If You Ain’t Got Two Kids by 21, You’re Probably Gonna Die Alone

Birthday and general appreciation giveaway – here we come!

If you follow me on facebook, you already know: I’m 22 today! 7th of January.*
‘Tell ’em that it’s my birthday
Tell ’em that it’s my birthday
Tell ’em that it’s my birthday
When I party like that’

Well it is and I’m telling you…?

My favourite tune for my bday and for the last few months is Kacey Musgraves’ Merry Go ‘Round – I strongly encourage you to leave this post now, YouTube it, then come back and read the rest of it – giveaway time with all that Merry Going ‘Round in the background.

If you ain’t got two kids by 21,
You’re probably gonna die alone
At least that’s what tradition told you.

And it don’t matter if you don’t believe,
Come Sunday morning you best be there
In the front row, like you’re s’posed to.

(no kids here. 22 years old. I was in the second row yesterday, on the eve of my birthday, Westminster Cathedral, with my mom. does it count? it was fun. lots of incense.)


1st bundle – UK residents, raffle starts in this post : )

Alright. Enough of that. I’ve been wanting to host a giveaway for a while now, since I find it such an awesome thing to get a box of goodies in the mail, so much fun and surprise and I’d love to gift somebody just that. I get excited by a simple letter or a card in the mail, and so I hope these scented, colourful things will bring you some joy.


So, as my birthday present, I’ve prepared this giveaway for you: all the awesome readers and followers. I’ve only been blogging since Oct 6th, but there’s been so many incredible comments and I’ve met such great (and crazy in the best way) friends – it’s been a blast! And wordpress is reminding me of new followers now – 130 people are following my magpie madness as of today! How unbelievable is that?! Seriously. And there’s lovely followers on Facebook and bloglovin’ and email and it’s all very surreal.
I have to say, I didn’t quite expect blogging would be THIS much fun – there is just so many, SUCH DIFFERENT people in the blogging community and reading their posts, comments and sneak-peaks into their lives is always a thrill and a very enriching experience.
Our blogosphere is like a bubbling cauldron of people who are not afraid of expressing themselves, sharing and obsessing over stuff ‘regular’ individuals find ridiculous or boring. Even if we are afraid sometimes, the support of this community helps!
It’s a great feeling, to be a part of a group who won’t tell you your creativity is unimportant or your OCD tendencies, nail or nonnail – silly and you’d better stop, cause you’re embarrassing yourself.
So, on top of today being my birthday, I’m sharing these goodies, as I so appreciate all the input and comments – really, reading all your awesome comments is the greatest thing on my blog, I love hearing people’s opinions and experiences – both in real life and on the internets! : ) Aussa calls it ‘Group Therapy‘ – sharing, and I think it’s the most accurate description.

When I was shopping for the goodies, I chose to assemble quite personal prizes – of things I’ve really been loving or wanting for a long time, so they’d really be awesome. It was exciting! – this girl asked me what’s the occasion, I was looking for bracelets in Camden, and, of course, I said ‘My 22nd birthday’ – ‘Oh, you’re buying gifts for yourself?’ – ‘No, duh, the OCASSION is my bday, I’m buying these for others.’ – she just looked at me oddly. But it was so. much. fun. to shop for these, and I’ve been collecting them in an old, huge Panettone can for ages now.


Halfway this giveaway-arranging process I decided to space the prizes out into separate giveaways since my Rafflecopter account clearly can’t deal with 4 different prizes for different parts of the world at the same time. So:

Since Royal Snail Mail is being very restrictive, there will be two kinds of prizes:
1. International (excluding UK) and
2. UK

(So, please, pay attention which raffle you’re entering now and in future posts – THERE WILL BE 4 GIVEAWAYS IN TOTAL – I know, I’m rambling, so it might be confusing, but that’s it, really: 4 prizes in total)

Today, on my bday I’m starting with the first UK prize!
UK residents only : )

