I Know What Boys Like

* I had this post saved up from 2 weeks ago, and my carefree words are like those of a complete stranger – right now not even colours make me happy.
I cannot express what I’m feeling.
I’ll just say that someone I love was missing and now they’ve been found, dead.

It’s still like a movie I’m watching, doesn’t feel like my life.

I don’t WANT IT to be my life.

The thought of that little boy on the plane though, still makes me smile.
I hope it brings you some joy and HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

This is a manicure that received a fair amount of undeserved attention – I felt like it wasn’t very ME, but everybody around me loved it to bits.
I don’t know what it is.
Starting with the lady doing the check-in at Luton, who was so interested in my nails that a huge queue formed behind me.
The female bodyguard getting super personal with me during the security check was uber-into my mani, too.

Yes, that's it, I'm taking pictures of my hand in Starbucks, at the airport, at 5am. I like the lightning. Stop staring.

Yes, that’s it, I’m taking pictures of my hand in Starbucks, at the airport, at 5am. I like the lightning. Stop staring.

Then, and that was absolutely WORTH enduring this mani, I fell asleep on the plane (morning flight) and I was listening to music – my hands were resting on my iPad and things and I was tapping lightly – I do that even when I’m asleep, and it WAS Swing Both Ways, so.
Then something woke me up – a little boy, maybe 5 or 4 years old, absolutely mesmerised with my hands, standing in the middle of the aisle, swaying slightly (turbulence) and just staring at my nails.
What woke me up was him trying to catch one of my digits mid-tap!
His mother scooped him up soon after, we were about to land, but that was a truly priceless scene – brought a smile to everyone in the vicinity of my seat, and woke me up effectively.
To the cab driver my mani was more interesting than my humongous suitcase, my cast or my apparent eagerness to just GET HOME. No, apparently my military camouflage-esque nails are more important. ; )

Venti matte, please.

Venti matte, please.

Now, I realise I was the one who DID this mani, but I’m not a fan of it on me. I did it around 5am right before leaving for the airport, and I wanted to use colours that I wasn’t taking with me (btw, trying to pick one of the nail polish babies to take with me was like choosing your favourite child – impossible.). Plus, I’m fairly obsessed with OPI Uh-oh Roll Down the Window – it’s such an ugly colour, that it’s bordering on beautiful. Also, as you know I’m not a red nails kinda gal, but thought as accent nails they wouldn’t bother me. Oh yes they did. And I’m DEFINITELY not into animal print, but those black stripes were alright in the end, not to kitsch for my taste. All in all, not my fav mani on me, but I’m glad the little boy enjoyed :)


I’m SUCH a savvy tech person, I’m on facebook now: https://www.facebook.com/ThisKittenHasKlaws

PS Forgive me the title of this post. I’m weak. I can’t do a normal-people title.

Some shine, some non-shine, some fun.

Some shine, some non-shine, some fun.

Cuticle Oil PS Julie tried my DIY cuticle oil (my homemade cuticle oil) and is enjoying it! That’s so great!
Oh, and I had to leave it at home for the last two weeks, when on my trip (still haven’t poured it into the tiny convenient bottle) – so I’ve only been using CND cuticle oil, not my homemade concoction. My cuticles are MISERABLE. I just did my nails (I’m back home) and used my DIY cuticle oil – they’re already perked up and the smell feels like home, mmmmm, lavender. I’m actually glad I didn’t have my cuticle oil with me, cause I can see the difference it makes, so cool.


24 thoughts on “I Know What Boys Like

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  3. These are pretty cute, I thought they were stickers at first! You’re crazy talented. Also, the title was what drew me into this post, so no need for apologies :)

  4. So sorry I didn’t get to read this one earlier!
    Darling, I am so sorry for your loss. :(
    I lost a dear friend in a similar way last year.

    I’m giving you a virtual hug right now. Feel it? I’m quite a squeezer, ain’t I?
    Sending more hugs and kisses your way.
    Take care. If you wanna talk, let me know.

    Lots of Love,

  5. I’ve been following your blog for a little while now and enjoy it very much. I’m sorry for you loss. I lost a loved one in a similar way. I remember thinking that when he came home I’d tell him the many things I should have said….then we found him but it was too late. Suddenly your life belongs to a stranger. Things will never be the same but you will find your balance. I hope I did the right thing in commenting. I just want you to know that there are people who care. I wish you blessings.

    • Oh my…! Thank you so much, no one actually said anything like that to me!
      It’s honest, and I don’t believe it when I’m told everything’s going to be fine, and back to normal, it makes me anxious.
      I am so sorry for your loss, and especially the unsaid words, I now how this hurts, and the knowledge that they can never be said – I’m sorry.
      Thank you SO MUCH for commenting and also, for reading my blog, you should’ve let me know you were here sooner. Thanks for commenting now!!

  6. I’m sorry, that’s awful :( words probably don’t mean much right now, but I hope you’re okay.
    Very interesting nails, although I can see how they’re not very “you”. As far as “ugly” colors go I feel that way about China Glaze Budding Romance. It’s kind of a drab, olive-y green but I think it’s really pretty.

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