Halloween On Stranger Tides

Boo lovelies.

Halloween nails

Only a day left until Halloween! Can someone please tell me where October went? How did it sneak past me? Enlighten me.

Am I the only one lost and stumbling through the temporal plain?
Spooky manicure
By the way, I really enjoyed being part of Brijit’s evil plan to surprise Jem on her bday – I was so happy to see her happy and all the bloggers chiming in!

I felt very unsure about posting a photo of the actual me, not only my phalanges, but I’m kind of glad I did – I really like it when nail bloggers post their faces from time to time, it makes me feel more of a connection to the blogger behind the nails, you know?
And thank you SO MUCH : ) for your kind comments, you really have no idea how I needed something positive last week.
Scary nail art
This week I was genuinely wearing detox nails. After having them screaming pink for 7 days, first colour was Essie Blanc, straight out of the bottle, detoxifying. After that I wanted black. Pink makes me go monochrome, apparently.
Hallowen costume
These are my spooky Halloween nails, which I’m throwing at your eyeballs with a lot of nail porn – Stranger Tides was being strange and stubborn and wouldn’t show green enough in the photos – the quality which I really enjoyed when wearing this mani. IRL, it’s such an ugly, greenish murky colour, bordering on mouldy and I had to have it for a Hallowen nail art.
Nail stamping
As a juxtaposition to that I chose the most different colour I could think of, OPI The It Color – it’s bright, warm and slightly mustardy, but in a clean, non-murky kind of way. I thought clashing them would up the creepy factor – I just adore these faces. (they always make people think of strange, spooky things. I, myself, despite being a Whovian, am partial to seeing Munch in them. SCREAM.)
OPI the IT Color
What are your plans for Halloween? Samhein? Día de Los Muertos?
Do let me know : ), I have an odd fascination with hearing these, probably because I never celebrated it myself.
OPI on stranger tides

PS You can follow me on Insta if you want snaps of food at 3am and awkward selfies. Go on. You know you need it. ; )

Munch scream


32 thoughts on “Halloween On Stranger Tides

  1. I love the yellow with the greenish Scream nails (I see Munch’s Scream too). My neice started selling Jamberry Nails, have you heard of them? I am terrible with my nails so haven’t bought any of them but they sure look nice. I can enjoy nail porn even if I don’t do my nails, don’t judge ;p It’s always nice to see your posts Cat, I’m going to spend Halloween at home, as far as I know. We don’t get any trick-or-treaters here in my building but have stocked up on Snickers bars just in case hee hee (and I will not feel guilty eating them, I need to gain weight!)

    • Haven’t heard of Jamberry, no? They do look nice now that I googled them : ) They’re wraps and I haven’t actually used any, ever, but the designs are pretty to ogle ; )))
      And I wouldn’t think to judge, I’m the same with makeup – I love seeing it, elaborate and adventurous on other people, but only that. On other people. : )

      Hope you had a Snickers FEAST : D (I love Snickers bars… : ))

  2. So cool manicure! And it’s great you showed yourself:) I think I forgot to comment on that post:D But it really feels like I know you better now!

  3. This is colour perfection + really beautifully done.
    Also I’ve missed the portrait you’ve posted, mostly because I’m not into pink and had no idea who Jem was :D
    but went there now, and looked; you’re just as pretty as you’re fun (hint: very).

    P.S. Stumbling too :( Where did September go? Where is half of October? Meh.

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