Mermaid Tears – Collaboration with Olive from eyehavealotoffeelings

I’m trying hard to get outta my MIAB phase (Bun in the Oven) – I’m fighting through buckets of procrastination and tears.



Mermaid tears that is.
This is my first ever collaboration, and I couldn’t be happier with it – all because of Olive: if you don’t know her yet, she is the awesome girl behind a blog you can’t take your eyes off, feelings or not: eyehavealotoffeelings. Her fierce looks are out of this world, sometimes literally – she completely won my heart over with the first look of hers I saw, Supernatural makeup – I mean, COME ON. One of my favourite looks she’s done is an insanely pretty dotted eyeliner which I would just LOVE to be cool enough to rock. Meanwhile, I just stare at it on her blog. And I mean STARE. Not in a creepy way though.
Check it out, you’ll be hooked.
Give that girl an eyeshadow palette, eyeliner and few brushes: magic. Besides, she’s so delightfully geeky, it’s like we’re twins separated at birth (my words, not hers.)

This collaboration started with Olive joking I should do nails matching one of her eye looks – the Dotted Eyeliner actually. It all went from there – so when I got my first ever thermal, indie polish in the mail, and stamped a tiny mermaid on my nails, I knew I had to message her. She liked the theme and her matching look made me grin – so, so good. Also, the ‘weird efficiency of her life’ (Olive’s words) meant her look was ready 30s after I sent her my mermaid (I might be exaggerating, but not much) – and my procrastination combined with the challenges of a kosher bakery meant I could never get around to sorting through the bajilion of pictures I took of this mani. Anyway. She graciously forgave me, waited and is still freaking me out with how quickly she replies to emails. I should learn from that girl more than just wicked makeup skills.
Back to the look! Mermaid Tears! Is there anyone here, and I mean ANYONE, who isn’t completely obsessed by the idea of mermaids? And I don’t mean full on obsession, directioner-belieber-esque-taking-over-your-life style, just, you know, MERMAIDS. <3


luke warm middle finger

Olive's mermaid tears are awesome – I adore her blue contouring and white detailing! And the lips? She would fit right in – in a mermaid pod in the middle of the ocean. : )


Also, if I were able to apply eyeliner like that I'd wear it everywhere. To bed. To work. Shopping for milk on the corner. Just. Everywhere. Reverse eyeliner, anyone?
This teal/green is a gorgeous polish – my first, both indie and thermal. Can you believe it? I'm glad I finally joined the indie worshippers (?) because this one rocks: Mermaid Tears by Polish Me Silly. I could NOT STOP running my fingers under the cold tap, watching it change colours. Also, I turned into the 5 year old version of me when I went for a walk and my nails were the dark emerald teal (it's freezing in the UK.) and then I went to Starbucks for my favourite jasmine tea, looked down at my hands and my nails were a light green. Too cool. Even my dad liked the thermal effect.

cold tips – no messing around with water, this is how it’d look most of the time

The stamped mermaid, hiding between the waves (there's even the tip of her tail if you look closely) – I loved her. For someone who LOVES H2O Just Add Water, I don't know why she's only just appeared on my nails now. She is stamped on Sinful Colors Cinderella.
I just remembered a hilarious thing that happened to me a good while ago, probably 2 years – I was at the airport, riding the shuffle bus, and my hair was down and wavy, I was listening to some music, and I feel someone tugging at the hem of my dress: I look down and there's this girl, maybe 7 years old. She looks at me and asks, loud and precise:
– 'Are you a mermaid?'
– 'No' I answer, 'Are you?'
And that little girl, completely serious, slightly sad:
– 'No…'

almost cold

<3 The reason she thought I was a mermaid, apart from, duh, the fact that there are hidden mermaids all around us, was my blue, dip dyed hair. Since then, I've been called a mermaid multiple times. Gotta love kids. Also, there's gotta be something about children, me and flying. Remember that little boy from the plane?
This Polish Me Silly Mermaid Tears thermal is of great quality, application is ok, it lasts and the thermal effect wears off really slowly – most importantly, it was awesome wearing it.

starbucks warm

How are you all lovelies? I missed you!

index finger cold

Ever worn a thermal polish?
Do you love/ASPIRE TO BE a mermaid?
Tell me! xxx


PS If y'all could see me now, sitting here, blue dye brewing on the top of my head, writing this post… Anyway. Emeralds and blues, but mostly smiles,

I found this the other day – pure perfection, precisely me at the end of Allegiant. I was like, that’s it, I'm never reading ANYTHING EVER AGAIN.
5 mins later I started another book.
PS2 This here mermaid can be followed on facebook, not only by a seashell (oh wow. that's a bad pun <3) – ThisKittenHasKlaws.


27 thoughts on “Mermaid Tears – Collaboration with Olive from eyehavealotoffeelings

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    • BUBBLY! Thank you! Anything bubbly is awesome.

      Also, completely unrelated, I kind of got tipsy on bubbles (champagne) yesterday, so reading this comment now was just perfect! : )

  6. Always good to have you back in town :) What an awesome collaboration! The eye makeup is stunning and pairs so cohesively with your nails! I think I prefer it in the blue state but there’s no denying the magical fun of the colour change. Love it!

    • Thank you – I’m always excited to be back : )

      Do you know what, I preferred it cold too! But it’s such a great crelly, so glad I bought my first indie. Once you go indie, you can never go back.

      ; )

  7. Freezing? I’ve been sunbathing the last couple of days XD
    Love the nails, they’re gorgeous! And of course I jumped over to Olive’s blog and now I’m just sitting here in the amazement :D
    Glad to hear from you :)

  8. Ugh this post is amazing :) And that story with the little girl made me giggle, I really need to see your hair now :) FYI you’re perfect ok no more creepy comments :D

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