Oink Oink

Why, oh why when I hear ‘animals’ I immediately think ‘PIGS!’? I’m such a weird city girl.
Well, enjoy my nail madness.
Also, NAIL doesn’t disappoint with its themes still. Ladies, love your ideas!
And also, happy Thanksgiving to all of you American beauties!
And happy Hanukkah! (Ha! Never thought this’d be valid so early? According to FlightOfWhimsy (whom I love to bits) at http://flightofwhimsy.wordpress.com/2013/11/27/hanukkah-sameach/ and Wikipedia this is only the second (2nd!) time Hanukkah has fallen over Thanksgiving!)
Who’s celebrating Thanksgiving? (I’m fascinated by it, because I’ve never celebrated)
And, who’s happy Hanukkahing? (I LOVE THAT TRADITION.)


PS I had a flight this morning, and I’m away, but I packed a few of my babies (choosing which ones was like picking your favourite child…) and remain committed to the pretty, so the nonexistent schedule will be kept up.
I only worry about breaking something else, touch wood – I’m still doing physio and I’m not totally back, physically. And, also, it HAD to snow (first snow!) the actual morning I came! : )


52 thoughts on “Oink Oink

  1. I am cooking a big thanksgiving meal for my parents and my boyfriend’s parents tomorrow! I hope it all goes well. One year my sink broke and I had to clean the turkey in my tub, and then wash my dishes in the tub after the meal was done LOL! I made it work though :)

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