Enter by clicking this link HERE

1st BUNDLE (UK) – Rafflecopter is running now!
1. EOS lip balm – they’re a pain to get in the UK, but I love mine (honeydew and the cuttest, egg-shaped lip balm EVER) and don’t regret hunting it down – so I bought one for a UK winner – too adorable to resist. I’ve only been using it for a few weeks, but I can tell you – moisturises nicely, and is all-natural and certified organic which is very important to me.
2. OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam – it’s such a unique shade, I’ve worn it sometime during Christmas holidays (that mani is waiting to be posted). I loved it so much, I had to get another one for my giveaway. For some inexplicable reason, it makes me think of Doctor Who, too…
3. ESSIE mini – in Meet Me At Sunset – a lovely, vibrant shade of orange – will put anyone in a sunny mood.
4. Sinful Colors – Envy : as green is my all-time favourite nail colour, I had to get you one ; )
5. INGLOT – 365. I’ve been hunting for a perfect taupey, but ultimately latte shade for ages – I think this is it. In any case, if you’ve been reading my blog you know my story with Inglot and so I had to get a bottle for my giveaway – it’s a great brand, and this shade is drop dead gorgeous.

So, basically, it’s like a whole month of weekly birthday giveaway : )

This particular, UK giveaway ends on the 21st of January – I’ll be two weeks into officially being 22 years old… I doubt I’ll feel different, but I’ll feel excited about the winner, that’s guaranteed.


Also, I gotta say this and please read carefully, as any breach of these rules will result in disqualification: you have to be 18 years or older/have a parent’s/guardian’s consent to enter. Same goes with cheating – I feel like our blogging community, especially nail and beauty blogging community is a safe, honest environment – please don’t lie in any of the questions, they all will be verified. I’ve read on other blogs that there’s quite a lot of false entries, which surprised me. I’d hate for someone to be chosen only to be disqualified for cheating. The winner will be chosen by the luck of the draw, contacted and must provide a valid email and address within 72 hours – should they fail to do so, another winner will be selected. I’m not responsible for any items lost/damaged after they’ve been dispatched.


Do you think you’re lucky when it comes to lotteries, raffles and giveaways?
I once called the radio and won a CD, by accident, but that’s pretty much it. Nailluxxe was the first giveaway I ever won : )

*Clearly, 7th of Jan is NOT today. Clearly, I need to work on posting things in time. Right now, they’re forced to just wait, impatiently, all ready and typed up, to be posted. : )
**I bought all of these with my own money.

66 thoughts on “If You Ain’t Got Two Kids by 21, You’re Probably Gonna Die Alone

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  7. Happy birthday again! A whole month of birthday giveaway– that’s so awesome! I totally get what you mean about having fun shopping for giveaway prizes too. I dragged my boyfriend around the mall for hours trying to figure out what my readers would enjoy when I shopped for mine :D

  8. Oh sweet Give away Thank you so much….., ok so after looking through your photos, i have to say i keep going back to “Let it snow Mani” the blue you used is so pretty and yey snow flakes, your Mani was so much better then mine was when i tried that design lol.

  9. You are such a sweetheart Cat! What a great and generous thing to do :) As always, loving the nails… and the song, you know I’m a very very contrary Mary hehehe. I already told you Happy Birthday the other day but you’re so nice you get it twice-HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!

  10. Happy birthday! I hope you had an awesome day :) and that’s so sweet of you to have a giveaway! I’ll definitely enter ;)

  11. Aw! Happy Birthday! I didn’t know you were such a young’un ;) And don’t worry about having babies in the trailer park, you should base your life decisions off of Taylor Swift’s song and just go make fun of your exes and dress like hipsters woah-oh, woah-oh.
    I will aaaabsolutely be entering your International Drawing when it’s up! I do tend to get lucky ;) (that goes for both bad luck AND good luck, as you know…….)

  12. Happy Birthday sweets ;) and what an awesome idea to do b-day giveaway. I have a question too, I’m going to try my luck with this but where do I qualify under as.. UK (I’m not a resident, but am living here since September 2013) or international?

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