Ballerina with a Broken Metatarsal


Now, it seems I am officially joining the Colour Religion (Religion of Colour? House of Colours? Oooh, I like that one… Although… Hmm.) and not entirely by choice. It’s just happening. My third mother is visiting and she saw my freshly painted talons and went: ‘Oh, this is that cementy colour! (meaning Wet Cement by Sally Hansen) And my reaction was more or less ‘*gasp* Ohmigoodness, they are so different, no no, no no, this is OPI, look at the sheerness, and this is from the NY Ballet Collection, so soft and delicate and wispy, Wet Cement is opaque and harsh, one coater, ooohmigoodness.’ And I kept waving my fingers in front of her face. She just stared for a fraction of a second and nodded ‘Ooook.’ And I’m thinking I lost some respect she had for me.
10 minutes later same scenario played out with my mom.
Afterwards, I was thinking, and it’s just that two, three months ago grey was grey for me. Like, you know, it wouldn’t involve a wispiness factor.
But I’m quite happy it does now. Life is so much more colourful when there’s not only one variation of a colour to admire.

OPI My Pointe Exactly New York City Ballet Collection

OPI My Pointe Exactly
New York City Ballet Collection

This is my, *drumroll* first ever owned/worn OPI.
So, briefly and to the pointe:
OPI My Pointe Exactly Review
Formula: OPI, where have you been all my life?! It’s so buttery and lovely and easy to apply, you just want to be painting, and painting, and panting… It’s incredible.
Brush: it’s slightly thicker and longer that Sinful Colors or Inglot, but I actually like it even more. The cap is great too, much more comfortable than Inglot (which I love anyways).
Coverage: this is 4 coats. 4! There’s still some VNL, but it’s beautiful.

4 coats?! Yes, please.

4 coats?!
Yes, please.

Now, you gotta understand, I don’t DO more than 2 coats. I usually just put on 1 and I love it. I prefer the feel of a thin layer, plus I just can’t be bovvered. I love fiddly nail art and stamping, but gazillions of coats? No, thank you.
But this, oh my lord. I painted 4 coats, because it was such a pleasure to keep. painting. I actually liked it more after 3 coats, a tiny bit of VNL, but slightly better overall, just couldn’t stop painting. I’m turning into a monster.
And that colour. It’s so original – a grey jelly, very delicate and dainty, wispy, as I said, ah, beautiful. A perfect addition to the OPI New York Ballet Collection.
One coat is barely visible, but makes for very pretty nails, natural. I can’t stand nude colours, but this is perfectly cold and soft.


PS You can check out Wet Cement in my pink post and compare it if you’re so inclined.

Cheeky PS I’ve received my Cheeky stamping plates today in the mail! I’ve been feeling really down these past few days, because of my broken foot and all the consequences (which are more serious that I imagined…) and (solitary) confinement and while these beautiful plates didn’t make it ALL better they certainly sweetened my day. I ordered them a while back, as my first plates actually, but these babies came from Singapore today.




7 thoughts on “Ballerina with a Broken Metatarsal

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  3. it is likely to crack. This normally occurs in healthy and fit individuals who subject their body to excess physical activities. This kind of fracture is normally experienced by sportspersons and military recruits who engage in physical activities for long periods of time. They develop a stress fracture that leads to foot pain. The second situation is where people have extremely weak bones. This commonly affects women with osteoporosis.

  4. So soft and dreaming… I might give in and order the collection from Fragrance Direct. When I first got into nails I disliked anything that wasn’t perfectly opaque but now I feel like I *get* the VNL thing… it’s strange what a few months in this world will do for you. I am even wearing purple on my tips – a colour I am famed for disliking.

    • Definitely worth it, I’m sure you’ve seen swatches of the entire Collection, but I def think this one is the most original shade, Don’t Touch My Tutu is pretty too, but this jelly grey is super different.

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