Guardians of the Galaxy – a review, a paean, a nail art

Geeky nail art

Nebula + lavender

Warning. Long and photo heavy. The tl;dr version – I went to the cinema. The movie was eons beyond cool. I painted some nails.

As I’ve just come back from the cinema and have a head still full of stills from Guardians of the Galaxy, the nails I’m painting right now are cosmically odd. But quirky and fun, just like Guardians.
Nail stamping

As I write this (very unprofessional) review, I just really want to rave.
Also, I remember writing my Doctor Who post right after watching (=loving) the 50th and I enjoy immensely reading it from time to time, all the things I loved and noticed in the cinema, things that get easily chased away by time. : )
*spoilers ahead*
Guardians of the galaxy nail art
The movie, dear readers, was awesome. Shockingly so. From the trailer I fully expected a cheeseball of truly bad jokes, predictable plots and explosions. BUT… since it IS marvel and Olive DID say it was ok (I only read the first paragraph of her post before deciding to give it a shot and go to the cinema)…
Aaaaand I didn’t even cringe that much and I scoffed at probably only two or so jokes – a definite win!
Marvel nail art
The story follows a group of hastily and accidentally assembled outlaws – an earthling (I had to.), a supercharged raccoon who talks like Bradley Cooper and …(HOLY SHIT I JUST FOUND OUT NEBULA WAS PLAYED BY KAREN GILLIAN. PAUSE. Mega brains-everywhere-explosion going on here. Nebula, you know the blue, robotic and adoptive sister of the green Gamora. Super-hateful, perpetually angry and with daddy issues blue alien. OUR Karen played her – as in Doctor’s ex-Companion? Great, now I need to watch this movie again just to stalk Nebula. Unpause.)… and his friend/hired muscle Groot, who’s a humanoid plant, with a very limited vocab. Like, very limited. Maybe because they’ve used up all their budget on explosions and zero gravity CGI and could only afford to pay Vin Diesel to say ‘I am Groot’… Over and over again. But BY GOD, he delivered.
Guardians of the galaxy review
They’re joined by Gamora, the adopted, green daughter of Thanos (the purple guy who apparently won a throne in the Game. Also, he has a cameo at the end of the Avengers. Who caught it? : )) Gamora, a trained assassin, with the help of a Peter Quill (ze earthling) doesn’t get killed in prison by the red Drax, who is the last to join the crew. (have you guessed by now that I, very professionally distinguish between these characters heavily leaning on their colours?
So many aliens, so little time.)

Laically speaking, the whole thing is basically about a ball, (but with superpowers, so it glows), a guy on a revenge (bordering on a messianist and ethnic obsession) mission and a team of lone wolves who need to figure out a way to save the galaxy. Together.

Ronan the Accuser, the baddie (blue one, who was badly made up by his creepy ladymaids/monks after he casually emerged from dark goo) is of typical sci fi sort. I mean, he’s a bit meh. No fireworks there. Thanos, baddie boss on the other hand is much more interesting, all gold plated armour, throne and grins. I see a bright future ahead. *coughs-sequel*
* the soundtrack – amazing. Anything that combines The Raspberries, The Piña Colada Song and Ain’t No Mountain High Enough is a win in my book. I’m listening to it right now and it gives off the perfect 80s vibe, love it.
* Yondu Udonta. They robbed him off his gorgeous red mohawk, which is one difference from the comic books I shall not forgive writer-director James Gunn. I’m coming for you. But Yondu still manages to be awesome, since he has an arrow controlled by his wicked whistling – beyond cool. One of the best weapons EVER.
* Groot. Of course. I’m so predictable. When he grows into a ball (THAT’s why I love sci fi…) and protects his friends, I gotta admit, I was moved. Of course, I knew they’d plant him and grow a new best friend, but hey. Still touching.
He is actually quite a brilliant character and I adore him for it.
I am Groot
* Peter’s persistence – I said hell yeah when they finally called him Star-Lord. That is some great PR work right there.
* one of my highlights was my OWN reaction to Rocket’s speech about being created – it was so heartbreaking. I was not genetically engineered myself, but hell, I could relate.
* Celestial’s head used as a mine – nothing makes me as excited as an old god’s head getting stripped of parts. It was such a brilliant idea! (in the comic books he was the one who would send fantastic shock waves)
* the Collector’s Collection – I was so excited to spot a Dark Elf, as I love that race, but it was ‘just’ a common soldier, not Christopher Eccleston. Tough.

There were quite a few things in this little gem I thoroughly enjoyed, and none, really that I need to violently complain about. I would wholeheartedly recommend this one to any and all: marvel fans (both comic books and movies), alien and science fiction movie fans and just geeky, awesome creatures. There’s plenty action too, and, especially the last battle, the one protecting Xandar was phenomenal.

And I truly rejoiced over the lack of a love triangle/save the love of my life major plot line. I do have a heart, but it’s bored with these predictable machinations.

I can honestly say this one was awesome, and as a faithful viewer of all things Avengers, Iron Man, Star Wars and general goodness (and sometimes, admittedly, crapiness) that is explosions, tales of friendship and aliens combined, I am not easily pleased. Guardians of the Galaxy surprised me with it’s charm and allowed me to like it as it is – light, filled with CGI, good quips and quotes about friends and whatnot.

