Don’t Scream

There’s a kid. A little boy. In the middle of the night he wakes up, hears a bump, somewhere in his room. The floor is creaking. He looks at the alarm clock, 1:00am.
The creaking moves. It can be pinpointed to his walk-in wardrobe. The boy, in his yellow Batman pajamas creeps up to the wardrobe door, and opens it.
There’s no usual mess of clothes and books. Only darkness and faces. Lots of faces.


Will he dive into the Screaming Dimension or scream and run to Mommy?


Fine. In my head the Doctor comes and saves him. But the boy does dive first.


I stared at this mani after I did it for a while and there’s so many elements to be found. I created it simply because I craved some loud creepiness and green, it wasn’t directly inspired by anything but colours really. But once you think about it, it might be more, patterns creeping somewhere in my mind.


I love me some Munch and I didn’t even mind when Moffat got inspired by it and incorporated some of the elements into The Silence. Any Whovians out there? Isn’t The Silence just perfect?


This mani made my dad (who never notices anything) ask whether it was stickers on my nails or something else, ready-bought. He was sure we were pulling his leg when I said it was polish-only.


To me, it is so perfectly Samhein-like and vividly beautiful, like you could see those shapes in the flames of a bonfire.

Edvard Munch - Vampire

Edvard Munch – Vampire

In other news, I’m doing loads of physiotherapy for my broken foot, and I’m hurting because of it, but it feels good to be moving a bit more again.
My calf is hilarious, (my muscles have atrophied, TMI?) and the pair of them, my calves are so different, it’s ridiculous. I knew it’d happen, but it’s still shocking.
Since I’ve been confined to the four, green walls of my room, I’ve been reading, reading and reading. To break THAT routine, I’ve been watching some, too. I finally got around to The Office (yes. Yes. yes.) and been trying out some of the fall premieres.

I've also been enjoying having time to stare at my favourite art. Edvard Munch - Starry Night

I’ve also been enjoying having time to stare at my favourite art.
Edvard Munch – Starry Night

I implore you, if you haven’t yet, watch the first episode of Reign. It’s SO delightfully historically inaccurate, it’s incredible. If you haven’t heard of it, it (is trying to) tells the story of Mary, Queen of Scots (in 1557 France). After watching the first 30 or so seconds it becomes clear it’s not going to be a thought provoking piece, one that belongs to the history channel. There’s Nostradamus (who definitely was Catherine Medici’s counselor and equally definitely was NOT a rugged hunk of a man while advising at the Royal Court) in a pretty, artsy and bloody scene.
But the DRESSES, oh those dresses. I applied to Reign what I like to apply whenever necessary for enjoying such pieces – an attitude of suspended disbelief. I simply assume it’s a curious mix of science fiction and fantasy, which poses as history. In the case of clothing in Reign that suspended disbelief gets viciously ATTACKED by the designs. I couldn’t keep it up. The final nail to its coffin was young Queen Mary wearing an haute-couture dress, with bare arms and a see-through front. It was a beautiful, black designer dress. It was also so anachronic, than my suspended disbelief lost the battle and sat in the corner, weeping quetly.

I am determined though to win the war and watch the next episode, because there was two highlights to the pilot. First, and huge surprise: gorgeous music. (listening to Twin Forks on repeat while writing this post) Yes, it’s pop, folky, bluegrassy music. As in, not from the XVI century. But it’s my kind of sound and it clashes gorgeously with the Royal Court in (ok, supposedly) 1557 and I thought it was a brilliant idea. Second, the (historically non-existent) bastard son, Bash. I want to see whether that green-eyed actor can do something else than brooding/staring intensely at stuff while brooding.


So, I’ve been coaxing my suspended disbelief to join the party since last Saturday, using various temptations, such as that frozen almond Daim tart. Come on, Lovely. I hope it comes outta that corner soon, because I haven’t be able to watch Hart of Dixie without it. I need my SD in high gear, not curled up in a ball, to get past the acting, the acting of Rachel Bilson and the very real chirpiness of Alabama and just focus on the funny of, well, the acting, the acting of Rachel Bilson and how on earth do these people get cast.

