Boo! I’m so PSYcd about You!


I confess, I’ve only seen Gangnam Style once. I was running late for my 8am classes at the uni and when I entered my journalism professor was playing Gangnam style on a big wall projector. I was barely awake, but I’m pretty sure it was happening.

It scared me then and I’d be prettttty freaked out if I saw PSY on my doorstep.
Hence, a perfect costume.

I wanted to capture my neons at an angle.

I’ve never used as many colours on 10 fingers.
I’m terrified of what I’m becoming.


I only remember there was so many colours I felt like miniature armed rainbows were shooting at me and the weird hand thingy he was doing while dancing (obviously the dancing was completely normal). There was a carousel I think. This will soon be a short novel/stream of consciousness…
The main protagonist was wearing many different coloured jackets…
It was all so obviously very cool. As in, totally bang on trend.


PS THIS lovely, ridiculously funny lady tweeted (yes, TWEETED) my blog post, which was my very first share/tweet and I did not expect would be this exciting.
It forced to me to go and visit Twitter and log into my account to follow her. It was so dusty there I almost coughed up my lungs, it’s like a creepy electronic attic no one has been to in years, not since they needed that big ‘ol wooden trunk when they were leaving for Hogwarts.
I think my asthma came back.

I base coated all of them with white, because, obviously, you need the most of your neons when you’re doing a PSY mani.

Halloween PS I am currently sitting on the stairs, by the front door, because I’m so excited for trick or treaters. There already were awesome groups, including one guarded by three moms-witches: Pink, Violet and Green. I mean. So cool.
IF someone comes dressed as PSY they are either not gonna get any candy or get like a whole bucket. I can’t predict my reaction.








11 thoughts on “Boo! I’m so PSYcd about You!

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  3. Nail art always seems to amaze me. My nails are plain jane all the time. Maybe one day I’ll go wild and add some color to them. Until then, I’ll just admire yours.

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  5. I’ve never seen the video! I’ve heard the song a few times and don’t *hate* it. Though that’s probably because my boyfriend hates it and I like to annoy him. I think I like your pink nail best – the arms & moustache :-D

    Also, my cat just started hiccuping! True story

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