I’m Kiwi About You

January Health and Wellness?
Well, duh, I need me some kiwi and goat’s yoghurt nails.
This was the first thing that came to my mind and they were so. much. FUN. to wear.
Lots of nailporn (and then some), sneaky foodporn and a giveaway will follow, darlings! : )
I painted them kiwis pretty much IMMEDIATELY after I saw this month’s NAIL graphic and have, as per usual been keeping them all photographed and ready instead of posting. I need to work on that.
I know the ladies thought this theme up to match, perfectly me thinks, the beginning of Jan, RESOLUTIONS time – as I am the contrariest of Marys, I don’t make these, on purpose: if I have a resolution or something I’ll wait until February or March. Really.
Now, I don’t know if you guys have a thing like that, but my goat’s yoghurt with kiwi slices or berries is food paradise to me. Literally. Only, that’s the only reason I eat it, I just love it – there’s something special about goat’s milk slight tanginess and fresh fruit combo, while anyone who sees me eat it always thinks I’m on a restrictive diet/trying to loose weight. Na-ah, I’m too much of a foodie.
Still, it always makes me smile, so health and wellness it is : )
(I’m like, yeeeah, after this dietary bowl of yoghurt I’ll fry me some bacon and eggs. My restriction is, gotta be extra crispy.)
I can never buy goat’s yoghurt when I’m at uni, they just don’t have it, so it’s double special at home.
Enjoying my bowl and holding the spoon with these nails was giggle-inducing, too.
Hey! So exciting!!
Remember? I’m 22. (I literally need to keep reminding myself.) You can read me rambling and being grateful here, if you’re so inclined.
AND my birthday giveaway, 1st bundle – UK was won by Kairi! The odds were indeed in your favour, honey : )) (I sent you an email)
I so hope you’ll enjoy the goodies!!!
Now, continuing with my bday giveaways, yay, you can enter the raffle for the INTERNATIONAL bundle, #2 – HERE, right now. It’ll run for one week and end on the 5th of February.
Please, have a look at the rules (they won’t bite) as we don’t want any disqualification silly business.
2nd BUNDLE – International (excluding UK) – Rafflecopter is running now!
As I said in my birthday post, those bundles are quite personal, things I’ve been loving or wanting for a while : )
1. The Body Shop Sweet Pea Duo Body Butter – this is brilliant. Smells delicately divine. Works great for hands and body, and is seriously HYDRATING. Plus, I love me a different packaging, and this pot is divided into two compartments – one hides the lotion for normal, the other dry skin. The latter one works great as an overnight hand cream, lovely for cuticles, too.
2. Yellow polka dot bracelet – this is such a quirky, fantastic bracelet – I loved it when shopping for the giveaways in Camden Town. Wooden beads, vibrant yellow and black dots – perfect combo.
3. Green bracelet – my all time favourite colour (hello. have you seen my walls? you can sneak a peek in, say, this post, because obviously, green is the perfect backdrop for a foot in a cast.) – this is the perfect, grassy green.
(Green-Which, anyone?)
4. L’Oreal Color Riche Le Khol in Midnight Black – I don’t know about you, but I hate hard eyeliners, I always almost poke my eye out. This is smooth, soft, glides on beautifully. Midnight Black gorgeous.
5. Dotting tools! Perfect for simple or complex nail art, 10 sizes for different dots – if you’re just beginning, you’ll love these. If you’re an advanced nail artiste ( ; )) – you can never have too many dotting tools, right? : )
6. The Body Shop Eye Definer in Shimmering Steel – as some of you know : ), I’m not a fan of ‘traditional’, be it nail colour, books, clothes, you name it – I love eyeliners in shades different than black. This shimmery grey eyeliner from The Body Shop ticks all the boxes and I hope you’ll love it!

