Sugar Skulls and Stalowa Wola

Hello lovelies!

I’m so glad to be posting – I had a lovely pizza-weekend in my hometown. I stretched it this way and that and from a long weekend it turned into almost 6 days, like a good pizza dough ball transformed into a pie.
Aztec nail art
I had no access to the internets (mostly by choice) and I read, and read and read. The rest of those days I spent visiting family and running a million errands, but despite the myriad of chores, it was a good few days in my quiet hometown, which I haven’t visited in a whole 2 years (!).
It was so good to see my grandparents and a few thousand aunts (only a SLIGHT hyperbole) and all my childhood places.
Also, I got to dog-sit two gorgeous collies while there, and walking them in the park was one of the highlights of my trip – they even whine and bark like my beautiful Atos. I suppose all collies sound the same, like aristocratic creatures who are just LETTING YOU walk them. The pleasure is all yours.
Purebred collies

While on my internet detox, I, for example, missed Taylor Swift premiering her new music video for Blank Space. I’m not a Swiftie (being a Whovian uses up all my fan reserves I suppose), but I’m watching the video right now, and and it IS extremely pleasing to the eyeballs. I adore the many looks, dresses and hairstyles – it’s Taylor’s signature fairytale thing, but more modern and edgy than ever before. Bravo, Miss Swift.
Have you seen it?
Sugar skull nail art

Today I’m sharing with you my sugar skull nails, because I’m mourning Halloween (and with it, October) being truly gone gone gone, and I thought I’d also show you parts of the outfit I wore to uni with these nails – no one here celebrates All Hallows’ or Dia de Los Muertos, so naturally, I was celebrating in my head – and plastering sugar skulls all over my body. : )
Skull earrings

I love Coyolxauhqui – the leader of the southern star gods and Goddess of the Milky Way – those Aztec myths are fantastic, and those of you who’ve known me for a while know how much I enjoy them. This T-shirt with the goddess on it, perfection.
Coyolxauhqui Tshirt

You know that thing when you’re truly and actually wearing things for YOUR OWN pleasure and amusement? It irks me to no end when people assume we base our choices of outfits and/or manis on the perception of other people.
I actually LIKE wearing my DoctorWho T-shirts, I don’t care no one in a 10 mile radius is a fan, you know?
: ) Rant over.
Nail stamping

I used:
* a-england Camelot
* barry m silver foil
* as per usual – HKGirl top coat – which has started smearing my nail art. BAD TOP COAT.
HKGirl top coat


27 thoughts on “Sugar Skulls and Stalowa Wola

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  2. Just posted my Halloween makeup look, which also happened to be a sugar skull! You did this by hand? Unbelievable! It’s so beautiful! I tried to do a Movember mustache nail art today and failed miserably. It’ll probably still go on the blog, though.

  3. Love the nails and the shirt!
    I totally agree on wearing stuff for yourself and I really don’t wanna hear anything about fake geek girl or something, I watched Star Wars for the first time with my dad when I was too young to understand most of. So yeah, my Star Wars leggings mean I love Star Wars and that’s it. Not trying to impress a random (nerd) guy with them! Guess this was something like a co-rant? :D

    • Thank you hon!
      I can’t believe how perfect your comment is.
      And I’ve also watched Star Wars for the first time as a wee baby, probably a year old – so understood NADA. I mean, 12 months – I was barely walking.
      I absolutely agree – loving your co-rant! Not wearing our leggings/t-shirts in the hopes of impressing a random guy, thank you very much.
      Having my fandom or an Aztec goddess on my Tshirt just simply makes me grin, no guys involved.

      • Haha thanks sweety, yay for us for being cool when we didn’t eveb knew we were :D same goes for makeup, I paint my face because it’s fun and I like it, not because I hide behind a mask. People should stop complaining about how people live their lifes. Don’t they have other things to worry about?

        • Hahaha, aw, I haven’t looked at it that way – so true, cool when we didn’t even KNOW it : D
          I know! And I hate, probably more than anything else, women criticising other women: ‘all that makeup, you look like a doll, show your natural beauty, not splotches of blush and paint on your eyelids’ – OH MY GOD. Honestly, makes my blood boil.
          First, some female loyalty? Is that too much to ask? Second, stop bullying people. If a girl wants to put 2 pounds of powder/paint on her face, she can. And she should be able to enjoy the effect WITHOUT you hating on it.
          Co-rant over.

  4. Love that shirt and your mani of course! Black and silver are always a great combo.
    Have you seen that video combining the 80s aerobic dance competition and Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off? Pure happiness :)

  5. Those are some pretty nails! I don’t own any Doctor Who stuff, I really should get some. A T-shirt would be a nice start. I love your T-shirt! I know practically nothing about the Aztecs or the Mayans. There was an early Doctor Who episode, in the 60s I think, where they went to an Aztec (or was it Mayan?) city.

    • Thank you, Mary!

      You really should – I bought a few Whovian T-shirts recently, my first ever, and I recommend it! – the joy you get from having the TARDIS splattered across your boobs, priceless. ;)

      Oh YEAH! You’re right! They end up in Mexico, in the XV century, so the Aztec empire – and Doctor’s companion, I forget her name, tries to change the course of history and end human sacrifice in the empire :D I love Doctor Who.

  6. “You know that thing when you’re truly and actually wearing things for YOUR OWN pleasure and amusement? It irks me to no end when people assume we base our choices of outfits and/or manis on the perception of other people.
    I actually LIKE wearing my DoctorWho T-shirts, I don’t care no one in a 10 mile radius is a fan, you know?”
    UGH. You are perfect. I so so so agree. People go on rants about how racist and ignorant sugar skull makeup (and decoration in general) is and I’m sitting here like “but it’s prettyyyy and I like it!” Sigh.

    • UGH. Right back at ya! xxx

      Oh come on! I’ll never get that one, what’s racist and/or about sugar skulls, be it wearing them or using them as decoration? Some people really need to CHILL OUT and stop looking for issues where there’s none.

      And it’s again a part of a bigger problem – we’re wearing things for US (well, those of us who do that), not to to proclaim/offend things, cultures and ideas.

      Did you wear your elephant tshirt to profess your undying love for elephants and to the cause of their preservation? I think not.

      Despite the fact that we love them and they’re awesome. Elephants that is.

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