Hello Cheeky Gentlemen, Is It Movember Already?

Movember is upon us and since I can’t grow a moustache, I have it on my nails. This is my second Movember mani, a bit different direction this time.
I had this colour combo in my head for ages and could not wait to put these two together – I needed lime & grey married, stat.

Movember is an annual event involving the general growing of moustaches to raise awareness for male cancers (such as prostate cancer) and also men’s mental health issues (for example depression).
Movember reminds men about the necessity of annual checkups, leading a healthier lifestyle and much more. It spreads awareness of different charities as well.
Yesterday, on the tube (rush hour) I’ve been trying to count half-month moustaches – there are so many!

Yay London gentlemen!

Now, can you spot the 1920s gentlemanly elements on the nail? How many? Can you name them? : )


PS Got some exciting nail mail today, would you be interested in a successful quest for a Holy Grail topcoat maybe…?


36 thoughts on “Hello Cheeky Gentlemen, Is It Movember Already?

  1. Awesome grey and lime!
    Theres some pop song on the radio that has the term Holy Grail in it. They play it all the time. Everytime i hear it i think of topcoat though. Lol!
    Yes… tell us about your hg topcoat!

  2. Love the lime and grey together! I’ve had that color combo on my to-do list for manicures as well. And I’m excited to hear about your new topcoat- I just bought one that I’ve heard amazing things about and am wondering if it’s the one you got!

    • Yay, happy you like the lime and grey (now I’m singing ‘she put the lime in the coconut’ over and over again…) – I so wanted to do them together!
      I’ll happily tell you all about it.
      A post is brewing : )

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