Not a Virgin Anymore

Lovely people! Many greetings : )

How are y’all?! It’s October already, time flies in a way that’s blinding to me to be honest.
Halloween nail art
This is a festive post in so far as it’s been 365days since my first ever post on Cat’s Claws – I called it the virgin post. Of course I did.
Not a blogging virgin anymore, oh no, I took the plunge and 6th of October last year said a cautious hello to my first blog post.
I had a broken metatarsal, a cast, I stamped for the first time and shared it in my little corner of the internets.

Since then, I’ve stamped a small myriad of colours and shapes, I healed and physiotherapied my foot, I made 466 dumplings, I showed you the dumplings, I gave a speech on boobs at church and I got into Halloween (which I’ve never celebrated before) – thanks to, mostly, the amazing and crazy colourful haloweenness in nail art.
Nail stamping
Since my first blog post you saw me do garlic nails, I shared with you my love (borderline obsession) of Mayan mythology and history, scared you (and terrified myself) with PSY nails, celebrated Día de Los Muertos with y’all and rejoiced at the fact that I wasn’t the only Whovian in this corner of the web – 50th, anyone? Also, I cried in Tesco AND I told y’all aaaaall about it… And my friend says I don’t share enough. ; )
Spooky nail art
Then there was my first guest post, on Julie’s blog, where I shared my recipe for homemade cuticle oil – which was met with great response, and the DIY cuticle oil seems to be working for people, which is awesome. There was Christmas, and abysmal sadness and a great deal of support from you all, which warmed my heart and helped a lot.
Pumpkins halloween
We did french macaron nails, I celebrated my 21st bday with four bundles of nail goodies giveaways, collaborated with the coolest Olive, where we had mermaids crying blue tears and colour changing nails.
I petted some baby lambs, sang some Fred Astaire and almost lost my freaking mind using striping tape for the first time. Went to one of my oldest friend’s wedding.
Halloween manicure

These 365 days included me working in a Jewish bakery, spending a whole year at home with my parents, and Groot nail art. Also, Cornwall.

OPI Chop-sticking to my story
There was a whole lot more and I’m so happy so many of these little and huge happenings in my life are documented on this here little blog – I’m privileged to have amazing readers, with whom I can share my mad nails and ramblings, and then I can look back at a post from a whole entire year before and smile and chuckle and reminisce.
Nail art

I’ve quoted a lot of Doctor Who at you, thrown a lot of nailporn at your pupils and I’ve shared things I normally keep to myself, I’ve tried to understand some by sharing them too, and it was special.

Essie Blanc
I also got sucked into the blogosphere, and thank the blogging gods, because I’ve met talented, lovely and, occasionally, mad people – it was a good year, despite all the bad that happened too. C’est la vie, isn’t it?

Today, my 1 year blogiversary nails are already pumpkin-y grinning ones – I figured, why wait till the actual Halloween?! There’s so many creatures I want on my nails before that! So today we have these gorgeous bats, and my favourite, creepily smiling pumpkins.
I used:
* OPI in Chop-sticking to My Story (which is a lovely, brick orange, as opposed to last year’s bright mix of neon pumpkins) – first time wearing it and it looks brilliant
* Essie in Blanc
* a-england Camelot, which really is THE best black, Brijit was SO right.

I haven’t been stamping for a while now – almost a month! I’m sure some of you get into that funk sometimes. I just wasn’t in the mood, I had so many problems and worries, I even tried sitting down and unwinding with stamping, it just wouldn’t… click.
So these are my first stamped nails since being back at uni and out of home.

I have to say, they make me feel more like myself. I can’t quite describe it, but they seem more like me, not the battered, worried version of Cat.

And I’m so glad I did them, their power of relaxation is unparalleled. : )
Scary nail art

Do you sometimes feel so blue and not yourself that your hobbies seem somehow too far away and you just stop doing what you enjoy?

Muah and Geronimo for the next 365 days of colours and a hobby that makes us all smile,

PS Can you SEE that nail shape? I mean, CAN YOU?! I think some of you can imagine what a BIG. DEAL. this filing was. Just. Wow.
What do you think? Never had almond nails before, or oval. So very, very different.
Traumatising, shaping them.

LikeMePS I even have a Facebook. Look at that. You can follow this space there.


PS – Guys, are the images loading for you alright? Let me know, please!


41 thoughts on “Not a Virgin Anymore

  1. YAY!!! Happy one year blogoversary, Cat!!!! <3 I'm sorry I'm late for the well wishes, but I'm so happy that I found you and your amazing blog!! <3 I love your nail inspirations and your funny self. I look forward to seeing more amazing nail looks from you!!!!!

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  3. Happy Blog Birthday Cat! I’m so sorry I’ve been away so long, will try to make it back here more often now that I’m back. “Do you sometimes feel so blue and not yourself that your hobbies seem somehow too far away and you just stop doing what you enjoy?” YES, that’s been my life for… a long time now. I’m sorry you have been blue too, sucks doesn’t it? I’m trying to feel better by pretending to feel better… Pics load just fine for me on my chromebook :) Just like bow-ties, Halloween nails are very cool!

