Apples of My Eye

Hiya lovelies!

So yeah, this ugly-but-cool OPI polish and apples, duh. : )

NAIL Linkup is back for September and I’m loving the themes! Stalking different manis as we speak. Ladies, I’m probably creeping on your phalanges right now…
Apple manicure
To achieve this uh-oh so autumny look, I used:
* OPI in Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window
* OPI in Alpine Snow
* Konad Special Stamping Polish – white
Uh oh roll down the window

As for me, busy bee here, I’m currently packing – going back to uni, and wrapping my polish collection in bubbles and plastic and whatnot. I have devised a system to transport all of them safely and I just hope it works. ; )
Packing nail polish
I’m not JUST packing my polishes, just btw, so I’m moderately SWAMPED with things to do. If it were just my polishes that’d be a nice, nice world.
Travelling with nail polish

Nail stamping

In other news, I finished reading The Fault in Our Stars, 4hours from beginning to end, and, of course, picked the window most likely to make me sob: 4am – 8am.

I refused to read it for ages, because it seemed like everyone was reading it, and I’m contrary like that. But I was browsing through some tees (who am I kidding, mostly Doctor Who) and saw a really cool quote, about some infinities being longer than others. Neat, I thought.
Turns out it’s from The Fault in Our Stars, hence why I’m laying here in my bed at 8:50am, just empty inside. I met these characters 5 hours ago and I managed to lose them and already miss them.

Have YOU read The Fault in Our Stars? Or maybe watched the movie? I haven’t seen it, but the book was really, surprisingly, good and lovely.

Btw, travelling with nail polish? Any tips?

Are you BACK TO SCHOOL/UNI yet? Or are you just, well working, because, well, you have a job that’s NOT in education? Just, tell me y’all. : P


Fall Nail art

PS They’re so short! I went into a kind of trance I think and just cut them all down brutally. They were shorter than this even… Works as tribute to the gorgeous Julie and her announcement here, though.


19 thoughts on “Apples of My Eye

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  2. Not sure what exactly appeals to me the most about it but I LOVE THIS. The apples stamped on that beautiful olive color are just so cute and reminiscent of fall! I just posted a nail design on my blog too, but it’s more summery :P.

    • Haha, oh gosh, I love that reaction! : D I’m glad I confused your taste : )))

      This was super autumny, but still felt summery, because of the bright whites and that gorgeous weather we had in London : )

      Your geometric nails are WAY summer time – and yay for striping tape!

  3. Thanks for the shout-out Cat! Best of luck to you at university – I’m back in school too pursuing a second degree. So much harder this time around since I’m majoring in forensic science this time but I know it will be worth it. I’d love to keep in touch even though I’m not blogging anymore :)

  4. I’m back in the UK since 10th and ofc course uni. I did have this amazing chance to send some of my polishes off with my dad (so I know they’re super safe) and I will be getting them on Wednesday, when my dad comes to England. As for the rest of the beauties (well i left half of my collection home – no way of safely flying 120ish polishes over), I packed some into a soft make up supplies bag and some wrapped in plastic to my toiletries bag. And then just put the bags between clothes aaand they survived :D. Every single one!

  5. Enjoy university! I just got back from a week of vacation at the beach, and I already miss it! I was avoiding Fault in Our Stars as well… maybe I’ll give in someday. Let me know how your polish packing worked out (I’ll be making a big move in less than a year and will need all my little babies to arrive safely!)!

  6. You are a master of the so-ugly-its-pretty. Own it, girl :D

    I read TFiOS about a year ago and kinda majorly hated it (I might’ve written a condemning review on it, I dunno), but I figured with all the hype lately I might just have to give it another go. Or not :P

    Good luck with your packing and polishes, sending my most strengthening vibes to their little glass bottles!

    • Haha, if you say so, I will!! : ))

      Go on, give it another go. I’d be REALLY interested to either hear your opinion or read a post about it! Let me know if you cave ; )

      Your strengthening vibes worked! Thanking you kindly. : D

  7. I have a job IN education. I work at a college. But I work like a dog all summer getting financial aid packages ready and stuff… and then fall starts, more students show up, and I work even harder LOL. It slows down for me a bit in Nov and Dec :) But it picks back up in Jan when the new federal financial aid application comes out for the next year.
    Safe travels!

    • I was actually wondering about that when I was writing this post Jacqui – I would assume that you would have the summer completely off, so it sure is surprising to hear it’s busy for you! But I’m glad November and December are a bit slower!
      I think, in your day to day, you help SO MANY young people, it’s amazing.
      Thanks! : )

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