Bun in the Oven

Buns. And biscuits. Bagels. And cookies.
In multiple ovens.
I’ve been so MIAB!
This here cat has been Missing In A Bakery! Yes, I got a job and it’s at a busy, big kosher bakery and shop. Ain’t that fun?

Well, it is. But it’s also quite intense – I’ve been working 10hours a day every day except Shabbat and setting my alarm for 4am. Whoever said that counts as morning shifts was bat-shift crazy. When you leave home when it’s utterly dark, the cows are still asleep on either side of the road and not even the milkman is working, that ain’t morning.
But I’ve so missed blogging, I can’t even believe it – which I’m actually glad of, I’ve come to appreciate the blogosphere and posting, even more so than when I was stuck in bed with my broken metatarsal! Speaking of, for the first two weeks of work the left, unbroken side of my body hurt and ached and just wanted sleep, but the right side and my right leg was a whole other story. Jeez, what a few months of confinement can do to muscles.

The first day, when I got home, I sat down for 15 minutes and I just couldn’t get up, you know? When I was working and learning and doing my best, it was alright, but when I stayed still for a moment my body just said ‘no more. I’m out.

On the plus side, I’ve been on a diet solely comprised of bagels and salmon.

I still have sore muscles one way or another every day, but they’re getting stronger.

Anyway, I’m so looking forward to my blog reading binge, which I neatly planned and tucked away for a day off :) I missed my favourite blogs so damn much. Can’t wait. And I missed COLOURS and crazy patterns, I haven’t even seen all the awesome Valentine’s Day manis, looking forward to these, like, a lot.
I miss posting too, and I’ve attempted to compose posts many times, as I’ve been quite inspired actually, but I literally fall asleep while writing I’m so knackered. It’s unbelievable. Glasses on, INTERESTING book in hand and I just pass out I’m so tired.


I have a few interesting clawy things in my vault, too – I got me a yellow and white gold foil top coat which I’ve been seriously loving; a lovely package from faketattoos.se and I’ve already tried them out in one mani, but I’m holding out before posting, so I have a few manicures to show you.
Been stamping, been painting, been working and been trying to catch enough sleep so as not to collapse over trays of poppy hamentaschen.

My birthday giveaway has not been forgotten either, and the 2nd bundle, international is going to Sonya, yay! – I sent you an email, darling.
This blue mani (my second favourite colour, and the light blue, Inglot 309, is also my 2nd favourite nail colour ever :), just FYI) is awesome to wear, and a great pick you up.
I was only just passing by a mirror and something caught my eye – it was the accent nail – that dark blue and silver geometric pattern just jumps at ya (an untried: Sinful Colors Ciao Bella – very nice indeed, and a pleasure to apply, 2 coats, 1 would do too).
So, how are you all? Are you baking things, are you making things or are you working? I hope y’all are at least painting your nails ; ))


PS Happy Purim! Chag Purim Sameach!
Did anyone dress up for Purim? Let me know!


25 thoughts on “Bun in the Oven

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  2. You sound like you might live on the UWS which would make me feel very happy since I do and don’t know a single person around here who shares my interest bordering on obsession! I share you Purim one :)

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  4. Tricky title!!! Man, those are some early hours. Yikes. Working in a bakery sounds kinda cool though, and I bet it smells FANTASTIC! I love that little hot air balloon stamp! What plate is that?

    • I love bad puns : P

      It does smell incredible! And when it’s freezing outside in the morning the ovens keep me warm : )

      I’m glad you like it! It’s Cheeky European Romance, Jumbo Plate 3.

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  6. The checkered nails are amazing!
    It’s good to have you back! Wondered where you’d got to. I’m so pleased to hear that you’re on the mend, it’ll take time but from the sounds of it you’re on track.
    Like Jacqui, definitely thought there might be a baby Cat’s Claws on the way, but hey a new job is just as exciting! Congratulations :-) Don’t know how you manage the 4am starts though, you’re a trooper!

    • Thank you! I wasn’t sure about the checkered accent, never had anything like that on, but I loved it in the end : )
      Hahaha, I loved Jacqui’s comment sooo much : D Haha, when I DO have a bun in the oven, ‘baby Cat’s Claws’ it shall be nicknamed, love it.
      Thank you darling !

  7. Count me as another that had missed you! :) Glad to hear a little bit about your life and what you’ve been up to, it was fun to read about that. :) Lovely mani as well.

  8. Your stamping is so lovely!
    I totally know what you mean about 4AMs! My dogs tried to hide under pillows (very difficult for a Bullmastiff!!) because they did not want to wake up. They are firm believers in rising with the sun and never before! Hahh

  9. Wow those are definitely early starts! I used to work in the airport and I agree, 4 am is an ungodly hour! ;-) Hope you’ve got some good comfortable shoes to support your back while standing all day. You do get used to it, but it is an uncomfortable process. I did a lot of foot baths and cooling leg gel! Good luck! :-)

    & I love those hot air balloons! Gorgeous!

    • Oh oh, in the airport! So you definitely know what I mean when I say my feet and back are KILLING ME. : )
      Thank you hon! Thankfully, it’s only a temporary gig, but it sure is tiring : )
      Oh thank you, my hot air balloons <3 : )

  10. I love the checkered accent nail! And I’m glad that you’re back! I can relate to the falling asleep while trying to compose a post– school has been insanely busy for me lately with graduation coming up. Your new job sounds so much more intense though. 4am is definitely still night time in my opinion too. Hang in there! :D

    • Thank you! For some reason, that accent nail makes me think of clowns… Circus clowns.
      In the same boat then! It’s annoying, falling asleep in the midst of doing something, but I’m so physically tired, I just can’t help it.
      Graduation soon! Yay (?)
      Hahaha, right?! It’s NIGHTTIME.

      • Oh no, now I see the clowns too *shudder*
        Do you ever also do that thing where you’re trying to reply to messages on your phone before bed, but then you start falling asleep and drop your phone on your face? I’ve done that more than I can count over the past year as well!

    • Haha, I know what you mean ; ) I expected that too, but, surprisingly, I don’t crave those baked goods more than usual… Even when I’m standing over them, or icing them all day long… I dunno.
      But I have bagels for lunch everyday and that rocks. : )

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