Be My Lucky Clover

St Patricks day manicure
This greenery is my St Patrick’s Day manicure – worn, of course, on the ACTUAL day.
St Patricks day nail art
I’m sharing it with you today, because, come on, we can always use a bit of luck, right? And the golden pot o’ gold at the end of our lucky rainbows.
Nail stamping
Or a gold foil top coat.
Gold foil top coat
On a different note, the other day, a colleague at work was telling me about a guy from Essex I think, who recently won the lottery – a measly £10 million. As in 10 million quid. I cannot even imagine how much that is. I know, numerically of course, but cannot comprehend such a heap of money. It’s not a particular dream of mine to win the lottery, but it made me realise I don’t even have a ‘What would you do if you won the lottery’ list…
Irish manicure
Oh my, this green… I can honestly say this is my favourite nail polish of all time – a preblogging buy, 2/3 of the bottle gone, and, sadly neglected lately. All the new finds, gorgeous novel colours have been taking my time, and I won’t even mention my MIAB status (kosher baking, anyone?)
Green nail art
As I was painting my nails I remembered Jacqui’s words about inanimate bottles of polish – mine have feelings too ; ) Anyway, painting my nails with this Inglot green reminded me what a great formula and coverage feels like, and how it glides onto the nail, even if the polish itself is something like 3 years old. So wearable, so perfect with leprechaun gold.
Winning the lottery
Do you guys believe in luck? Good luck charms, rainbows, ladders and all that?
Do you have a ready list of all the things you’d get to do if you won the lottery?

Luck of the irish
Absolutely no luck of the Irish to y’all,

PS Speaking of luck, watch out for the continuation of my giveaway, the realm of UK this time, coming soon : )

PS-Coming up roses: I gave in and ordered my very first indie polish – I’m so excited! Do you want a glimpse when it comes? Well, there’s a few brilliant bottles coming, actually.)

PS-And the last one – just came home from watching the sequel to Captain America – and it’s actually, surprisingly, pretty decent.


10 thoughts on “Be My Lucky Clover

  1. LOVING that shade of green! I was looking for a good one for St. Patrick’s Day but everything was either too neon or too Christmas-ish. My lottery list consists of paying off my debt, my parent’s debt, my sister’s debt and buying a forever house. And maybe a diamond collar for Teddy. Actually, he’d demand that as we all know!

    • I know, this green is purrrfection! It’s probably the only nail polish I’ll ever actually finish a bottle of ; )

      I like that. Practical. Also, diamonds are Teddy’s best friends.


  2. If I won the lottery I would pay off my stupid student loans first, probably buy a new house or keep my own house but install an indoor swimming pool w a retractable roof. Then I would hunt down the Jessica Gelato Mio collex and buy it. And I’d buy like 7 pairs of super-expensive, perfectly-fitting jeans, and then I would prepay for a billion hair appointments so I never had to skip one. Annnnd my money would be gone. ;) Oh and- cute nails!!!

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