Rains of Britain

Rains of Castamere, ah, the memories…
Greetings from rainy, oh so rainy England. I mean I understand everything, but enough’s enough.

I personally love rain, clouds and general gloominess, it makes me feel calm and at home, but this particular streak of cloudy storms is a brilliant topic to whine about with neighbours/customers. You know, the British version of bonding.
These nails combine two themes: CLOUDS & TRAVEL – they are my London-at-the-moment nails.
After finishing this mani it actually came to me how utterly British they are. So much in fact that I will attempt to list the things that make them the most English mani I’ve ever worn.
You’ve been warned.
1. Painted to the theme of travel: London travel in this instance, hence the gorgeous heart-shaped Union flag, umbrellas and RAIN. (Also, cloudy skies.)
2. I used a-england polishes – I recently gave up and ordered a few from this company and I am so, so happy with them. In this mani, I used the golden Holy Grail (new formula) and KING ARTHUR. (right?!)
I, of course, used my beloved gold foil barry m as well.
3. Painted, stamped and worn throughout London – these nails have even been on a London trip – the the Isle of Dogs (home of (Battle of) Canary Wharf and Mudchute city Farm where I got bitten by a horse.)
4. That umbrella and raindrops is an homage to our lovely English weather and my undying love for it – it has been raining non stop for the past 3 months. No, sorry, it’s stopped for four days and then jumped right back in.
5. Those fingers got suckled on by baby lambs – they were 9-weeks old and for some reason that seems like a very English experience. I don’t know. It was awesome though.
There’s a few interesting things coming soon to ze blog too:
I will be posting the 3rd part of my giveaway in my next post, finally, as my procrastination is getting the better of me and those prizes – they’re all ready and just waiting for the winner to be chosen. : )
I will also share with you my review of Fake Tattoos – which I’ve used in a few manis and have really enjoyed wearing!

One more thing, I wanted to share something with all of you coeliacs and clean eaters out there: I went out the other night, dinner and a movie (Bad Neighbours – RIDICULOUS AND FUNNY) – and tried the Pizza Express new vegan Pianta – the pizza toppings are lovely, especially the artichoke and spicy arrabbiata, I was, however presented with the regular, gluten laden base, after specifically ordering the gluten-free variety. I spotted the wrong order as it was coming to my table, since I know that the gluten free pizzas are brought to you on a board and not a plate, and immediately told the waitress there was a mistake. She took the pizza back, offered me a side salad while I waited and after about 10mins the manager brought me my order. But, just like I told her, there might’ve been a problem had I not spotted the difference – a coeliac would have been seriously sick after a regular pizza. So, to all of you out there: be careful! The Pizza Express gluten-free base is nice, given they actually bring you your order – this particular mishap happened in Harrow.
Is it summer time where you are? I keep glancing at my Models Own neons (I caved in and ordered the entire new Polish for Tans collection – apart from being so. thick. they’re to die for) in hopes of somehow summoning sunshine…



33 thoughts on “Rains of Britain

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  2. Fab mani. And very fitting.
    You were bitten by a horse? Oh no! I was once bitten by a horse, but I can’t tell how bad it really was because I was 7 or 8.

    Pizza Hut’s gluten-free base is amazing, btw. It tastes great and it’s nothing like chewing on cardboard. :)

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