Why Do I Grin If I’m So Orange?


I had to. I just wanted bright orange and pumpkinses, preciousss…

I’ve never made such an OCD fuss about a colour. I mixed (mixed! Who am I?) at least 4 shades, then layered another dozen, finally came up with the desired combo – I wanted it to pop, but not change colours too much in different light. I know. I’m getting too fussy.
AND I was doing it after a sleepless night, around 8am.


There’s a base of white, a red neon AND an orange neon to achieve the perfect, brightest, pumpkinest orange.
Pumpkins stamped with Sally Hansen Coco a-go-go brown – wanted something warm and autumny.

Oh my gods I am really sleep deprived. Honestly. I took this pic, because I love their white mugs and it was actually my first time trying pumpkin spice latte so I snapped it.
I realised at HOME, when editing, several hours later that I have pumpkins on my nails and in my mug.


I have never actually celebrated Halloween so never carved a pumpkin, but I love the concept and the colours. I needed this mani before this lovely celebration runs its course.


It’s guaranteed to make you happy, this mani.

Poshé, in all of it’s shrunken glory. I’d hate it if if didn’t love it so much.

My mom’s Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate – can you see those rock salt crystals?!

Another first time thing I did with this design is… *drumroll please* a jelly sandwich!
OK, so I had an idea to apply a coat of jelly OPI My Pointe Exactly and then stamp black batses, and then make them sort of submerged in the grey jelly. It worked.
But I thought, surely someone has thought of this gorgeous layering magic stuff before…
Searched for a while and there it was – unbeknownst to me I made a sandwich and it’s jelly.


I have spent an entire day in a London Colney, which is like a marathon after being confined to your room for 8 weeks with a broken foot.
The orange sparkled prettily in the lovely sun, but I am so tired I can’t even.


I don’t even know what I typed in this post. All I know is I gotta sleep and I gotta share my pumpkins with you stat.


PS How do you photograph a jelly? It just wouldn’t show its sandwichness, even with me running around to find proper lightning.
I’ve debated being so mad at it to remove it, but those jelly submerged bats are so cute I couldn’t bring myself to.

13 thoughts on “Why Do I Grin If I’m So Orange?

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  2. Very fun and Halloween-y :) Also, love the new blog layout – easy to navigate. I’ve been playing around with my layout too and haven’t found anything that I’m in love with yet.

    • Thanks love!
      And thank you for noticing and commenting the new layout, I was quite anxious about it. I miss the old one with funky swimming fish and all, but I’m glad this one’s easy to navigate, that’s what I was looking for! : )
      I hope you found yours soon!

  3. Very cool nails!!!!:) I like this manicure:) And I also like white cups from starbucks, but I didn’t try that latte. I take capuccino most of the time and go to this cafe only when I want to read book as I can get the biggest cupn and sit few hours:D

    • Awwww, thank you!
      I looooooove reading books in Starbucks, their comfy armchairs and sounds of coffee being made are perfect. The only problem is, you can’t really do that in central London as every Starbucks is so full, reading anything is definitely not a pleasure. But I love my local Starbucks, huge, I used to go there after work and read : ) I know what you mean!
      Have you considered buying that white mug ? (I’m asking, cause I have a theory on that : P)

      • No:D I like it and I love all white big and thick (don’t know how else to explain that) mugs:)but I think the price in starbucks for such cup is tooooooooooo much. It’s cool but I’m not ready to buy it for such price but I have plastic cup not trasparent, which you can take with you. And also you can put your pictures in the wall (?) :D My husband gave it to me so I can make tasty coffee for work. So tell me about your theory? p.s. yeah, here is usually a lot of people, but cafe is not big and usually when I come I always can take a nice place, but sofas are 99% of time busy (doesnt matter which day, time, etc:D ), so I choose just cosy corner. :)

        • Haha, glad you added ‘mugs’ otherwise it sounded very dirty : P
          Yay, I saw those plastic mugs but I didn’t know you could customize it with a picture! Cool. What did you put? : )
          Hehe, well, every time I’m in Starbucks and say I like them white mugs somebody says, just buy them. My theory is though, part of their magic is that they’re at a cafe, not at home. The sounds of a busy place and somebody making you the coffee, that what’s fun too. So yeah.
          : P

  4. Hehe, I couldn’t believe it, sooooo fussy, I was like, get a grip already. Glad I’m not the only insufferable tired one : P
    : )
    Thanks! I’m especially glad you liked the jelly sandwich, I thought it looked fun in contrast with those pumpkins – both very different finishes, opacity and color family, I don’t know, just looked cool :)
    PS How is that wordpress is telling me I’m not following you? I’ve been stalking your blog for ages… AND N.A.I.L.. I dunno. Your posts have even been in my reader : P
    Technology is winning…

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