Let There Be Snow

I haven’t actually gotten around to posting these news about a giveaway I won, but there you go.
nail-polish-giveawayI got my beautiful package from Nailluxxe! (a while back, like seconds after I won the giveaway : )) This post sort of got lost, I was packing for my 3weeks trip day after receiving the awesome prize. But I did manage to unpack it, oh and ah over it, love it, be surprised, snap a few photos and actually pack one of the polishes with me – and the GORGEOUS crystal-studded nail file.
This is the first giveaway I’ve ever won, and I gotta say, Christmas come early. It’s so much fun, it only made me more sure about wanting to host one myself – I so love surprises, both giving and receiving.
I got the package from Nailuxxe uber quickly. It’s so lovely, even the box is pretty. She packed is so well, I’m sure if the Royal Mail TRUCK drove over it, nothing would be out of place – everything happy and snuggled in bubble wrap.
Thank you Nailluxxe!
So, a few snaps of this beauty – I love pretty and this made my evening.

And I couldn’t wait to use Essie Parka Perfect for under these snowflakes – it really IS perfect. I was sure it would be more grey, but it’s pretty the way it is.
With this odd, spring-like Christmas sans snow we’re having, this mani was perfection.
I hope you’re all having wonderful holidays and HAPPY BRAND NEW 2014 – soon.
Have you had snow??? Do you usually have white Christmas? Tell me : )


PS I’m a regular Bill Cates – I’m on Facebook now! https://www.facebook.com/ThisKittenHasKlaws ; )

Riddle PS Shall we add a riddle? Yep. Let the geekery commence (it won’t be a rebus, don’t worry. I’m cool.).
There are references to 3 somethings in the title of this post – that I can think of. Can you name them? (clue – I only saw those references AFTER I wrote both the post and title.)
Riddles rule.

So does alliteration.



23 thoughts on “Let There Be Snow

  1. Awww you’re very welcome :) I was so happy it all arrived safe, couldn’t bear it if anything arrived broken! But luckily RM was on our side :) Parka Perfect looks amazing on and pairs so well with silver – a very sweet and cosy Christmas mani.

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  3. Cool nails, I especially like the Christmas Tree :) The color is perfect too. Lucky you, winning all that neat swag! Ummm, the riddle, could it be the songs “Let it Be” and “Let it Snow”? And a biblical reference to Let There Be Light? I dunno, I’m terrible at riddles.

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like them!
      OMG, you’re so cool – I didn’t even think of Let It Be and I’ve been singing that song around the house for like two months now! That’s perfect. Let It Snow, absolutely, and yay! You guessed the biblical reference!! : ) There’s one more song in it, but seriously, Let It Be – perfection : )
      I was actually about to message you, since you like Elementary, have you seen The Mentalist?

      • I LOVE the Mentalist! Simon Baker is sooo yummy, I could just…. anyway :) We have very similar tastes, have you seen Sherlock? I just started watching it on Netflix and am hooked, and he’s dreamy too… *sigh*

        • Haha, yes we do!! : ) And of course I’ve seen Sherlock, I’m anxiously waiting for the 3rd season now!
          Which episode of Sherlock are you watchin now?
          Im in the middle of the 4th season of the Mentalist : )

          • I just finished season 2, I didn’t know there were so few episodes! Wah! I’m hoping they air the new season here in the US, I don’t want to have to wait for it to be on Netflix. Did you see the mini episode? here’s the link:

            It picks up where the final episde left off, it’s only about 7 minutes long and I think it’s worth a watch.

            I’m all caught up with the Mentalist, you’re in for a great ride! Did you like the Doctor Who Christmas special? I cried buckets! I’m going to blog about it but I’m still just too emotional about it, sheesh, tears are coming to my eyes now…

            • Oh I totally saw it, we have this heavenly thing here that I discovered only a while back – BBC Player. : ) So I watched it right after it was released, Moffat, you TEASE!
              And I just love hearing the music again <3
              Oh oh, I looooved the Christmas episode, and seriously, Amelia saying goodnight and the bow tie dropping? I cried. Hard.
              Oh yay, I'm looking forward to your post!!
              How are you about Capaldi taking over?

              • I know! When Amy showed up I just lost it! And when he said he’d always remember this Doctor. I read somewhere that it was actually Matt talking, maybe it was. I kept having to rewind because I was crying so much I couldn’t see!

                I’m not sure about Capaldi, I’ve never seen him in anything I don’t think, so I’m going to be open minded and give him some time before I make any judgements :) I liked what I saw, which wasn’t much, darn them! It was funny though, wasn’t it, asking Clara if she knew how to fly the Tardis? hee hee.

                Be patient for my post, I just finished a long one and am wiped out so it’ll be a few days or a week before I will post again. I gotta go now, talk to you later sweetie!! I’ll answer your comments when I log back in if you want to continue this conversation… maybe late tonight, my time, we’re 8 hours apart I think… ttfn

                • I see we have about the same amount of emotional stability when it comes to Who : )) When he said ‘I will not forget one line of this’ – I was like OMG, it’s MATT talking!
                  YouTube a behind the scenes if you haven’t yet, it’s heartbreaking when he can’t get through this line at a table read…
                  Oh yay, I’m the same, even though Capaldi’s been in this comedy here, where apparently he did a lot of swearing, but I’ve never watched it! So, fresh eyes. And I like what I saw too, especially the kidneys not matching his internal colour scheme – I wasn’t excited about 12th before that, but now I am : )

  4. What a lovely prize you got there!! Congratulations!!
    I love manis with snowflakes. Sadly, we’ll never have a white Christmas in Buenos Aires because it’s summer, and it’s hot as hell. Someday, when I have money, I will fly my family to somewhere cool, in the hope of a white Christmas.
    The title it’s a reference to a song? I’m lame at riddles!
    I hope you’re having some lovely holidays!!

    • Right! Buenos Aires! I was hoping you’d comment Iriel – I know it’s a normal, natural thing that it’s SUMMER, but it’s still fascinating as hell to me ; ))
      Haha, my friends from London flew their entire family to Mexico! So, you see, we all crave what we don’t have. But I actually spent today outdoors, Greenwhich and Camden, and it was coldish and WINDY, but I was quite happy – hot is for summer : P
      Haha, two songs actually and something else ; ))
      (I’m so lame, I can’t resist silly word play and riddles : P)
      I’m sending you chilly hugs!!!!!

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