Hoy es el Día de los Muertos


This Día de los Muertos weekend I have not been to a cemetery party celebrating the dead.
Perhaps because of my broken metatarsal.
But maybe because if I did that, a party of one, the English would kick me out of their silent and grey cemeteries.

But I celebrated with my mani alright. And my attitude.


I love Mexico, especially the Aztec side of it – the history.

This mani is super simple


Sugar skulls are such an amazing tradition, with a symbolism that is just so completely perfect.

I haven’t made an ofrenda to the little angelitos on the 1st, haven’t baked sweetbreads and haven’t poured whiskey on the 2nd, but I’ve celebrated with colours and thought about the Lady of the Dead, Queen of Mictlan.

How according to the pre-Columbian tradition death is a continuation of life.


Día de los Muertos is very different from Halloween and even differs in death.

There’s the feared dead, when the veil is at its thinnest and the celebrated dead, family and remembrance.


Have you celebrated All Hallows’, All Saints? Or maybe Día de Los Muertos? Is it a tradition in your family to visit the cemetery together?


15 thoughts on “Hoy es el Día de los Muertos

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    • Nothing at all nothing? Google it Jacqui, it is fascinating, full of colour and symbolism!
      I didn’t want to go into all that in my post and making it a 5 page long essay, but it is seriously awesome, even if you only scratch the surface and only want to know the essentials.

  2. In Estonia, there’s this lovely tradition to light a candle on the eve of 2nd of November and some people lay the table for their lost ones (it’s an old tradition). Usually this time is quiet to honour the souls.

    • That’s actually awesome!, I’ve never heard of this tradition.
      We do the same laying the table thing, but on Christmas Eve, for a stranger,- maybe it’s a Baltic thing? ; )
      Growing up, All Saints was a quiet time too, and a time to visit the family’s graves.
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. I BARELY remember celebrating this with my nanny who was Venezuelan (my parents probably had her deported for being a pagan afterwards, knowing them) but the whole holiday has always fascinated me. As always I luuuuurv your nails. *mind blown*

    • That’s so cool, even though you barely remember it!
      It is a fascinating holiday! And I so love the whole thing about souls coming back to earth for 24 hrs and little altars and drinking spirits with spirits. It’s a very Pagan holiday at heart I’d say, and so so lovely. I also think it deals with death in a Very human way, not making it something too sacred or foreign or depressing.
      Awwwww, well thank you!!

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