Always Take Skittles to a Party

I’ve got a silly little Doctor Who mani to show y’all. I’m still hyped up after The Day of the Doctor 50th, still covered in sharpie tally marks too.
And yeah, I used a sharpie. Thank gods I used blue eyeliner on my face…

the makings of skittles

the makings of skittles

This are not the-vast-expanse-of-the-time-and-space-continuum galaxy nails or something profound (and glittery) like that. But every Whovian will know what each nail means <3
Oh, the ring finger stamp got overshadowed by the beautiful OPI base, but it’s Guido, in Rory’s T-shirt from his stag do… : D
And since 9th is my Doctor, my favourite nail is the middle finger.
I love skittle nail art, but I find I need a palate cleanser after them, in the form of something, well, not monochromatic (*gasp*), but at least simpler.

the other half of what I used

the other half of what I used

After my uber-hyped-up post after the 50th anniversary special ( I’m STILL on Cloud Doctor Who.
I still claim the episode was fantastic. Now, I acknowledge that Moffat’s ‘undestroying’ of Gallifrey undoes Russel’s foundation of the time war and burning of the Timelords – and the character of the Doctor that he built on said foundation. I see that. But I don’t think it was mean, or cruel or stupid in any way – I wouldn’t agree with some of the reviews stating that.

It WAS a brilliantly thought-out plot, with so many time shifting planes and twists, and I admire Moffat for it. And as much as I love Russel – and I love him and his brain dearly (after all, he resuscitated Doctor Who for us!) I say it is more important to write an awesome 50th special into the cannon than to think about the ex-show runner’s feelings. That’s just my five cents.
And I really disagree that the 50th destroyed what came before it – we have to remember we’re Whovians! This is Whouniverse – this wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff is happening all the time. In this case, it had to do with the Doctor’s personal timeline – it was SPECIAL.
As to the nonexistent 10th and Rose reunion – I’m actually glad it wasn’t there. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT one of those heretics who are ANNOYED with Rose and Billie and who knows what more. I love Tennant (hence, Moffat, again, TOO SOON. Just. No.) and his relationships were brilliant. But I think the reunion would’ve been ruined if it were crammed into those 75 minutes – there were so many plots already, (I’m sure you’ve all noticed how well the Zygon storyline was resolved…). So, I’m pretty ok with the fact they didn’t force their meeting into the special, because I don’t think even Tennant’s pure awesomeness would’ve been able to save that one from being, well, horrible and rushed and disappointing.
So yes, all in all, there’s still a Who storm brewing in my head, and I’m loving it. Wearing this mani is a cherry on the Doctor top.

So, who’s YOUR Doctor? When did you start watching Doctor Who?
And, if you haven’t, WHY NOT?! (jk.) (not really.)




42 thoughts on “Always Take Skittles to a Party

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  4. I love these nails!!! I want them! I completely agree with your commentary on the 50th! I think the Rose and 10 story was perfectly wrapped with a nice bow and there is no way a reunion could have improved it. I saw somewhere on your blog that your from/live in Nashville? One of my favorite cities EVER! Love your blog!

    • Right?!
      Well, I wouldn’t exactly use the epithet ‘nice’, more like, oh I don’t know, HORRIBLE or SOUL-CRASHING, but yeah, I know what you mean.
      Haha, awww, no, I’m in the UK (London) – the Nashville comment was by Cowboys and Crossbones, she’s there. But Nashville is THE city I want to go when I’m in the States : )))
      I love yours too!

  5. I just started painting my nails when your comments on my blog started comming through, so I hopped on over to your blog (now following) and I am jealous of your nails! So creative!

