Printed in Uxmal


So I was the only one who wasn’t dying of boredom at our first year uni classes – History of Pre-Columbian America (and would admit it) two years ago. On the contrary, I absolutely loved it. For lectures, we had an old professor, who used those plastic, old fashioned slides showing us photographs, which, by the way, she took herself, years ago in Guatemala, Honduras and so on. She spoke slowly, and the huge auditorium-style classroom was dark and cold and made it impossible to stay awake during winter term, but these old Mayan and Aztec temples, cities and reliefs were so, so beautiful. I loved the patterns (at a strange, faraway time when every girl didn’t have geometrically printed leggings), the history, all those chiefs and kings, and a gazillion of dates (I liked them a liiittle less when final exams came round). I fell in love with Mayan mythology and symbolism. Every week for tutorial we had to read source texts about Pre-Hispanic America, long, dusty (xerocopied, but the writing was still dusty) and mostly from Codexes. I didn’t mind. Much. Then, we read Popol Vuh. If I thought I loved Greek Myths when I was a kid, Popol Vuh was like heaven 2.0.

Full on love. I even wrote my Interdepartmental Studies annual essay on cenotes.


When most people think of the Maya Empire – blood sacrifices and virgin offerings. Sure, there’s a lot of that, but I fell in love completely with their complex system of beliefs and a mentality so, so different then the one from the Old Continent. A spiritual universe, on an entirely different foundation.

Nuff said. Actually, I could talk about that Mayan and Aztec history for ages, but that’s enough for here.

Left hand, different print. :)

Left hand, different print.

EDIT: Hahahahaha, this post made me suddenly realise that not only have I posted a pic of my right hand convinced it was my left, but I also, conveniently added a description – LEFT hand.
At 4:04am that is SO hilarious, you wouldn’t believe.

The biggest reason I was so excited for Cheeky Jumbo plates was the first plate, Viva Mexico. Sugar skulls and Mayan patterns, Aztec prints. I mean. There’s even a Mayan temple, similar to the one in Tikal.
This nail stamping plate is so gorgeous.

This dried and surprised me, so I had to snap it.

This dried and surprised me, so I had to snap it.

I stamped with Sinful Colors Innocent, which is a gorgeous vivid green (I used it in my screaming mani) and for some reason showed up as yellow. The base was Xtreme Wear PINK – after stamping it changed to red (more so in the pictures, in real life it was pink enough, but not too bright to annoy me).
So basically, only my trusty Inglot 112 was a shimmery dark blue, as gods intended.

Dries semi-matte and pretty, despite being pink! :)

Dries semi-matte and pretty, despite being pink! :)

I was rereading fragments of Popol Vuh (a few of my favourites are about wild demons and Howler Monkey Gods. Also, a maiden getting pregnant by a spitting skull-fruit from a tree.) and had this mani on, it was so cool!



14 thoughts on “Printed in Uxmal

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  5. These are soo cool! I love the pink blue combined with the yellow :-) You do realise that I’ve had to go and buy this plate now don’t you… ;-) Oh and I laughed my head off with your right hand/left hand mix up! I always get my left and right mixed up… Bit dodgy when I’m driving.
    I’ve read a little about the myths of the Mayans and Aztecs but hadn’t read about howler monkey gods?! Need to go check that one out and I loooove Greek mythology too!

    • Thank you, hon!
      Haha, bit dodgy you say, lol!
      They’re awesome! They get transformed and it’s a very interesting, complex myth : )
      So glad you like mythologies too!
      Haha, I believe you’re the third person (that I know of) whose wallet will murder me upon meeting because of these Cheeky plates…. : )
      VIVA Mexico anyway! : )

      • It was wonderful– you just wander about and do whatever strikes your fancy. My kind of place!
        I was only there for a couple weeks– it was while I was still in college; I convinced my roommate to cut class with me and we made up bogus excuses for our professors. It was an adventure.

        • So so cool : D
          You’re my hero for that! Yay adventure!
          I’m at the uni, too, and I wish sometimes I were more spontaneous and ‘what the heck’ about stuff.
          But I’m not CLEARLY only because I don’t live close enough to Guatemala.
          : )

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