Catching Fire with 50 Kisses on Grey

I just came back from Catching Fire and I’m in a very rebellious mood. Gimme a corrupted government, I’ll topple it right now.
But I’m also in a very romantic mood, despite my dad yelling at Katniss halfway the movie to ‘make up her mind already!’.
A beautifully done movie, I love that it’s in the same style as the first part, very documentary-like, great pace, I loved it. I enjoyed immensely how faithful they were to the books, including dialogues taken straight from the pages.

I love the trilogy, mostly from the sociological point of view, and am thrilled that the second part of the movie was flawless. I hate it when people butcher my favourite books – don’t we all?
It was scarily realistic and had a distinct ‘it’s happening already today’ feel to me, just like the books. Aside from that, the love story, even if a triangle (I doubt people CAN write about anything BUT love triangles anymore) works seamlessly and is endearing, mostly, I think, because of the acting – Jennifer is awesome as always, and Josh’s Peeta cannot be disliked.

Effie is at her effiest in Catching Fire, and I don’t only mean fluffing around and being colourful. Although she’s that too.

I don’t want to spoil anything, especially for those who haven’t read the books, but woohoo! Finnick. That’s all. Woohoo. Cheeky.
And my mani is all kisses and greys. I’m slightly obsessed with grey, especially this OPI My Pointe Exactly – it has a softness to it that’s irresistible.
Remember the top coat I wrote about in my previous post? That’s it! Isn’t she a beauty? But, but, a review is brewing, I’m poking and prodding at my manis to bring you a thorough one. This is exciting! You don’t find a Holy Grail everyday.
This mani is extremely wearable and I love it. It’s not too golden and glittery somehow despite, well, the golden kisses.
These mugs are so snappable. I can never resist. By the way, this is THE best tea ever, including my homemade Earl Grey. Seriously, what a blend!

So, have YOU seen Catching Fire yet? Are you a fan of the books? Tell me, tell me and share my love of this story.

More importantly: are you as excited as I am for the, badoom badoom, 50th?!?! Prepare yourselves, 23rd!


39 thoughts on “Catching Fire with 50 Kisses on Grey

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  2. Love this mani! I couldn’t agree with you more about the second half of the film. Flawless! It was weird for me seeing the arena. It looked EXACTLY how I imagined it. That rarely happens to me, but I think its a testimony of how well she wrote the book. It wasn’t overloaded with description but it was effective <3

    • Precisely! She managed to paint the picture perfectly without page-long descriptions, which is the best testimony to her talent!
      Besides the fact that I loved the whole terrifying idea of this future America/world as I said already, part of the reason why I enjoyed the trilogy was the QUALITY of the writing. It is very rare that something so well written gets so much recognition! It’s brilliant!
      For ex, Twilight is SO terrible when it comes to writing, I don’t know how it came to be so popular…
      Hunger Games are flawless : )

  3. Big fan of The Hunger Games. Read it twice. Love it. Cannot wait for the movie coz book 2 was my favourite!!!
    Love the mani.
    Enjoyed 50 shades too but the movie isn’t gona be as HOT man!

  4. loved the hunger game books and love ur mani. Cant wait for the 50 shades of grey movie. i told anyone i go with to sit far away from me as i might need some “alone” time lol

  5. Confession: I have never seen an episode of Dr Who. In the 80s, I was too young (even the adverts with Daleks terrified me!) and since the new series came out I’ve been living abroad and refuse to watch it in German!

    • Haha, I love this, I’d refuse to watch it in German too!!
      Seriously, I didn’t start watching it until I was like 19 or something, so I didn’t grow up watching it either. But right now it’s my favourite series of all times. There’s just something about it…

  6. Aaaiiii! I am seeing Catching Fire tomorrow night and I have been looking forward to it for sooo long it’s bordering on unhealthy. I love the nails! You need to jet set over here and do mine so that I can be properly attired for this flick. I feel like it’s going to change my life. Too much? Probably…

    • Yes, it was! Especially since it’s usually emptyish – there’s lots of screens, it’s a big cinema. So there was a lot of people, haha, a lot of teenagers ; )
      I’m sure you’ll NEED to read the 3rd part after you see it : D

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