Qu’ils Mangent Des Macarons – Let Them Eat Macarons


Are you thinking Marie-Antoinette, macarons and Paris?

I hope you are!, because that’s what I mixed and tumbled in my head and put into this manicure.
When I hear ‘Festive French Mani’ – THAT is what I think. : )
Very festive, very french and very yummy.
I wanted macaron flavours; gold, lavish images: Marie-Antoinette style and Paris, of course, the city of love <3
Also, sugary, pastel skittle nails that make me happy – I blame Marie-Antoinette ; ) (as did everybody. For everything.)

My previous skittle mani, Doctor Who, was fun too. But you do need a break after the madness of so many colours.

Now, for my lovely macaron colours: (starting with my thumb) there’s pistache, menthe, pétale de rose, lavande, bergamote.


I’ve tried Ladurée macarons, once, a long while back – it was Covent Garden, snowing/raining, and we sat outside, because the alternative was waiting for 3 hours for a tiny table inside – but we had a metal torch type heater beside us, a charming French waiter and hot chocolate that tasted like I’m sure the stuff ancient Aztecs prepared for religious ceremonies tasted. Also, we sat on a (very small) BALCONY (terrace, really) overlooking Covent Garden – so beautiful.
It was lovely. We actually bought the box of macarons (I always make a big deal out of trying things for the first time) and tasted them at home.
But in Covent Garden we enjoyed things that even had names taken out of a Parisian dream: Elysée, Brioche Parisien, Chou Chantilly Nougatine, Mille-feuille Praliné – you get it I think… Warm, delicious pastel haven.


It was gorgeous, and coming home with a beautiful, light mint box of macarons was a treat, too. These nails (which, for once, I’m wearing while writing this post) remind me of that beautiful day, which still, when I think of it, smells like rich, dark coffee and golden, molten chocolate to me.
And just a snap of nails covered with presents for the SHOPPING theme : )
With this, I also celebrated the engagement of my lovely friend – she’s the first from my circle of friends to get engaged, so SUPER EXCITING!
Tiffany blue it had to be.
Posting this post-Christmas, but still a few Christmas baubles, trees, gifts and snowflakes ! : )) (and season-appropriate, poor, sensitive skin – I didn’t have my homemade cuticle oil with me, only CND and it shows, unfortunately) – but Tiffany blue is still pretty.
Anyway. I hope you feel a bit sweeter and french and macarony.

Have you ever tried macarons? What about Ladurée macarons?


I’ve never been to Paris, what about you guys?


If you’re Marie-Antoinette-fancy and fancy fancying me on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ThisKittenHasKlaws

PS *the beautiful snap of macarons and Ladurée menu, source: http://atouchoffrench.wordpress.com/2010/11/12/macarons-laduree/

37 thoughts on “Qu’ils Mangent Des Macarons – Let Them Eat Macarons

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  2. Ooooh La La! They’re very pretty Cat. I’ve never had Macarons, I’ve never been to Paris dang, it! :( Here in the US we have Macaroons, they’re coconut cookies, kind of moist and gooey sometimes. There was a bakery in my neighbourhood when I was young and they had the best ones, I worked at the bank right by their store and the owner would bring a bag of them to us every Friday, he was a sweetie :) This was a loooong time ago, I’m pretty sure they closed many years ago,which is a shame…

  3. Never been to Paris.
    Had macaroons once before, did enjoy it but wouldn’t like DIE for one/some. I like cake pops, off topic I know.
    I love the mani, especially the colours!

    • Thank you honey! : )
      I was so set on trying my first macaron the ‘right way’ – arguably, Ladurée is the original macaron of the 20th century. So I waited until I went to Ladurée : )
      (It remains the only time I had them actually!)
      Let me know if you try them!! And DEFINITELY get one salted caramel – heaven. : )

  4. Loooove the pastel– it has me dreaming of Spring time! Ah. Also it has me wanting to watch Sofia Coppola’s take on Marie Antoinette ;) I HAVE been to Paris but it was years ago and I need to go again. I had the most delicious sandwich while I was there…

    • I’m so glad you like it Aussa! I’m not generally into pastels, I prefer dark colours, but, I mean, macarons. Pastels all the way : ))
      You’ve never seen it? I saw Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette a few years back, it’s like pop, bubble gum history, but a lot of fun!
      Oh yay! You globetrotter you ; ) WHAT was the sandwich? (I’m a huge foodie, you can’t just throw that out there ; )

      • Oh no, I’ve seen it! I own it and used to watch it over and over… it’s just that kind of movie! And girl… I WISH I knew what kind of sandwich it was… it was just full of magical goodness and I have never tasted anything like it ever again. I like to fantasize that I would somehow be able to locate the same place if I were in Paris again but seeing as I can hardly find my friends’ houses in my same city I’m probably out of luck.

        • Oh damn, now I feel like watching it! Tomorrow, SO watching Marie-Antoinette, perfection : )))
          Haha, aww Aussa, this time it’s definitely better to be in denial and tell yourself you’d surely find it again! : ))

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