Stop Hissing At Me Mate

Don’t look at me like that. Just because I add garlic to my grilled cheese doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.


I so wanted to do garlic nails, and I incorporated vampires really just to suit the Halloweenness that’s all around me.



They’re hissing from that accent nail at the rest of those garlicky creations and then, to escape the smell, they turn into bats and fly away, onto the thumb. I love them, little fangy cuties.

Created with no base and Sinful Colors Snow Me White as background (one coat only, no bald patches!). Stamped with Cheeky Jumbo Plate (<3) 7 Home Sweet Home – garlic with Sally Hansen Midnight Sky graphite. Since this is organic garlic (the best kind when fighting vamps) I purpled (yes, PURPLED) the white base a little bit with Sinful Colors violet in Candy Coated.


My accent nail is stamped with the Born Pretty Store plate QA25 – fangs with Sinful Colors red in Sugar Sugar and a sparkly, but not Twilighty black in What’s Your Name. And then my thumb, SC in What’s Your Name and Cheeky Jumbo Plate 6 Happy Holidays (again, <3).
Topped with a generous coat of Poshé.


PS I’ve changed my blog theme and I’m really anxious about it. I so loved my cute turquoise fish, swimming with turtles and octopuses, and I miss them. But I was obsessing over the layout.
I wanted something cohesive. Something easy to read on an iPad as well as computer. I wanted the reader to encounter pretty at first glance, not have to scroll and scroll and scroll some more.


Some of my favourite blogs out there are killing me with all the scrolling. I get to the 16th post, my tablet dies and once I recharge it, I have to scroll again. I like to open posts in separate windows. But I’m wondering whether it’s only me…
I don’t know. I chose this particular theme, because I like how it organises posts into neat categories and doesn’t show entire texts, only excerpts, and you can read the post comfortably in a new tab.
I’m anxious, really.
I still miss the fishies.



29 thoughts on “Stop Hissing At Me Mate

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  4. I had a major hard time trying to find my favourite mani of yours, they’re all fantastic, but because this has garlic and that’s weird and amazing I think this will be my ‘favourite’!

  5. I dunno- I have my blog setup to show 8 posts at a time, then you need to click OLDER POSTS to see more. I set it up this way because when I look at a blog that shows ALL posts in descending order, only some of them show, and as I keep scrolling down… the pics won’t display. I kinda like the ones that show a partial thing for each post and then you must click READ MORE to see the rest of the text.

    • Exactly, that’s what I’ve been seeing, the pics won’t display, they won’t load sometimes, yeah.
      I like them too, because you can scroll quickly through those excerpts and then just expand something that catches your attention.
      I’m gonna experiment further I suppose ; )
      Thank you for your feedback!

  6. AHH!! I’m in love with this!! What do you use to stamp your nails? I’m really too lazy & clumsy to do nail art, but nail stamping looks ah-mazing :)

  7. I love this! Yay for garlic! And the bats are super cute! :D
    How to you like the cheeky plates? I have been reading some very mixed reviews about them…
    And I miss the fishies too!

    • Thanks hon!
      I really love them. I knew I’d love the designs, cause I stared them for hours before ordering, but I’m so happy with how they stamp. Would you like me to concoct a short review?
      See?! It’s such a dilemma… Fishies vs clear layout… : (

      • Oooh a review would be ace! :D
        I would say keep the clear layout for a bit and see how you feel about it, it’s not like you can’t change it back to fishies later :) I think that I must have tried at least 8 themes before I settled with the one I’m using :)

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