Dean the Hunter – Collaboration with Olive from eyehavealotoffeelings

Makeup nails collaboration
Hiya lovelies!

Do you remember the very cool collaboration Olive and I did a while back, all mermaids and blue tears? Well we loved doing it and we have another one! This time it was Olive’s look = inspiration and me painting my nails accordingly. If you read her blog (and you should, she’s awesome) you know how much of a Supernatural fan she is. So she came up with a fierce theme: Dean the Hunter.
Olive has talent coming out of her… fandom.
Go and see.

Supernatural makeup
Her makeup is simply perfect – the blue and gold eyeliner is gorgeous, and my favourite part of the look – that SCAR. Brilliant, right?!
Dean the Hunter, there’s black (hello, Impala.), rusty red – demon hunting., blue and the brilliant gold.

I was initially thinking of doing something weapons, cars and hunting oriented, but EVERY TIME I thought Dean, the word ‘cool’ would just force its way into my brain.
Dean the womanising hunter, Dean with his car and his rock and his leather.
So I stopped fighting it and went for COOL – cool, silver sunglasses.
Supernatural nail art
(Don’t ask me. I don’t ACTUALLY understand it. It felt right.)
Nail stamping
And I stamped those on a very autumny shade, coordinated with Olive’s eyelid colour – which I FRANKENED myself.
Franken nail polish
I’m becoming a monster. But I needed something perfect, so I mixed warm chocolate brown with a bit of shimmery fuchsia.
Nail porn

Colours I used:
* OPI Blue My Mind
* Essie Chocolate Cakes
* OPI Past, Present and Fuchsia
* Barry M Gold Foil
* Barry M Silver Foil
OPI Past present and fuchsia

Then to match Olive’s awesome eyeliner work I did a grungy, distressed, very-Dean look with blue and gold polishes, and silver distressed effect on my thumb.
Almond nails
The almond nails make the look even more huntress-y in my eyes.
OPI Blue my mind

I hope you enjoyed this Supernaturally inspired colab!

PS I felt like hosting a small giveaway – taking advantage of not being in the snares of Royal Snail at the moment, so I can send nail polish without being accused of terrorism…
Nail polish giveaway
I LOVED hosting my previous giveaways and sending out those lovely bundles, so there it is, a preChristmas giveaway.

I’ll be sending two gorgoeus bottles of nail polish your way, just because my readers make me smile : )

INTERNATIONAL, excluding the UK. (Royal Mail rules and regulations…)

(Runs until the 19th of December)

Supernatural dean the hunter


20 thoughts on “Dean the Hunter – Collaboration with Olive from eyehavealotoffeelings

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  3. Uuuh, I’m more of a games person. If this counts, I’m so into League of Legends that I’ve even made a cosplay costume for myself. I spend loads of time watching streams, gaming myself of course and also the pros (esports competitions/championships in league).
    As for your nails, how on earth did I miss this post. I love the art! I mean those blue nails with distressed effect :O <3

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  6. Hi, you’re perfect. Bye.
    Kidding, but you are.
    a) “Frankened”- lol
    b) “out of her…fandom” welllllll thank ya kind stranger

    c) We should start planning our next collab!! It’s your turn to choose the topic :)
    d) I think I met your doppelganger at the Target bakery today. She offered me the pastries that didn’t sell (I work in produce so it’s not all that weird) and she wrapped them up all nice for me :) I keep calling her Kat in my head though so this could become a problem…
    *runs away*
    Love you :D

    • Hi, your comments never fail to make grin.
      Grinning right now.
      I must look weird.

      Oh lordy, I love the gifs you choose to bestow upon me.
      And that guy always makes me think of Sheldon’s drug addict cousin… Big Bang Theory? No?

      c. Yes! Thinking of it I shall start. (trying to polish my inner Yoda…)

      Gosh Olive, I’ve dreamed of having a doppelgänger my whole life! Finally! Haha, you just keep calling her Kat, go on, hehe : P
      AND she fed you pastries… Wait. Wait, she IS me.

      I’m hungry now.

      I made Nutella and bergamot croissants this weekend for my friends… Getting away from the point!

      Love you : D

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