    • Thank you darling!! I’ve been visiting your blog and visiting, wondering when you’ll be back! I’m glad you are!!

      Trying to trick yourself into feeling better by pretending WORKS. That’s all I gotta say. It does. So good luck. I can imagine it’s tough!

      Yay for alright loading, I’m glad. Thanks for the feedback!

      You, my dear, have hit the nail on the head, because bow-ties AND Halloween nails are most DEFINITELY cool. (this really made me smile, thank you!)

  4. Congratulations and Happy Blogiversary! What a year!!! Gorgeous mani! Now get down the supermarket and buy a pumpkin pie to celebrate!!!! XxX

  5. CUTE HALLOWEEN MANI!!! I love looking at your fAAAAAAbulous nails!!! YAY!!! Congrats on one year!! And yes I have been in that funk many times especially the last 2 years. I have questioned why I do my blog/hobby several times!! But you are right there is a peace or calm to be had when we express ourselves on our nails.
    Plus if my nails still look good then life really can’t be that bad, right?!?!!? :-)

  6. Congratulations!!!!!!!! And very cool manicure! So perfect!
    (Do you sometimes feel so blue and not yourself that your hobbies seem somehow too far away and you just stop doing what you enjoy?- Yeah..I do..for some time already:/)

  7. Happy awesome blogiversary! And your photos/nailporn just loads fast and well for me, got no probs with that on this side of the screen.
    Oh and the filing, first time I went almond and pointy later on.. couldn’t just get the tip aligned centre.. Well trying the trend for 3 or 4 times over the past year I’m back to my squovals. I have a part-time job now and it requires a lot of pressing small buttons and I need to be fast.. so no place for long or pointy nails :(
    Oh and thanks to you, I got into Dr Who, I had never seen it before, I had heard about it but never saw it. And then I looked at the anniversary show and was amazed :D

    • Thank you so much! And thanks for the feedback about the images – I changed a thing and was worried it would mess up loading time, very glad it doesn’t! Nail porn has GOT TO load quickly, right?! ; )

      Oh, I went for pointy initially too, then slightly more almond… I don’t know, we’ll see…, I can’t quite get used to them, I’ve always had them square or squoval – even squoval was ‘adventurous’ ; )
      I’m so used to your squovals too, it’s such a weird thing, getting attached to a nail shape, you know?

      What I gotta say, I WAS convinced they’d break if I filled them pointier, but so far so good, no breaks.

      Kairi dear, the fact that I’ve converted you into a Whovian is THE best thing ever – I’m so proud of us : DD
      So my hyper post about the 50th didn’t turn you OFF the show? ; )

      Take care!

      • Ofc it has to, it’s all about them nails.
        And yeh I thought mine would break too, it was somewhat more comfortable but to actually have them look nice, I had to keep them long and that’s a no go atm :(
        Can you believe it, I even poke my nails through my stockings now when they’re shorter and squoval -.-
        As for Dr Who, I get my episodes where I can. Since we don’t have a TV here and the stupid ip thing is a little restrictive. That’s why I love Estonia. Which reminds me I should really set up my proxy server :)

        • That’s why I wear my favorite black tights, NOTHING breaks them. And I mean nothing.

          (Jk. I don’t wear them because of my nails. But it’s a nice bonus. ; ))

          Are you more or less caught up with Who? I mean, apart from the 50th, what have you watched? : )

          • I’m far from catching up. Atm I’m even on hold. I intend to get some lovely torrents when I get back home for Holidays.. so that’s in 2 months :s.. I did do some watching on bbc iplayer (I try to check every now and then if I can watch). Watched most of the episodes with 11th. Cause I find him sexeh XD
            Have to do loads of digging, hopefully I can find the early doctors too.

            • Oh, I get it, had the same problem when I started watching.

              Oh oh, 11th ; ))))

              I started with New Who (2005) and first episode and Christopher Eccleston <3

              But as long as your liking it and becoming a full fledged Whovian, I'm happy : )))

  8. Dear Cat,
    You’re amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Puh-leessss keep doing what you’re doing, and if/when you lack inspiration or motivation, just remember that we love you very muchly and would be very very sad if you ever stopped.
    (Guilt trippin’ hardcore.)
    Also, Season 10 of Supernatural starts Tuesday :)
    Olive ♥

    P.S. If you have a free moment could you take this test ( and tell me what you get? I have a bet on infp.

  9. Happy happy blogiversary/ bloggy birthday! I’ve loved reading your posts this past year, chatting with you, and being thoroughly and giddily convinced to ingratiate myself into the Whovian culture :)
    Love this Halloween mani – those bats are great! Here’s to many more happy stamping/ nail art posts to come!

    • Thank you : ) ‘Bloggy birthday’, oh I love that!

      That’s so nice of you – same here! And also, bonding over Who is the best kind! : D

      Yay to more posts and yay to Halloween – bats rule. Although not in real life. I met one once. Not good.

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