Total Eclipse of the Nail

Have you maybe glimpsed from my posts that I’m, well not obsessed, let’s say INTO, into is a nice, safe word, into Mesoamerica?
I don’t mind the Incas (AWESOME administration and roads without a smidge of a writing system), but Mesoamerica is my true love.

Also, do you know that when watching a total solar eclipse, the colours you’ll be seeing are black and silver? And when watching a lunar eclipse – orange and black.
Counterintuitive? Boom, that’s the solar system for ya.
The Maya, according to many anthropologists predicted modern day solar eclipses in their solar calendars. Analysis of codices indicates that not only could they accurately pinpoint the moment of an eclipse in their time, but most likely also in our time (for example July 1991), hundreds of years before the phenomenon.
The Dresden Codex for example shows how they Mayans kept track and were able to predict lunar eclipses. During any eclipse, there were sure to be celebrations, centred around the biggest temples.
Did you know that the latest solar eclipse (Nov 3) was beautifully visible especially from northern Kenya and Uganda (total) and partially from most of the African continent, as well as parts of Asia and even the Eastern coast of the United States? We could not see the eclipse, which was a rare, wonderful hybrid kind here in the UK, and we’ll get to do that in 2015 (March 20th) – albeit it’ll still only be a partial solar eclipse.
Alright, the mani. I love N.A.I.L. and have already said I’ve been following it for a while. I love how creative the themes are and like the fact they’re not laconic. I joined happily in October and couldn’t wait for November themes. The 3 ladies did not disappoint!
I concocted these eclipse nails pretty much straight away after seeing the lovely themes of N.A.I.L., but my blogiversary interrupted my posting them.
So there you go, my silver babies.
Solar eclipse, shiny crop circles, the golden Tikal temple, solar system, oh. so. shiny.

So damn dark in here, somebody pass me the night vision goggles from my nightstand?
(I wanted the stark contrast between silvers and black to show up on camera)



27 thoughts on “Total Eclipse of the Nail

  1. I think this is my fave one, aah so many to choose from. I really really liked the There are worlds out there where the sky is burning for The Day of the Doctor aftermath :D also.

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