Because, despite having a budget of $170 million, the movie doesn’t take itself too seriously it allows me, in the audience to treat it in kind. But while that’s true, it’s not overly ironic, as some films are, so you can still enjoy it without being forced to watch it ‘ironically’ – you can still laugh AND respect your cultural integrity at the same time.

Cat out
(I feel very action hero after Guardians of the Galaxy…)

Nail art
Nebula Karen Gillian
Ze nails feature dear Nebula (blue, violet and then blue – Karen’s head.), cassette tape (tribute to the coolest soundtrack and Peter’s mom) and gold glowy flowy flowers (Groot’s very own lightning system, Avatar style).

There’s also two galaxies, duh, orangey nebulas, in case one doesn’t get saved.

Carina Nebula

Carina Nebula

Galaxy nail art

Have you seen the movie?! Are you planning to? Am I the only one who gets excited by skittle manis with hidden meanings? ; )

Nail porn


Hercules PS I also went and saw Hercules yesterday – let’s NOT SPEAK OF IT. EVER.

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Guardians of the Galaxy movie review

27 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy – a review, a paean, a nail art

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  2. Wow, these nails are incredibly intricate and beautiful! I love the story behind them. The cassette player nail is my favourite, it’s such a cute design :) I haven’t seen the movie – superhero movies are not really my thing – but if it inspired these nails then it must be good! xx

  3. Oh my gosh! I love this post! I don’t have very long nails and I always shy away from painting them! But I want to do to this nail art so bad. I’m now off to read your Doctor Who (❤️❤️) post. Awesome blog!

    • Oh my gosh, thank you *blushes* : )))

      I used to have terribly weak (and consequently – short) nails, but not anymore! First step, start painting! (actually protects your nail) Besides, I think short nails look amazing! For example, I love black nails, but they look best on short nails, IMO.

      Muah! : )

      Doctor Who! < 33

  4. Awesome!! I love the cassette tape, so brilliant. And the little Groot lights…and the galaxies…oh hell, I loved it all :D Glad you liked the movie!! Side note: I just looked up comic Yondu and dang, why did they ditch his mohawk??

    • By the amount of exclamation points I stand assured you loved it as much as I did!!! : D

      And totally, I’d so watch it again, which never happens to me.

      Haha, you’re so much cooler, I did these AFTER, darn it. : )

  5. I have quite a few movie plans for this month and Guardians of the Galaxy is definitely one of them. After seeing the trailer I didn’t care if the movie will be good or not, because.. well.. Rocket – they have Rocket (yes I have a thing for racoons XD, crazy racoons). And the nails are cool, I like the skittlette look :)

  6. I saw this the other day and was also surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Loved the 80s throwbacks, music, Chris Pratt-iness, and was also super excited to find out Pond was Nebula!
    FYI – I just reread your post on the Doctor Who 50th… Now that I’m a Whovian too, I appreciate the hell out of that post! I totally broke down hearing 10 say “but I don’t wanna go!” Can’t wait for the next season :)

    • Oh, the 80s throwbacks where the icing on the geeky cake : )))

      Oh yay, you made my evening with this Whovian comment <3 Really : )))

      Oh no, I'm still not chill enough to watch that scene.

      You know what, me too, but I actually don't like Clara…. At all….

      • I don’t like her either! I’m hoping she’ll grow on me, but I’m not into her yet. FYI, I’m rewatching New Who and just saw The Runaway Bride again. I totally get why Donna’s your favorite – she’s pretty awesome :)

        • Yay!!! I’m so glad you dislike her too : D She annoys me, and NOTHING in Who has ever annoyed me before, since I’m a Whovian who doesn’t criticise the mother show. ; ))

          Oh no, don’t even, I have too many shows I’m watching at the moment, I can’t start the Who Rewatch yet! And you talking about Runaway Bride REALLY makes me want to : )))

          Right?! She’s fantastic. < 3

          • She’s just amazingly sassy, and I love it! Are you going to a midnight showing of the new season? They’re not doing one here, but I’m snatching up some tickets for the next day! Can’t wait :)

                    • Oh my GOODNESS! Then this is a perfect question!!

                      You have GOT TO HAVE, own and possess their silver and gold foil – they are genuinely THE best stamping polishes – I think you might’ve noticed how much I stamp with gold and silver, but this is not because I particularly enjoy either of those colours, it’s just that those barry ms are pure stamping perfection. (And I say that having tried Konad stamping polishes and plenty others.)

                      So, go for gold and silver foil, definitely.

                      I personally really enjoy their bar glitter toppers too, especially the pastel one.

                      I’ve also heard their Gellies are great, but I haven’t tried any…

                      Nail polish shopping is always exciting : D And I don’t like shopping in general.

                    • Yeah, I was drooling over some of their Gellies. Like watermelon especially :) I’ve done quite a bit of nail polish shopping damage recently. So I might have to wait a bit, but I’ll definitely have to check those out! Let me know if you think of other ones I need!

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