‘Tis the Season to Wear Holo

Matte stamping
Can you see the snowflake?
100 points for Gryffindor if you can.

A freezing hello to you lovelies!

Well, the hello itself, as I’m sending it to you, is warm and fluffy, but comes from a frozen London. HONESTLY, climate, get a grip.

Aengland Ascalon

I hope you all had a lovely time over the holidays – if you follow me on facebook you got my merry wishes and I hope they came true!
Hope you spent those days EXACTLY HOW YOU WANTED – be it with family, singularly or how you damn pleased : )))

Christmas Eve supper

My mom was telling me this story about a woman we know, who, as a girl, always had to, every year (with her one sister and mother) clean the entire house and cook 12 dishes for Christmas Eve – and then a family of cousins and distant cousins and aunties (around 20 people) would descend on their home – and they’d serve them supper, without ever being able to actually sit down.
They’d be woken up around 5am on Christmas Eve to clean and then cook and then clean after the supper.
So her festive Christmas dinner would be spent getting teas, coffees, more plates, you know, and all that after two days of solid work already.
Now, she refuses to cook more than one dish – her family thinks it’s a disgrace (breaking tradition and all), but she wants to actually have a festive time, you know? And she says she consciously ignores a bit of dust here and there – because, clearly it is NOT the essence of Christmas.

Story time over, I just hope you all had a lovely few days.

Snowflakes nail art

As you have probably noticed, I’m on a bit of a-england kick – so many untrieds, so little time. I’ve be being loving the colour shifts and sparkly holos, and I’m not usually a fan. It must be the Christmassy New Yearness of it all.

Holo nail polish

This one, and I can’t get enough of the names (DRAGON <3), is called Ascalon, and is a medium grey with subtle glints of lavender fire – the holo is beautiful too.

Festive nail art

I did have a brilliant idea to stamp matte over it – which, surprisingly, I’ve not done before, but I stamped snowflakes, and they wouldn’t show for anything. I mean, I knew they were there so I could spot them, but otherwise, a lovely fail. Good thing Ascalon is so pretty all by its lonesome.

A day later, I needed something, anything, any pattern, so I reached for literally the first plate and stamped these Christmas trees – thinking is just for a day or so. As it is, it’s the 11th day after those Christmas trees arrived on my nails, and they’re still hanging out with the holo Ascalon. 11 days, one and a half WEEK!
I kid you not.

I have like two miles of regrowth and still, no chipping. Nada.

I bought myself two lovely polishes for a Christmas pressie, China Glaze Trendsetter and Budding Romance and I cannot wait to try them – they’re gorgeous!
Also, Naked 2 palette. Never actually owned eyeshadow. Starting now.

Nail stamping

What pretty goodies did you find in your stockings?

Hope you’re having an awesome time, not too freezing and gearing up for the New Year,

Many kisses,

Multichrome nail polish

PS The giveaway (*) was won by Victoria and the goodies sent to North Carolina!

Also, because our family unit despises panettone, but just found out, adores pandoro. Here’s a pretty pan d’oro for your eyeballs.


14 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season to Wear Holo

  1. I love my freezing white gorgeous snowy weather. We had minus 10 and colder here. And today it’s plus 2 degrees. Luckily there’s too much snow for it to be melted. Have a lovely New Year’s Eve oh and your mani is gorgeous.
    I keep forgetting my camera (to load photos to the laptop), but I’ve worn the same mani from 22nd of Dec :P

    Also holy snot your nails are just beautiful. Probably the dumbest comment ever on a nail art blog but uh, jesus. The shape and the general perfection. Sheesh.

  3. What a gorgeous manicure! :) Thank you for sharing your story. My mom would do something similar, but honestly, she loved it, she loved serving & helping her family. Thanks for prompting a memory of my mom. :)

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