    • Tedster saves you from the uncool fate. He’s your only chance. Keep him safe.
      (Like you wouldn’t otherwise… : P)
      : )
      Haha, I tend to think Doctor Who is the only cool thing in the universe ; ))

  6. You did it again, this time with pretty nails!! I didn’t get the meaning of the middle finger nail though, it’s lions, right? And I couldn’t make out what was on the ring finger, but they still look pretty :) I was thinking about the Doctor’s numbers, if John Hurt was the doctor that ended the war between the Timelords and the Daleks, then technically he was the 9th, right? So that makes Matt Smith the 12th Doctor, right? Or am I missing something? I saw the interview with Moffat where he said he hoped there were many more doctors and that the show would last another 50 years (me too!). But what about the story that he only has 12 regenerations? I am so confused, maybe they explained it already and I missed it! Dang this lousy memory of mine :) However it is cool that I can watch old episodes and they’re almost like new :) Did you watch the movie “An Adventure in Space and Time”? If so, did you like it? Sorry this comment is so long but like you I am still on a Doctor Who high! Thanks for the great post!


    • Yay, thank you!! I’m glad you like these silly nails! :)
      It’s cats! 9th, London Blitz, talking to a cat? : ))
      Yeah, I don’t know, I don’t think we’ll be changing the numbers! And Moffat is preparing some numerical shenanigans with regenerations for Capaldi and Christmas too! That’s all I know : )) But I like the suspense, so I’m avoiding all spoilers and interviews.
      You didn’t miss it, but we won’t be sticking to the 12 regenerations rule for sure, that I know as well.
      No, I have it on my BBC player and so want to watch it! Did you like it?
      Are you kidding me?! I love comments, the longer the better! Thank you! :)
      And I know, trust me, I’m still hyped up too!
      Take care!

      • I don’t like spoilers either :) The movie was really good, I learned a lot about how the show came to be made, it was interesting. The casting was perfect too, as you’ll see :)

          • Sorry I haven’t replied sooner, I’ve been away from my computer for a while… David Bradley plays Hartnell, I don’t know who Flinch is. Have you seen it yet? If not, don’t read any websites about it, they have spoilers, the dirty rats! :) I’ve been on a Doctor Who binge, watching the entire show from season one (the new series) because they expire from the On Demand menu on Dec. 31st. I’m on season 3 now, just finished episode 10, “Blink”. It’s so cool watching them again because I don’t remember them very well so they’re like new to me :) Hope you enjoy the movie!

  7. Oh my, my first ever episode was the day of the doctor and that’s the only one I’ve seen so far. Doctor never reached to Estonia and I never stumbled upon it in the interwebs. I’ve know that the Doctor exists maybe for the past 3 years and there was no excitement. I am not sure yet, if I’m going to look up for the whole series or not. I did like what I saw over the weekend though. I found this lovely place of BBC iplayer :P (ofc that won’t be watchable when I get home for Christmas).

    And bananas, who doesn’t love bananas? That’s deff my fave nail from the five.

    • Oh, so you couldn’t understand all the inside jokes for Whovians in The Day of the Doctor, sorta like my dad. But you still liked it!!! You gotta watch the rest, at least from Eccleston (2005)! : )
      You’ll be hooked, I’m telling you : )
      Haha, I know, BBC player is heaven in the UK. : )
      Bananananana! Once you become a Whovian you’ll know how much we LOVE bananas! Especially with Madame Pompadour…

  8. Oh, agree, agree, agree! Personally, I’m glad Russell T went when he did. He was getting FAR too sentimental, and he just didn’t seem to have any original ideas. The plot that Moffat managed to weave over the last few seasons and into the Anniversary Special was just.. pure poetry. He writes a VERY scary villain. (Weeping Angel, anyone? I *still* have nightmares about those! Ecclestone is my favourite Doctor, although I’ve still a massive soft spot for Peter Davison. (And I really like Paul McGann – he’s prolific in the audiobooks, have you discovered those?)

    On the nails – I love what you’ve done. Always bring a banana to a party. :p Full of potassium, bananas… What stamping plates did you use?

  9. What a fun mani! I love the bananas hahaha

    My first Doctor was Nine, so he’s very special to me. But Ten was there far more longer, and he’s so funny and fluffy… I really love him <3 I wish Nine had stayed a bit more, though :(

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