean, anybody. They are so. easy. to. do.
I wasn’t even TRYING to do a mani, I was just dabbing around the old one, before I removed it.
Of course, since this is my first try, they’re far from perfect, I know. I wasn’t even familiar with the sponging technique, so there are flaws, but I still like them.
In case you live under a rock or in a tiny hut in the middle of nowhere/Highlands and haven’t seen one of the bazillion tutorials online or you have and thought, nope, that’s too fiddly/manually challenging/artistically challenging/will never work, they deceptively make it look easy, but that’s just it, evil deception by a cult of nail bloggers, *breathe* or, like me, all of the above – it is not. I’m serious. It’s just not difficult. I wouldn’t lie to you…

Ok. Long story short. It is NOT a tutorial. I don’t know what the criteria are, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be ticking them. But you will learn and by the end of it you’ll be candylicious (Yes. I went there. Don’t judge.)
Paint your nails white (in my case, Essie Blanc). Grab a sponge (be that washing up sponge, makeup sponge or whatever else you can get your hands on. Just don’t make it the super expensive-all-natural-organic sponge grown and fed in the Caribbean by monks of the Sponge Order. Or something. I’m just guessing. Don’t.) Take your nail polishes in desired colours – I recommend 3 for a beginner, 2 if you’re rocking short nails, you’ll see better definition of colours (see, I’m already talking like a pro, I’m only a gradient smarter than y’all). Have you waited for the white to dry?! Good. Sponge, polish, check. Paint horizontal stripes onto your sponge. However wide you want, adjust to your nail length, you’re smart, you’ll figure it out.
Then, what I’d do, dap the sponge and excess polish onto a piece of paper or something. Then onto your nails. Now, it’s better to dab a few nails, NOT cover the white completely and not achieve your dream colour than to do that in one dab. You’ll see. Dab, dab, dab, let say 3 nails, then paint the stripes again, paper, dab, dab, dab. Basically, layer. It’ll work, I promise. I did the dabbing onto each nail three times. When I picked out the colours I had no idea they were neons. I only saw that on white. What a nice surprise, I thought.

And then….

I had Essie Blanc on for two days and then did this gradient with Sinful Colors: Let's Meet yellow, Cloud 9 orange and Tapping Nails red. I top coated with Poshé.

I had Essie Blanc on for two days and then did this gradient with Sinful Colors: Let’s Meet yellow, Cloud 9 orange and Tapping Nails red. I top coated with Poshé.

Something utterly magical happens when you… put on your top coat. Seriously. It’s all kinds of crazy. It blends the colours, they pop and it transforms the previously bleh gradienty thing. It’s totally the liquid pixie dust of gradients. I’m not exaggerating – I’m talking wow factor. Squared.

Go crrrrazy with shades and crrrrrrazier even with ideas. Create. It’s too cool for words.

I plan to practice, of course, and so it’ll get better. But these are still cute, even if flawed.

PS I know, if you wanted a proper tutorial, as in one that’s actually teaching you something, you would’ve YouTubed it. But my intention was to convince those of you who haven’t tried a gradient that it’s dead easy. Because I haven’t believed all those talented nail gurus who said that I could, in fact do it.
And since I’m far from a guru, I command, you, yes, you, try it.




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