Lavender Tweets

So, score!, I managed to surprise my best friend (it was her 21st bday) and turned up on her doorstep – she thought I was at home, 2000km away (nursing a broken foot, so DEF at home).
She was surprised alright…
Happy bday to her!!
But, news of the day (well, for me, they knew it since September) – my other friend is oh my lord, GETTING MARRIED. This is the first of my friends to be engaged and have the date set and everything, it is INCREDIBLE, I can’t even.
I have these birdy nails to show y’all, and for once, this is the mani I’m wearing right now, typing this post. This one is so much fun! I’m really enjoying it, and the base – I used it for the first time, and it’s a stunner – OPI You’re Such a Budapest.


33 thoughts on “Lavender Tweets

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  2. Good surprise for friend! I’d be SOOOO amazed if someone came to me on my birthday , someone from my home friends.. I’d be SUPER AMAZED! And congrats to your friend, who is going to marry!!! I have two close friends who married previous year, waiting for other to get married as I’ve been only on one wedding only..I want to attend more:D And yes..manicure…I love it! Can you come and make me the same??^_^

  3. Cute nails as always Cat! I love that purple!! Haha I know what you mean, I have heaps of posts of looks I’ve already done waiting to be posted.

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