You Like Tomayto and I Like Tomahto

Tomato nail art

Firstly, because tomatoes are, in actuality, a fruit.
Secondly, because I really, seriously don’t like my manis red, so I’m trying to tame the dislike, you know?
Thirdly, because that white gold flake top coat makes everything better.
Also, I enjoyed my garlic nails immensely. So now we just need oregano nails and we can whip up a mean marinara.
Opi off with her red

I used:
~> OPI Off With Her Red!
~> barry m silver foil
~> Ninja Polish He Went to Jarred (12K white gold flake – it’s preeeetty. : ))

Ninja polish he went to jarred
My UK giveaway has ended – the winner is chosen and I sent her an email, yay!
Nail polish giveaway
The 4th bundle of goodies, INTERNATIONAL (excluding the UK) this time, is ready now – rafflecopter is running (click right here to enter) and will be open until midnight, 21st of July. Rules.
Nail stamping

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers <3


You Like Tomayto and I Like Tomahto, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Red nail art


43 thoughts on “You Like Tomayto and I Like Tomahto

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  2. I saw the title and was gonna immediately ask if you got it from Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off or if it was just a coincidence, then I scrolled down and saw the pic of Fred and Ginger and got even more excited, thank you for making me smile :)
    Suuper cute manicure too btw!

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  4. Oh and would you like to collaborate on a Supernatural look soon? I’m thinking one of the brothers or Cas, since I haven’t really done main characters yet. Let me know!

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