In Mint Condition

I’m really into the colour right now, it’s so summery and joyful. I’m not generally into light, pastel shades, so it’s all the weirder – mint is so gorgeous to me at the moment – I really want to wear mint high heels for my friend’s upcoming wedding and am looking for THE perfect (isn’t it always hunting down ‘the perfect’?) cardigan – so much mint on my mind.
Anyway. So this mani was purely based on this gorgeous mint Nail polish shade. I wanted fresh, crisp mint with a soft, creamy brown – the combo is really wearable!
Seashells? Seashells. Just because.
OPI San Tan-Tonio and Nicole by OPI My Lifesaver work really well together – I didn’t expect to like San Tan-Tonio so much, as I rarely wear browns, but it’s gorgeous.

Also, say a big hi to the Queen of Procrastination (and a tiny bash to her tiara-less head) – aka Cat. Seriously.
GIVEAWAY! Here. Click. I need to finally send those goodies out! 3rd bundle – UK only. (rules.)
Rafflecopter is running right now and ends at midnight, 12th of July.

In other news, I spent a beautiful 5 days in Cornwall – Marazion and Land’s End and so on – it is PARADISE. I couldn’t get over how beautiful the landscape and ocean is.

Colour-wise, I wore Models Own Beach Bag (from the Polish for Tan collection) THROUGHOUT the Cornwall trip – had other colours, but loved the way it looked and it really does bring out even non-existent tan – I know, oxymoron, but it works. And, bonus, it stayed on, no chips for a full 8 days which has to be a record for me – mostly because I always get bored quicker.


Sugar mouse! Bought in a town called Mousehole – I kid you not.

I hope you’re all having great, summery days!

Anyone else with mint on their minds?
Also, who here has ever been to Cornwall? It was my first trip but DEFINITELY not the last.




27 thoughts on “In Mint Condition

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  6. Love this design – I think I saw it on instagram originally… not sure why but it brought to my mind the lyrics “I fell in love at the seaside” from that Kooks song. As a Bournemouth girl, I love all the beachy manis that appear in the summer.

  7. I love this color! This manicure is awesome!!! Blue+brown is prefect combination! OOO, who would come to me and make such on my nails?:D

  8. How do you even get the color on so flawlessly?! That alone is way too hard for me to even attempt, you’d probably be an amazing neurosurgeon. And those seashells, can you please stop being so perfect. They’re gorgeous anyhow and I’m glad you had fun, that view is to die for ♥

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