Tess D’Urbervilles and Milky Way

Hello homies!
(Yes? No? HOMIES? We’ll go with it for now.)
Revlon Milky Way
I’m having an uncharacteristically good hair day today. And that NEVER happens, so it’s of magnitude that is simply worth sharing.
I woke up and was like, what’s up hair, how are you doing the pretty thing?

It’s kind of freaky, as I’m not used to ze hair staying cooperatively within the bounds of aesthetics. It never does anything remotely pretty on its own, and yet today, of all days, it’s decided to be all bouncy and sassy. Well ok. I’ll take it.
Tess D'Urbervilles
In other news, uni is intense, winter is coming and I’m PRETTY sure has come too, but I try to stay in denial – it’s freezing here guys, seriously freezing.
A-england swatch
Nails are being painted, because they bring simple bursts of joy to an otherwise busy and blue existence, blogs are being ogled, because the same reason and books are being read – at the moment I’m reading Orlando Furioso, Jerusalem Delivered (which is being a little bitch) and Gone Girl.
Nail stamping
Christmas parties are starting, I’m baking a lot for other people, and myself eating shed loads of fresh pineapple for some reason… (which in turn means that my tongue is permanently singed and burning as I’m digesting pineapple and pineapple’s bromelain is digesting me – it’s a meat tenderiser after all, my mouth is no match for its powers.)

As I’m sharing this post with you, there’s a batch of french pastry tartlets in the oven, with Nutella and bananas and nuts and one of palmiers with blue cheese and pesto. We’re having a Christmas Eve Eve with the girls (one of whom is married now which is a huge pitchfork scaring everyone into how quickly time flies in case they forget. Just kidding. I love her. But still scary.)
These nails are all a festive magpie could dream of – silver holo shreds sparkle, Tess shimmers and the silver stamping reflects light in the most mesmerising way.

The only downside is, you can’t really see Tess D’Urbervilles properly – not in the photographs (no matter how many I take…), not in real life. And she’s NOT black – she’s an emerald beauty, with gorgeous particles of light. I’m pretty sure I’d have to wear her alone to appreciate the shade, and maybe I will because she IS beautiful.
My nails have gone nuts again (hihi, get it? Almonds.) and I’m liking it. It was difficult to leave my comfort zone of square at first, but there is just something about almonds nails…
Festive nail art
Hoping you enjoy the nailporn; the colours I used:
* a-england Tess D’Urbervilles
* Revlon 220 Milky Way (from the Moon Candy series)
* Barry M Silver Foil
Flakies holo
I hope you guys are having a good December – is it Christmas in your hearts already?
I’ll admit mine is not in a Christmassy mood yet, despite the parties and the gift-buying, and despite shops assaulting my eardrums with Last Christmas since mid-November. (HAVE SOME DECENCY STARBUCKS.)

Maybe the holiday spirit will enrobe (enrobe, not smother. <3) me when I get home for the break and we’ll start cooking the Christmas dinner with my mom. Yes, I’m sure that’s it.
Nail porn



19 thoughts on “Tess D’Urbervilles and Milky Way

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    • Thank you!!!

      Ha, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment about my claws – you’re so right! No longer kitten claws bless them : )

      Full Cat’s Claws : D

      (They grow. It’s weird. Before, they would just break before getting to any length. NOW THEY GROW…!)
      : P

    • Are you loving it or what?! I keep getting interrupted with my uni work (for ex I’m reading ParadiseLost and The Extended Mind…) but Gone Girl is brilliant so far.

      Thank you for the freaking awesome compliment! : )

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  4. Hi Cat :) Your nails look lovely. I like the new shape, it’s always nice to change things up. I don’t know how you do it, it’s like magic to me!

    I am almost kinda feeling the Christmas spirit. . My sister brought over a Poinsettia plant that I had ordered through her Lions Club (local clubs raising funds for the blind and the poor in need of glasses, it’s pretty cool, she’s the president of her club, I’m a proud sis :) ), it’s such a beautiful bright red, very Christmass-y. I only have to buy one present for our family gift exchange, but I am probably going to cheat and get something for my sis that lives with me for Christmas morning :)

    I hope you have a splendid and peaceful and happy holiday!

    Mary <3

    • Thank you Mary! Magic <3 :) They're uncharacteristically vampy in this shape!

      Oh that is awesome! I just googled Lions Club, they do amazing work! Fantastic that your sis is the president of your local one! CONGRATULATIONS!

      Oh I realized have not seen a live poinsettia in ages now that you mention it… No wonder it brought Christmas spirit to your home, they're so pretty! :)

      Gifts for MY family are FOODSTUFFS. :) I bringing all of them on the plane this weekend :)

      Thank you and a beautiful holiday to you too!

  5. This is going to sound ridiculous so apologies in advance but…your nails are longer now and a different shape? They look awesome, as does your nail art :) Very bright stars in the night with no light or other pollution to cloud them! Oh wow do I not make sense…

    Those are very pretty nails!!

    • It doesn’t sound ridiculous at all! They’re crazy different. They’re actual CLAWS now, not just Kat’s Klaws ; )

      And I’ve been toying with an almond shape… I don’t know. I’m still not completely SOLD, but maybe it’s because I’ve been wearing them square/squoval for so long?

      Thank you very much for the compliment! Means a lot from a talented nail artist like you!

  6. I don’t know about your hair but it looks to me as though you are having a great NAILS Day! The two design are just beautiful, I think! Enjoy!

  7. Whoa my god, it looks like a stained glass window. I didn’t know that was even a possible nail color/design. I’m kind of dying inside from the beauty.
    Excited for our collab!!!

  8. Omg those nails, I think I just fell in love :O, the combination of that shape and length is absolutely rocking!
    I’m not feeling Christmas either, so I keep buying chai from Costa, since it has such a holiday feel to it and I love the taste. I actually can’t wait to get home to a lot colder Estonia, funny isn’t it. When I heard it was minus 10 and snow, I went green with envy. Maybe one of the reasons why I don’t have any Christmas feels, Portsmouth looks like someone has thrown up decorations in a rainy chilly October afternoon.
    On the traveling note, I’m slightly worried. I’ve bought few Christmas presents and they will probably take more room in my suitcase than my clothes :O. I couldn’t resist, had to get Pratchett’s Discworld boardgame for my bf (and for myself XD). I also did some painting (acrylics on a super thick paper) or well still working on them.

    • Kairi! I’m so glad you like them!, sometimes when I look down at them, they seem a little bit TOO claw-y, you know, as in actual CLAWS… They’re so long now…! So your feedback makes me grin : D

      Chai from Costa? I’ve never had it in Costa, I need to try it!

      Ha! They have snow in Estonia?! I’m the one who’s jelous now! We only have below zero temperatures…

      Oh I have the same problem, only I’m bringing mostly food gifts for my dad, and they’re HEAVY, so I don’t know how I’ll get all these items onto a plane : P

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