Sneaky Bling

What do you do when you can’t, can’t, really can’t wear any sort of wacky gorgeous nail art, but you really, really, seriously want (nay, NEED) to have something on your nails?

Nekkid nails are a crime (mostly, because they peel if you leave them defenceless), and transparent polish, well, some days, it’s simply blasphemy.

Solution? You wear white gold flake and pray serious adult humans will just think it’s a trick of light.

He went to jarred

(While in your head, you’re going ‘BLIIIIIIIIIING’)

Gold leaf top coat

Do you have a go-to in tricky, grownup office/chemistry lab/bakery situations?


14 thoughts on “Sneaky Bling

  1. I love this.
    I always go for nudes, especially textures (Zoya – Tomoko/Stevie, Essence – Hey Nude/Be my lucky Star) because then you get sparkles and you’re in the confines of nothing extreme

  2. Lovely idea! I also tread the rule-line very finely. For school, I am only allowed to wear clear nail polish and my nails aren’t allowed to be long enough to show over the tips of my fingers but I often wear a French manicure pink or a French manicure and hope to goodness that people think my nails are just like tha . :D I have got away with it so many times.

    • Thank you!
      That’s a school rule I haven’t heard before – why the nail length too?
      French manis, uhuuuu, in Olive’s words, livin’ on the edge ; )

      Back in my boarding school, I wouldn’t be able to get away with these gold flakes for sure, though…

      • Since we wear uniforms, they are very strict. I think they made the length rule to prevent people from wearing false nails. A French manicure isn’t exactly a very daring look but I feel a bit like a super spy when I have my nails done because it’s really a case of hiding your nails as inconspicuously as possible when certain teachers come past. Some don’t enforce the rule very strictly. :)

        • Oh, I had uniforms at my school too… Umpf… Mine looked like a sailor’s, with a blue jean collar ; )

          But it makes sense, the rule, if it’s to prevent people from wearing falsies…

          Haha, I loved that at school, having to lower my hem line by tuggin on it when a stricter teacher was passing by and not caring when a chilled out was near – kind of like poker : D Or chess. STRATEGY. : P

          • It’s more like Russian Roulette. :D My school is huge so I always have to just make a guess as to how they would react and I always have an explanation prepared no matter what. I know my register teacher would have a fit if she saw my nails half the time. She does inspections every now and then but sometimes she lets one of the students check and report back to her. I have been lucky that it was a friend of mine doing the inspections the last two times my nails were out of order. She smiled at me and said,”Just don’t let Ma’am see.” :D
            Hopefully it was a cute take on a sailor’s uniform.
            I must say, my uniform isn’t bad. For summer we wear white button-up shirts that have short sleeves under a jade-coloured dress that is A-line from beneath the waist and in winter we wear long-sleeved button-up shirts under the same dresses with a tie and navy tights. The tie is navy blue and jade with a touch of maroon. It all sounds like an odd combination but the colours look really nice together, actually. It also looks really nice with the shape of the dress since it’s a V-neck.
            I sometimes wonder wear they come up with ideas for school uniforms though. :D

  3. Oh my gosh, you are perfect. I’m not allowed to wear jewelry for work, so I will occasionally sneak in the most obnoxious makeup I can think of. We’re livin on the edge :D

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