INTERNATIONAL, hon? Wanna enter my giveaway? Link here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Any foodies out there? Tell me, do you have a food that’s healthy, but you’re eating it for a completely different reason and loving it? : )
Furball PS If you like me just, just enough to like me on facebook (Cat is SO. facebooking it up), you might’ve noticed that I’m dog-sitting this week – she’s gorgeous, she’s Zuza and she’ll definitely make an appearance on the blog soon. : )

Kiwi PS Haha, aww, I just realised, this is the second time a kiwi’s appeared in my little piece of the internets – one furry fruit is in my Virgin Post : )) Which is statistically odd, since I honestly eat kiwi once in a blue, blue moon.
Sneaky, attention-seeking kiwis.

44 thoughts on “I’m Kiwi About You

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  2. I definitely need to show your blog to my little sister. She is ten and recently discovered painting her nails. She will go nuts about this. I personally am kind of indifferent to the whole concept, but your nails have a very personal, fulfilling, artistic touch. Played intensively with one of our cats in the last couple of days. By appearance and diet today I avocado you.

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  4. Oh I wish I had nails as beautiful as yours, I’m ashamed I don’t take very good care of them. You inspire me though and I’ve been really thinking about getting a mani soon. I’m entering your contest, I love all the goodies, and if I win I’ll have to try the dotting tools (first I’d have to figure out how to use them lol!). I love kiwis, never had them with yogurt though, sounds good. Lately I’ve been loving to eat this salad they have at our local chain store here called Fred Meyer, their deli has this oriental chicken salad that is so yummy! It has chicken of course, red cabbage, carrots, celery, green onion, ramen noodles and a dressing that I don’t know what’s in it but I think it’s maybe a mayonaise base with vinegar? And I’ve been eating Yoplait yogurt lately too, different flavors. Great post!

    • Thanks, hon! : )
      Oh yay, I like that one too, a little too glitzy for my usual nail tastes, but I wore it on Christmas Day and I opened the TARDIS with it, so. Love it is. ; )
      I’m so glad you liked it! You magpie, you : )

  5. It’s broccoli, yes I absolutely love it. Your kiwi nails do look awesome and I kind of want a kiwi now, I think I last had some back in November :O
    Can’t wait for the goodies to arrive. I am so excited :D

  6. Love your kiwi nails! You’ve made me hungry for yogurt now. The new thing here is Muller Corners or Chobani Flips… greek yogurt with a little compartment on the side that you mix in ( like fruit or chia seeds or granola). Noms!

    • Thank you!
      Because, obviously, that’s what I aim at when writing my posts, to spread awareness and craving for yoghurt!
      : ))
      New? As in ‘new’? (Oh wow. Hope you know what I mean.)
      Muller Corners have been my favourite thing since I was a kid, the ones with chocolate balls or stars are AWESOME, have you tried them? I can’t stand to have cereal or granola in my yoghurt and for some bizarre reason, Muller makes me go crazy for that stuff ; )))
      Also, I LOVE your tweet about my giveaway ; ))))

        • Haha, omg, did I IMAGINE eating them as a wee baby?
          : D
          I could swear I ate them as early as 1996 or 1997…
          Imma ask my mom. Google isn’t helping.
          Do you live under a New York rock maybe? ; )) Jk.

        • Hahaha, ok, got it, don’t mind me, I can get obsessive when something seems anachronic.
          They began making them in the 80s and by 1987 Muller Fruit Corners were in the UK, and stars and other things soon followed : ) So my memories weren’t tampered with! : )
          I hope you get to try the other flavours soon!
          Now I want a Muller Corner.

  7. Oh my gosh these are the most adorable things I’ve seen in forever :D And I love imagining you gripping a kiwi in one hand and a camera in the other trying to get the perfect shot…

    • Hahaha, I am REALLY laughing out loud right now!!!!
      Olivia, you’re absolutely on point here – that kiwi posing almost drove me insane!!! Oh lol, love your comment!!! : D
      And my tiny kiwis are thanking you!, they live to be adorable.

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