Happy Birthday Eeeek!

Happy Birthday Jemma!

I’m sending you hugs! and lots of polish fumes and pink kisses Jem, have a FAHbulous bday.

Catherine Dream


You’re AWESOME, make me cackle like a crazy person, often in public places (which attracts the hipster-stares…) and you share Eeeek!-amazing, creative manis with us. : )

Whether we’re reading each others’ minds and/or enabling/in the business of murdering wallets, I’m glad to know you : )

Cat, enough sappy.

I don’t dare believe you don’t know Jem’s hilarious blog, but jump here anyway : )

Happy birthday blogger

I thought, how do I REALLY celebrate Jem’s birthday through a manicure…? And I knew, I mean, straight away, I just didn’t want to admit it to myself…
Cupcake nail art
I remember how you defended (and personified AND made cute) the little pink bottles and so a pink mani it had to be.
Pink manicure
Oh gosh, I was so acutely aware of your bday this week : ), because I would keep catching myself thinking: ‘I have PINK NAILS.’ in a shell-shocked kinda way.
Birthday nail art
I’ve NEVER had anything like that on my nails, so the spirit of Eeeek! was definitely with me this weeeek, battling uni classes and the freezing cold – so very very pink, this mani.
Nail stamping

Happy birthday!

Birthday manicure
So I give you
> a sweet, sweet cupcake (look at all that froooosting…)
> BOOZE, because, booze.
> and a huge good luck for the college part of your life now!
> pink, bubbly goodness,
> cherry on top, xxx


*** I attach a reluctant selfie (hence the awkward smile) – proof that I actually wore this pink madness. Out. For 7 days. Pink overload. :)

Look how many girls joined in wishing you the best birthday and awesome next 365 days!
Happy birthday eeeek

25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Eeeek!

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  3. Ah Cat, where to begin! The fact that you sneaky bunch of gals did something amazing for little ol’ me was mindblowingly awesome and made me cry was gift enough but to know that you, YOU wore PINK nail polish for 7 days straight despite the fact that I know you don’t ‘do’ pink is just..well… I don’t have the words.. :-D And not only is it pink (squee!) it had all of my favourite things on it! So thank you hon, not just for this, but for lots of things… corgis (alive or otherwise), mutal appreciation of brillant words , embracing our OCDness when it comes to polish bottle shapes and hermaning… You rock honey!! xx

    • Jem, I am really, really glad! you enjoyed the evil plan and what we did! :))) I was hoping it’d be a good surprise, and you know how I love those so I was chuffed to participate. Also, glad we didn’t creep you out with all the love ;)

      It’s so good to be among people who understand what a sacrifice it is to wear a mani of a colour you just simply don’t. do. :) ‘Regular people’ wouldn’t, they’d scoff. No fun being a regular human anyway.


      But I’m glad you liked it, and the booze was supposed to be tequila, but in light of your recent celebrations, it can be prosecco ;)

      Right back at ya!!!

      And also, SQUIFFY.

      Brijit posted a mani SHE sees as squiffy, but which really is just cool, but THAT WORD.


  4. Cat, you are so sweet! If you don’t recognize me, it’s Mary from Dear Diary, I changed my avatar :) You are a good friend, and I love the pink on you and— you are so pretty!!

    • Of course I recognize you Mary! – I see no Karen anymore, but I’m loving the black hole, hopefully the aesthetics of it brought you to the picture, not characteristics of a black hole…!

      Oh thank you so much!!!

      I think Jem liked the pink :)

    • Thank you!

      The cupcake, I know, right?! I just love that image.

      Oh hon, my newly cut and completely changed hair thanks you! ;)

      I THINK Jem enjoyed it :D We might’ve creeped her out a bit, but at least she knows we were being creepy JUST FOR HER! ;)

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    • Awww, thank you so much! : ))) I’m always reluctant about posting my face, so thanks girl : )

      Thanks, although wearing pink on my nails for such a long time was torture, but I’m glad Jem liked her bday tribute ; )

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