From Lawyered to Feathered in Emerald City

Since I had to do a Very Serious, Official and Grown-Up Thing yesterday (I think you might be grasping the importance from the use of capital letters), official business nails, here I come. I used my recently acquired Sally Hansen Complete Manicure in Bandage for the first time – I figured I needed ONE colour that’s appropriate for Serious matters and maybe oral exams with old-fashioned professors.
Ooooooh. Am I REALLY 21 going on 22…?

All in all, Bandage is a wearable nude, I think it’s quite close to mannequin hands on me – not exactly though, too beigy-yellowy? – what do you think oh More Experienced Ones?
It’s actually worth a quick:

Sally Hansen Bandage Review
Formula: it was NOT ideal – despite being quite thick, it still pooled and almost flooded my cuticles, in spite of my careful application. Not happy with it, but it’s not terrible, workable, but not pleasant and buttery.
Brush: I’m sure y’all know the drill with Complete Manicure brushes – it’s a wide, FLAT paddle brush, which is not too flexible. I, personally am not a fan, I prefer OPI’s narrower and rounder and Inglot’s ROUND brushes, and both much more flexible. Although with Bandage it worked alright, the only slight issues actually came from the aforementioned formula.
Coverage: one coat was terribly patchy, despite the fact that it was actually hard to get a thin one, since the formula was so thick. It was almost perfectly opaque in two coats, I topped it with my G & G HK Girl Top Coat, base coat, as always CND Toughen Up.

So it’s an alright nude, although I’m not an expert in nudes, hue hue, and I think it looks decent with my skin colour, although I’m even less of an expert with that. I liked it and it looked very appropriate, especially on my shortened nails.

BUT, as I’ve said before I am NOT a pinks girl (my UnPink It rule), reds and nudes are not my thing either. True, I felt very grown up during my Grown-Up Thing, but they’re just SO timid, my nude nails. I literally sat down to transform them right after I got home.

Oddly, I didn’t want a different colour, I specifically felt like layering something – which I almost never do.

I used OPI Lights of Emerald City (first time using ANYTHING like that – I’m still not sure the magpie in me is the glitter kind, but this one’s quite fun, especially the large white squares, plus, COME ON – the name! I was listening to the Wizard of Ahhs! and Judi Garland too wearing this mani (complete coincidence – priceless) and I was like – so perfect.). I also used Barry M Confetti Effects in Liquorice – which is the feather effect. Unlike Emerald City, Liquorice’s formula never disappoints – no dabbing and placement involved, the bar glitter is evenly distributed, without any special manipulation. It’s one of my two Confetti Effects (after my recent trip to Boots) and the formula on both is LOVELY.

Do YOU like nudes guys? Share your views on that, because I feel very peculiar that my go to polish is green and black…



29 thoughts on “From Lawyered to Feathered in Emerald City

  1. I’m still on the look out for a perfect nude. I think I’ll need several :P, one for winter when my skin is slightly more yellowish and one for summer. To be honest, this one looks like you’ve but foundation on your nails :O. Back in the days when I didn’t know how to pick the right tone, mine looked exactly like that :s Name is cool tough :P

    • Haha, me too, and you’re totally right, diferent nudes for diferent seasons.
      Lol, I know!! Like foundation! I mean, like weird, yellowy foundation, but I actually liked that. Such an odd shade, but I liked it.
      Hehe, thanks Kairi ; ))

  2. The nude isn’t too bad! I prefer to wear pink toned nudes because I have pink undertones. I hate pink nails too! Actually I’m not a fan of pink anything.

  3. I honestly don’t know what I think about this. The nude is a bit yellow (hue hue, by the way, hilarious) but not bad. I personally hate bar glitter, and I don’t know what to think about the squares! Although I will give you that its worth it just for the name of the polish…

    • Haha, aww, I’m stoked you caught the hue hue : P
      Lol, I DID NOT appease your polish tastes with this mani at all!
      It IS yellow, and a bit too beige too, although, I’ll give it that the entire hand and IRL looks a tiny bit different, still, yellow.
      Oh no! You don’t like bar glitter?! I literally only have two, and I specifically chose non shiny glitter, and I love it, it’s so weird and wonderful ; ) Why do you dislike it?
      I think I’d actually prefer Emerald City sans the big white squares after wearing it for a while (I’m wearing it now) – since the formula is thick on this OPI the placement of these white squares is just awkward, on all accent nails, no matter how you fish.
      Yes!! Hihi, we agree on one thing, that name is WORTH the formula and all ; ))

  4. Some nudes are like Meh. And others are like sexxxxy! I have swatched zoya pandora and i love it because it has the most subtle shimmer and its lovely on me. Bandage is a interesting name since bandages are plastic-y, with a funny smell, and are dull and icky looking. Lol

    • Yeah, Pandora looks great on you, even the shimmer, which I personally don’t like in nudes – for me. But, to be honest, maybe I’ll rethink, cause the subtle shimmer makes the nude nail not as aggressive and contrasting with skin, more delicate in a way… You might be onto something ; ))
      Haha, yeah, the name’s odd!

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