Sunny Side Up

How about a no-sparkle topper bomb? I love this one, it’s a gorgeous indie, from my very first batch of indies I ever bought, a few months back – this definitely made me understand why people love indie polishes so much.
Son Of A Nutcracker
I understand.

I know the blogosphere seems to love glitter, but I’m just not. convinced. It’s the same thing as with reds. I love it on other people, they ROCK IT. Me? Not so much.
Oh, world.

Anyway, love this topper, because it isn’t shiny, but it’s so interesting! Also, the yellow stains like ***.

OPI Off With Her Red

I used: yellow – Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Xtreme Wear in Sunny Side
red – OPI Off With Her Red!
topper – Liquid Sky Lacquer in Son Of A Nutcracker (btw, inspired by Elf)

My last two giveaway bundles went to Debbie (enjoy the polishes and Burt’s Bees moisturising power, hon) and Olive (I really hope you’ll like the thing in the jewellery box : )) and Body Shop goodness) – so exciting, I loved sending them out!
But I’m on a mission now, generally and in the blogosphere – FIGHT PROCRASTINATION (POST IN TIME. Things. Reply to emails when you get them. On a mission.) I should join a support group or something… Anyone with me?

Nail Art

Are you all lovelies glitter-loving magpies?
(On the topic of magpies – do you know what swooping season is? I just discovered this thing yesterday and MIND. BLOWN. YouTube it, g’day mate.)



12 thoughts on “Sunny Side Up

  1. How cute! I love that glitter topper! I am a fan of glittery glitter, but I can also appreciate matte glitters like this one! And yes, Indies <3 I've just started discovering indie polishes and they're so amazing :D

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