Come to think of it, maybe it should stay in that cosy corner, I’ll just focus on awesome stuff, like Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, The Lollipop Shoes and getting reacquainted with the love of the 15-year old me – Klimt.


Done with Sinful Colors green in Innocent (no, the irony doesn't escape me) and Sally Hansen Coco a-go-go bronze

Done with Sinful Colors green in Innocent (no, the irony doesn’t escape me) and Sally Hansen Coco a-go-go bronze

Stamping plate QA52 from Born Pretty Store, got my order a few day ago, and I’m excited to keep trying them out.

Scream, Thumb, Scream

Scream, Thumb, Scream

Breaking a metatarsal is awful (in case you were considering it). But it does give you time to obsess over stuff way more than with an unbroken one.

Scream? Painted by Aja, original title Lil Bub Meets The Scream

Painted by Aja, original title Lil Bub Meets The Scream


17 thoughts on “Don’t Scream

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    • Yes!!! Another Whovian! Yesss! (my friends don’t watch Doctor Who so discovering a fellow Whovian is always so exciting : D)
      omg I know. That episode was beyond creepy.
      Btw, don’t know if you’re obsessed enough, but if you haven’t watched all episodes of Doctor Who Confidential, watch the one that’s talking about making that episode. Tennant loved doing it and they all talk about how it was challenging acting wise. Really cool stuff.
      It was the creepiest thing, because there was no crazy monster makeup or prostethics but it was pure creepiness, man.

  3. Ok, wow there’s a lot to take in here. This is my first time looking at your blog. It’s amazing! I might be hooked already. Your nails are stunning, really lovely design, technique, and colour choice. Confession: I had to look up the word ‘Whovian’ I’ve never watched Dr. Who, ever! Might look into it. Love Munch and that vampy pic is amazing. So, thanks for feeding my imagination and even expanding my vocabulary! xxx Oh, and hope your foot is better soon! :) Nic

    • O wow, thank you!
      Yay! I’m so happy right now, I made you discover the term for a member of a highly geeky and totally wonderful tribe, woohoo!
      Yes. Do. Converting nonbelievers into Whovians since 1992.
      (not really. I wasn’t talking till like 1994, so…)
      Thank you hon for good wishes for my foot : )
      And hell yeah for Munch.
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Haha!
    Me too! About to start Dracula that is! Like right now.
    Lol, I’m watching all of those you mentioned. I loooooove this season of AHS, so creepy, and I adore New Orleans in general, so have to the Coven placed there, perfection.
    I dunno how about you, but Marvels Agents sort of disappointed me… Don’t get me wrong, I’m still watching, but, hm.
    Hehe, I’m the same, if it’s weird, guaranteed I’m hooked.
    Are you learning something besides your mother tongue?

  5. What a cool and creepy mani!!! I’m a Whovian, too!! The Silence scares the hell out of me lol
    I’m going to have to put Reign on my list, there isn’t enough time for all these tv shows!
    Take care of that foot!! :)

    • Aww, thank you, hon!!!
      Wait a minute. Let me get this straight. You stamp, you deliver my favourite dose of Moyou, you write in two languages (I do Latin Studies/Spanish at they uni) which I love, love love, you’re from Argentina (I can’t even.) AND YOU’RE A WHOVIAN TOO?!
      Seriously, girl. I KNEW there was a reason why I was stalking your blog.
      We’re SO, like, separated at birth or something. Or like Anne and Diana style kindred spirits…
      ; )

      • Hahahaha we’re totally separated at birth!!
        Latin Studies sound so cool! I just want to learn ALL the languages!
        I’ll let you know what I think of Reign :)
        I’m watching a lot of shows! My main shows are How I Met Your Mother, Supernatural, Hannibal, Agents of SHIELD, American Horrow Story… and a lot more! Basically, if it’s weird, I’m probably watching it lol By the way, I’m about to start Dracula.

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