Here Comes The Bride

Hello lovelies! When it comes to celebrations, an experienced wedding-goer I am not, as I’ve only been to one until now – it was a proper ‘country’ wedding, and not in a trendy, fancy rustic way either. Lots of vodka, things fried in lard, bites of gherkins in between shots of yet more vodka and food APLENTY. It was a family affair, and I danced all night with all my cousins and uncles. Also, I was there with my dad, who kept introducing me to MY family members whom I’ve NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Very bizarre. But lovely.

As I’ve told you before, my friend got engaged (first from my circle of friends) and now I’ve been invited to the wedding – I’m so excited and happy for her as in my eyes, she was always the kind of girl who’d be fulfilled in family life if you know what I mean. She’s also one of the very few people I can honestly call a GOOD person and I sincerely hope she finds happiness.
Bridal nail art

Also, I’ve just asked my best friend whether she has RSVPed yet. To which she replied she has nothing to RSVP TO.
Luckily, we’ve known each other for ages (10 years in September and I still love the girl to death) so no awkwardness, but a 2 hour debate did occur, because we’ve all (the 3 of us) been best friends at school and I’m just SO CONFUSED. I really am.
To the point where I asked her whether she was SURE she hasn’t been invited. As in, maybe she forgot. Or misunderstood something. It shocked me so much, I asked this. But to be fair, it could’ve happened (to me, more likely, she’s too well anchored in reality for that). It hasn’t.

Bridal manicure
Anyway. Wanted to share THAT with you (and I can with clear conscience since none of the people concerned know of the existence of this blog) and also a lovely white bridal mani : ) I know, white, duh. But I think most brides go for white or french with some embellishments in the end – it’s that choice between being ‘you’ and a ‘traditional princess in white’. Nothing wrong with white, french or black with a blue dotticure (I’m SURE someone’s worn that for their wedding : )) in any case – it’s your day.

Wow. I’m an abundance of clichés today. How refreshing.

White manicure
I used:
white – OPI Alpine Snow
white gold flake top coat – Ninja Polish He Went to Jarred

Are y’all experienced wedding guests? Anyone here has ever been a bridesmaid?
Truth is, I’m not usually concerned about weddings in general, dreams and aspirations about my potential one (as in, not at all, ever. I know, I’m such a romantic.), but now she’s getting married I can’t stop myself from thinking of the girl I met when we were 12 years old and thrown into a boarding school together and the woman I’ll see in white soon, ready to become a wife and mother.

Do you mind me rambling about things like that in between the manis? Or do you enjoy getting a glimpse into my odd brain?
You can be honest. I promise I’ll just have a quiet cry amidst the polish fumes in my room.

As for me, I love venting to y’all, especially since most of the time you comment and have PRETTY DARN CLEVER things to say to me.
: )

White nail art

PS The pictures of the girl are not from my Dream Wedding Dress Pinterest board as it does not exist. Instead, they’re from my This Wooden Background Looks Bizarrely Like The Refectory At My Boarding School and That Palace IS My Boarding School OMG and also, the third board called Double Take Not My School But Pretty.
In reality, I added them because I like the way her hair is pinned up.

Wedding tiara

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25 thoughts on “Here Comes The Bride

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  2. So sad and weird your friend didn’t get an invite :( Have you found out why yet? I love reading little bits about peoples real lives outside of the nail world.

    Your bride pictures were stunning that you used for inspiration and your mani… I droooooooooled. I want this on my nails NOW. I need me a foil topcoat… like yesterday. I also don’t own OPI Alpine Snow, I feel like I am committing crimes all over the nail universe right now.

    • It’s more confusing than sad, as we just don’t get it. But I’m slowly learning, we really don’t know the majority of how people operate and what they truly think. Even when we’re sure we know each other, you know? People are so complex and wonderful, it’s a good thing we often don’t comprehend their motives I think.

      Me too! And I really enjoy your life bits on the blog – for example, that yoga post was very cool.

      Aw, thank you : ) And you DEFINITELY need a gold flakie girl! I thought it’d look super cheap, but I’m loving it! After MUCH research I chose Ninja Polish over OPI, although had to wait ages for them to restock… Worth it!

      You criminal, you. : D I’ll send you parcels and letters to nail prison, WBFF.

  3. Love your thoughts in between mani instructions! One bestie didn’t invite the other to the wedding?! The horror! And I’ve been a bridesmaid more times than I can count. With all of the “you’ll totally wear this again” promises of the bridesmaid dress but that inevitably sits in my closet or becomes a Halloween costume! But I always have a good time at weddings….especially if there is an open bar at the reception! Love the mani, as always.

