Why So Negative?

Striping tape manicure
This was THE most infuriating manicure I’ve ever done. My first time using striping tape and including negative space too and I learned a few new things about myself and the world. What do you know!
Sinful Colors Timbleberry
1. I’ve apparently been an active alcoholic for the past 50 years. No hands should be shaking this way without a long tumultuous history with drinking.
2. Repeating ‘fuck, fuck, fuck’ in your head over and over again does not improve the situation or your perception of it.
3. When 3/5 of the job are done (aka 6 nails are taped) I stop saying ‘The end result had better be worth it’ and instead start threatening the mentioned end result, elegantly proclaiming ‘You’d better be stunning, little fucker.’
4. Somewhere between my brain and hands, on a neural pathway far away, straight gets hijacked and replaced with skewed.

Sinful Colors Slate
That’s about it. I hope you like this one. Lots of nailporn, sun was out. Of course, for the first time using striping tape I chose to use the hardest pattern – for me, straight evenly-spaced uniform lines on every nail are so much more difficult to execute than abstract patterns, no matter how complicated.
Negative space nail art
However, I’m so happy with the negative space peeking through – I love seeing it on others’ nails and it’s so much fun on mine.
Nail art
The colours were picked way before I decided to use striping tape – I just loved the idea of this combo!
corally red – Sinful Colors Timbleberry (that name! <3)
shimmery grey – Sinful Colors Slate

Have you ever tried negative space or striping tape before? Were you prompted by OMD2? : )




37 thoughts on “Why So Negative?

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  3. Bwahahaha our nail art process seems to be the same – shaking, cursing, fucking up and then cursing some more *high fives* . There is something a little bit naughty about these nails, is it bad it kind of makes me think of a peep show or nudity through blinds? Where is my mind? Oh yeh the gutter. Anyway – fab mani and I think it was worth the effort, I am a bit obsessed with the negative and nude space trend at the moment!

  4. !Looks cool!!I like it! I think I wouldn’t survive doing this:D Your post also is very funny! About shaking hands.. omg.. Sometimes my hands shake, especially when I’m with unknown people giving them some paper or i need to give them some documents and they ask me are you nervous. Hate this! :))

  5. They look great! I love striping tape now, but the first time I ever tried it…I do this thing with bad nail products where I scream that I’m going to banish them to the hell fires of Naildonia, and indeed, striping tape was the first thing I ran across that qualified for the honour!

  6. Lol! You’re right, straight even lines are difficult, but this looks amazing and a zillion times better than my first try! Striping tape is a pain but I love it because the results are awesome. Before I had striping tape I tried to do something similar by cutting normal tape into strips… yeah, that didn’t work! :)

  7. I’m sorry that you had so much trouble with this but it was worth it because it’s gorgeous!! At the beginning of the post I was like “hmm I dunno if I like those colors together” and by the end I was like “YAAASSS RED AND GREY ALL THE WAY” so you converted me :)

  8. Lady, for a person with shaky hands it came out great! I’ve got a slight tremor when doing something using fine motor skills, and I’ve found that as long as I lean my hand on something it’s ok. :) Striping tape is, however, extremely frustrating! Takes forever too!

  9. Haha so I might be the lone nail art person who LOVES striping tape. Don’t get me wrong, placing it sucks. And removing it sucks because then you get polish on your OTHER fingers. But the end result is so beautiful it hurts. My advice…place the tape with tweezers. I went for almost a year using my fingers and it was just so much easier to control with tweezers! Also, diagonal lines > straight lines. It is harder for the eye to tell if the lines aren’t exactly evenly spaced or parallel on the diagonal. Final bit of advice: if you have textured polish and you enjoy using it, try adding it over some striping tape design. The end result is all fun and textured on top, it leaves the lines perfect without any clean up (if you use a makeup sponge to apply the textured polish), and people are too busy staring at your awesome texture+stripey mani to notice any mistakes!

    Btw, I am super impressed that this is your first go. The first time I tried using striping tape I didn’t push down hard enough and got polish all under the tape!

    • You definitely are!!!
      : P
      I mean, I agree, you remove it and it’s all kinds of magick, but…

      And thanks for the advice! I did place it with tweezers and took it off with them too. And I actually thought diagonal would be easier to execute, so obviously I went for straight for my first time… Logic.
      That is actually brilliant, and I’m definitely going to use textured polish! Cool. I’ve never used one, but have a few in my stash ; )

      Thanks for the compliment : ))

  10. Catherine, I don’t know where you grew up or where you live but I just love the way you express yourself. You help me relax after I have said something similar in exasperation and then feel only I would post something like that online.
    I find my hands also shake, partly from worry I won’t be “perfect.” After seeing your negative-mani nails, shaking or still your hands work wonderfully and the design is perfect, color and execution! (On the other hand, I just had cataract surgery and can’t see anything close until I get reading glasses in a week so doing a nail design without seeing probably makes me want to kill someone.)
    The negative design creates a whole new level of seeing just as the jelly sandwich does in its way, especially with flakies embedded, I think.

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