Roaring Yins and Yangs

You know that point in your nail art life when you cannot walk away once you’ve painted your nails a simple colour? You have to add something to it, and it’s almost like you’re physically forced to do that?

Yeah, I’ve reached that.

A-england dragon
After wearing Tess (looky here, said she, in an eerily Jar Jar Binks- like voice) and loving her, but still, Tess appearing black under the nail art almost all the time (despite me KNOWING she’s emerald.) I reached for another gorgeous, complex shade by a-england – Dragon.

Yin yang nail art
It’s a beauty this one, and to enjoy it fully, I thought, we’ll go with JUST THE COLOUR. No nail art.
Nope. I could not just leave it. I tried, really, believe me.

A-england nail polish
Couldn’t walk away.

So I stamped these fun yin-yangs and won A BIT with the nagging nail art junky in my head – I did a 3:2 so 2 nails are a roaring Dragon in all its bare glory.
(using Amy’s terminology, which I always enjoy spotting in her posts – 3:2, 2:3, such a cool way to state: three nails stamped.)

‘Like sunlight glinting off his iridescent mossy green scales, the fearsome Dragon lays basking arrogantly, awaiting his due.’*

nail stamping
Also, I filed my claws pointy for the first time ever – REALLY pointy, not almond. It’s fun, it’s very different.
Pros? Easy to scratch an itch.
Cons? Tights turn into silk wispy webs all of a sudden. (And mine are black, proper tights. When they see pointy nails, I swear they transform into wimps.)
Nail art
In other news, I’ve been playing with my new camera – I wanted better quality photos, DUH, always a good thang, and it’s interesting to be able to capture holos and such. I don’t know if you can spot the first post I’ve used photos from this new camera in, a few posts ago, but I hope you can – hopefully the nail porn is better.
Holo nail polish

I cannot believe I’m flying home at the end of this week for CHRISTMAS. Again, time FLIES LIKE A BITCH.


PS Remember about entering my giveaway lovelies – only 2 days left, and it’s INTERNATIONAL and I really want to send someone these awesome bottles of nail polish before Christmas.
You can find the link to Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

*beautiful words sourced from a-england’s website

24 thoughts on “Roaring Yins and Yangs

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  2. Gorgeous nail polish and your new nail shape! I think I have the same “can’t go without nail design” but in makeup.. sometimes I want to make very light eyeliner..and what? Doesn’t happen:D
    p.s. I’m also going home-home (to my parents) but on New Year:) Wish you to have fun and really good time home!:)

    • Thank you Anastasia!

      Ha! I love hearing stories from makeup junkies of how they can’t stop themselves from adding eyeliner or eyeshadow or something – makes me smile that we can relate even if I’m this way with nails (I’m usually a bare minimum makeup kinda girl) and you with your lovely makeup. !

      Happy New Year’s at home-home then!

      • Strange thing I don’t have even a lot of make-up but I use everything:) I have a friend who has lots of eyeshadows and doesn’t wear eye make-up..very rarely. And in school and start of university I was obsessed with nail polishes. I had huge bag of nail polishes and I had long nails and liked to draw on them from time to time. :D

        Happy New Year!

  3. Omg phenomenal as usual! Love love love the shape, the color is flawless, and the pattern is so fun.

    I’m new to reading/being obsessed with your blog, so forgive me if I just missed it, but do you have a post on tips/tricks of how to get your nails so perfect?!

    • Omg thank you hon!

      That’s a lovely compliment : )

      Aaaah, no, I don’t actually have a post dedicated to my nail care – no one ever told me they’d be interested in that.
      For comparison, you can look at the first posts and state of my nails and cuticles – excellent proof anything can be done! : )

  4. Um. Cat. The nail porn is REAL.
    Holy. Shit. Can’t. Breathe.
    Must. Look. Away.
    But seriously, that color is just amazing. Damn. Damndamndamn. You could’ve gone straight up just Dragon and it would’ve KILLED. But I like the stamping too of course, and I’m glad you left a few bare for the full effect ;D I totally get what you mean with the compulsion to add MOAR AND MOAR AND MOAR- for me with makeup it’s definitely winged eyeliner. You have this beautiful eye look and your blending is ON POINT but you’re like, “You know what this look needs? WINGS.” Andddd then you look like a prostitute.
    Life man.

  5. Macro mega close-up nail porn

    The shape is audacious and suits your fingers really well; the colour says Christmas. Very fine. <3

    Have a lovely Christmas season!

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