  4. The mani is beautiful!
    As for occasional rants, I like reading them. It’s nice to get to know the person behind the nails. I always debate in my mind if I should write other stuff between the nails.
    I have never been a bridesmaid. It’s not a tradition in Estonia. I’ve been to few weddings though, I was the flower girl (the girl who gets to carry all the flowers the couple is given upon congratulating and hand shaking ceremony).

    • Thank you, I’m glad you like it!

      For me, personally, I like your blog and I would LOVE to read more about you and things happening, fun or non-fun (I love people writing about their pet peeves and such ; ))

      Oh! It means something completely different in the UK, flower girl, but I get the function now you’ve explained it! Fun : )))

  5. Beautiful manicure! On my wedding I had milky-pinky manicure. No french no white:D And I don’t always read random information between beauty topics but sometimes I’m interested and on your blog this is the case:) So you can continue writing random stuff:) I was bridesmaid once on my friend’s wedding. The only wedding I’ve been to. I was invited to my other friend’s wedding but I couldn’t come because I was in other country and I just came from Ukraine not long time ago and I couldn’t afford to go back again just for 2 days. And about your friends.. strange situation but they could argue between themselves or something else like that could happen and she didn’t want to invite her.

    • I’m so glad you find something interesting here, hon! : )

      Oh, so I’m not the only who hasn’t been to TONS of weddings! Reassuring : )

      Being a bridesmaid seems like fun! Right?

      Yeah, I’m slowly learning that things happen, and I don’t necessarily always know about them or understand them, you know what I mean?

      • Yeah… For example I had a friend who just suddenly dissapeared. She told to her best friend somethign strange and that they won’t communicate any more. When I tried to write her and call she didn’t respond. She deleted herself from social networks. I just hope it’s some good change for her. But I still wonder what happened and why she didn’t even explain to her best friend (to whom I wrote when I couldn’t reach her).

        Being a bridesmaid is fun until you go on very traditional wedding with crazy relatives:D And you participate in stupid contests with best man:D I went to traditional wedding but both me and best man were married so noone touched us a lot. But my friend went on a wedding where they made her participate in a stupid contests with the best man who got drunk and all the time tried to touch her and so on:/

        • Oh! But you are sure that she is physically alright? As in, she’s not in trouble?

          Oh my mom warned me about these competitions, and I suppose our national traditional weddings wouldn’t differ that much, I know these games are meant to be good fun, but mostly I hear they’re uncomfortable and just plain odd (and NOT in a good way…). You lucked out by being spared (and married ; ))!

          • I don’t know and I have no idea how to find out. She was perfectly ok last time I saw her but it was year ago before that as I go to my motherland once a year. We were chatting online sometimes and then she deleted herself almost before I came. Her friend didn’t tell that it was because if her physical state, actually as I got didn’t tell anything normal. I belive that the reason should be something else. May be she met someone and decided to change her life dramatically and move somwhere. I hope she is ok. I don’t have idea how to find her.

            • Oh, that’s tough. The no-way-to-contact-her situation…

              I just hope she’s ok, not lost and not in any trouble. You know, that she CHOSE to fall off the radar.

              I really think her closest friends should do EVERYTHING to make sure she’s fine – even if she doesn’t want to be found. I get personal freedom and all, but I’ve been through this and you can never predict what happened to a person, and sometimes it’s just choices and trips and good, fun stuff, but it’s crucial to make sure it’s nothing more.
              I don’t mean to be all preachy, just sharing my experience. It’s better to violate someone’s desire to disappear than find out too late something was wrong that whole time.

              Ugh, I’m sure her close friends are trying to get in touch with her anyway, right?

              • I don’t think you are preachy:) I belive she should be ok. She and her mom are good friends as I know and last time I spoke to her she still lived with her, worked, wanted to move with her boyfriend together. I think if she didn’t allow her friends to interfere I don’t think she did the same with her mother.

          • About competitions..some of them are made for drunk people or very drunk people:D But usually most of this contest are approved by couple so dirty contest usually happen on weddings of people who don’t see anything bad or strange in that. I think you will have fun:)

  6. Beautiful mani! Love that white gold flakie :)
    It’s so much fun to go to weddings for the closest people in your life – seeing them so happy is great! I love me a good party. Have a blast!

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