Denail and Also, First Month Blogiversary

I’ve just noticed it has been a whole month since I started blogging! Fiuuu. Time flies. I’m not usually one to keep track of dates and stuff, but this is cool, a one month blogiversary, so I’ll allow it.
In those 30 days I’ve gained 52 awesome WordPress followers and met some lovely people, many whom I’ve been following long before I started my own space.
I am very happy I started this project, and stoked to have a place which keeps track of all my colourful creations, so I don’t forget what I’ve concocted in my magpie madness.
Now, a quick, VERY private, haven’t-told-anyone confession about my current emotional state. As you might be aware, I broke my metatarsal a while back. Because of that, I was forced to defer my third year at the university – mainly because I broke my leg in a different country than that of my uni, I live on the third floor sans a lift and because, contrary to my previous beliefs, a bone does not heal in 2 weeks time.

More like 8 weeks if it’s a fifth metatarsal (low blood supply close to the base of the bone). And that’s just healing, don’t even get me started on physio.
This deferring situation creates so many problems, I could not believe it. A silly little fracture completely blew up my life. New problems and issues like the empty flat, bills, uni stuff and more and more (and more and I’m not even exaggerating) just keep piling up. My awesome friends write me ‘get well’ messages and try to keep me up to date with their lives, which makes me happy, but also miserable, because my life kinda came to a halt. But I still want to know what they’re doing as I miss them terribly.
So, like any normal human being would, I put myself in a state of denial and been refusing to log in to my email account and especially my Facebook account. That’s a big no no. The fb app is showing 43 notifications as of today and I do finger yoga routines to avoid touching it.
Like putting it off will erase the fact that I had to stop my studies and sit on my ass, waiting for a bloody bone to heal.
So, yeah. Personal.
But I’ve had to occupy my confined self with something, so as I said previously, I’ve been reading a lot and painting my nails and reading some more.

Some book passages I remember through a kind of haze, what with all the polish fumes. Fun, though.


My favourite books and the blogosphere too have helped to keep my spirits up and kept me smiling, so thank you all of you talented beasts, nail and nonnail, especially those who like to write long, funny posts, such as CBXB & Teddy or Aussa and those who are not stingy with the nailporn (I’m looking at you, Jacqui).

A broken foot isn’t really that much of a private affair in my opinion. But my feelings around it are. So there you go. I shared. I hope K. would be proud, she always said I don’t share enough of the important stuff.
Sharing on the internets has got to count for like Sharing 2.0 or something.

Have YOU ever thought ‘Yeah, that’ll work, I’ll just pretend it’s not happening.’ ?
Do you find sharing difficult?
How old is your blog? Baby, toddler, teenage blog? (ugh, these are the WORST, right?)



PS This mani was my entry for Eva’s contest ( which was won by the lovely Iriel ( from Argentina, with her Green Fire mani, congrats! But I had a lot of fun creating this design, so I’m there you go.


I’m a huge chemistry/physics buff, I used to be even more into it in high school, anyways, long story. Eva is on her way to a PhD, so it was perfect as I couldn’t wait to try these DNA helices ever since I saw them, even before ordering the Cheeky plates, and I didn’t have an opportunity really with all the Halloweenness happening around me.
I love them gold helices, the chemistry lab nail was cool too.


Denail PS This post was supposed to be only about my emotions and such (bleh), but turns out I’m grateful for lots of things, too.

EDIT Info, requested by the lovely Kate :) (a fellow chemistry buff, still excited about that :))
I stamped with images from my Cheeky Jumbo plates: Happy Nails (DNA helices), Top of the Class (chemistry lab accent nail) and Home Sweet Home (lightbulb). My bases were: me second fav polish of all time, Inglot 309 light blue, Sally Hansen Sea layered with Gentle Blossom for the accent nail to get a perfect light minty blue, and SH Ensoleille for the thumb, over a white base, sponged with a bit of Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the light around my idea ;) For the stamping, Barry M gold foil, SH Blue It and SC What’s Your Name black.
Now you know how I did it Kate :)


32 thoughts on “Denail and Also, First Month Blogiversary

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  2. Yo CD! Thank you for the love, Girl. You cracked your metawhat?! Poor thing! I somewhat feel your pain as I have broken both my right ankle twice and my left ankle once. I broke one falling down the steps during a class trip (which I thought was going to be the worst, as it actually ended up being better because I got to the front of every line…hee hee), once on stage during a performance (which ended the job I had, as it was singing and dancing on a stage BUT because I was forced to sit at home, I decided to move to Nashville – yay!) and once again walking home from the bar drunk (not surprised are you?). Each time sucked. But maybe you’re life needed a breather and looking back, I had the time on my ass to clarify life a little more (in between rum drinks, of course). Happy healing, my friend!

    • That’s alright, I really enjoy your blog so.
      Haha, metatarsal, my mom’s fascinated by this word too ; ) But as I said, I’m really a huge science geek so words like this are pure, liquid pleasure. And lots of my friends are studying medicine and the like, so that ain’t a problem either : P
      Oh wow! You’re a broken ankle veteran! I feel for ya! But it’s great you can find some positives in each of those breaks!
      Thank you, hon, that actually really helps, that maybe it will turn out to be beneficial, coming from someone who had the same experience!
      One thing is certain, I won’t be moving to Nashville because of it, which SUCKS. ; ))

    • Thank you!
      The bone and the pain is the least of my worries, all the things it caused are pretty awful though. But thank you! : )
      I’m not really a whiner, probably cause of the whole denial thing though. So I’ll be fine. : )

  3. Congrats on your blogiversary! :) Aw I hope your doing ok! Also I love love LOVE your science themed nails! I love science & must know what you used!! :)

  4. I think you’ve done so well with your blog, and that you’ve not put your life on hold at all! You’ve created something wonderful and made a whole lot of new friends :) You may have had to defer a year at uni, but if you use that time well, it won’t be time lost or wasted at all, but rather time that adds to your experience and personality :D Really hope your metatarsal (a David Beckham’s injury, right?) heals as fast as possible! xoxo

    • Thank you! Oh, that really makes me feel better. I guess when it comes from a person with a different perspective it sounds different than my own divagations. More convincing, for sure : ))
      Thank you so much!
      And yes, I’m very, very cool, it IS a Beckham injury.

  5. Hey thanks for the shoutout! Also– That sounds so ick and intense about your metatarsel :( That word is fun though, it makes me think of a cross between a Mentaur and a Parcel. Like a mythical beast that can be shipped via Fedex. I know it sucks for life to be on hold– I felt that way just about those times where I was sad, I can’t imagine if it was physically on hold. This kind of made me think of that woman who wrote Seabiscuit– wasn’t she on bed rest for a year or something and managed to write this bestselling book? Who knows, maybe this time has been set aside so that you can kick arse in a way you hadn’t originally planned. Or make lots of pretty nail art, either way. I’ll still be impressed :D

    • Hahahaaa, I just died. I SO like my cracked metatarsal now, I love FedEx parcels, who doesn’t, and the word Mentaur, although I haven’t got the foggiest what it is… Makes ME think of a hippocentaur or a cute satyr <3
      Oh, I can imagine. Sucks both ways I suppose, either if it's sadness or illness. But I haven't thought about an emotional state that way, putting life on hold. Works tho.
      The horse book? Really?
      Hahaha, aww, thank you hon, means a lot!

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