All I Want for Christmas Are (Exuberantly-Photographed) Tiny Stockings

These are my gift-sparkly nails. Lots of photos. Mostly because in spite of using the beautiful Lincoln Park After Dark, the base would look black or almost black in the photos.
Well. At least there’s plenty of nail porn, am I right? ; )
And since all of the shopping I did this year was for presents and gifts and wish lists for others – the shopping-themed mani is presents and stockings.
I have to say, I enjoy shopping for others way more than I do when I have to buy something for myself. I endure the crowded malls, people on the streets, the shops smelling of bread and vanilla more easily if I know it’s for someone else.
I even tried to shop for myself, I needed shoes – I just gave up after approximately 10 minutes.
Oddly enough, I actually find corny, Christmas music soothing, at a crowded Christmas market – I played some at my place and my favourite friend went: ‘Oh no. BublĂ©?! I feel like I’m at a shopping centre. I’m grumpy just thinking about it!’.
So, naturally, I played it the entire weekend she was staying over.

And a snap of me opening the TARDIS – on Christmas Day actually, a few hours before the Christmas special (*sniff, sniff*) aired.
I prefer pushing, not pulling of course, than snapping my fingers.

How was your preChristmas shopping? Were you happy with your gifts, both given and received? Is the New Year’s hype over or was it never there?



R2D2 made a FB page for this magpie madness – would you like to like it?


14 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas Are (Exuberantly-Photographed) Tiny Stockings

  1. I love Lincoln Park After Dark (*runs off to paint nails in said colour*) but you’re right it’s a total nightmare to photograph! If you ever figure out how to capture the colour properly you have to let me know!

  2. This is so cute! The stockings are adorable! :D Lincoln Park After Dark is such a lovely polish and yeah it’s a nightmare to photograph :/ Oh Christmas shopping… It fills me with horror! x

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