Doctor-to-be and Her Phalanges

It’s not often that I get to paint other people’s nails (this must be the 6th or 7th time I’ve ever done a manicure on someone else) – but I enjoy it more and more. It used to be extremely hard, the change of perspective – I’d flood the cuticles and just fail. Never had a sister to practice on ; )

But when one of my oldest and most loved friends came over for a spot of pre-holidays tea – Christmas manicure it was. She grabbed this beautiful green and marvelled at the stamping plates – she’s never seen one before. K chose the Christmas trees and I convinced her to go for gold flake accents (because it makes everything better.)

Festive nail stamping

So we had copious amounts of tea, devoured a cheese board and talked well into the night – just a brilliant, brilliant time.

Topped off with a mani pampering and an argan oil hand message.

Christmas nail art

The delight on her face when we were done was fantastic – she said she never had nails so pretty and manicured. It’s such a pleasure to make someone smile with a simple gift like stamped and shiny nails.

Doctor's hands

Aren’t her hands gorgeous? I made her pose and everything.

(And got her permission to share these, as I think it’s important. I would never post anything without asking – even if it’s hands, not a portrait – still. Do you guys agree?)

Hope you’re enjoying New Year’s Eve lovelies! (if in the UK, you’re probably already hearing fireworks, like I am.)

Do you get many chances to practice on other people? Isn’t it just brilliant fun?

Gold flake top coat


New Year's Eve meme


16 thoughts on “Doctor-to-be and Her Phalanges

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  3. Gorgeous nails! Awesome colors, awesome stamping. I wouldn’t have guessed you felt self-conscious about doing other people’s nails!

    Why is when I use the same type of scribbly Christmas tree stamps they never ever look like Christmas trees.

  4. Those look great – sounds like you had a super time, too! My friends sometimes ask me to do their nails, but I have, like, zero experience doing other people’s nails and wind up crouching over them in odd positions trying to find a good angle where I’m not slopping polish all over…it’s like Nail Polish Twister. :)

  5. Considering I can’t paint my own nails, this looks next to impossible, but I wouldn’t have known it wasn’t you if I hadn’t already memorized the shape of your fingers…*twirls creepy mustache creepily* Also because it’s next to impossible to get a picture of both of your hands.

    AAAAANYWHO, you did an amazing job and I am just wowed as always. I think if I met you in person I would start babbling incoherently and possibly cry.

    Happy new year again, you’re perfect :D

    • Darling girl, we all have our thing – the stuffs you can do to your face never fail to ASTOUND ME. Mostly, crazy modern art and amazing eyeliner variations. And Abbadon demonic make ups. Just saying.

      But thank you for the compliment!!! : )

      Oh that is so DELIGHTFULLY CREEPY <3 My phalanges always wanted a stalker. (They had a dream, you know?)

      And upon our meeting we'd both be crying, bubbling messes. That is comforting to know. I wouldn't be the only psycho.

      Thank you gorgeous, and thanks for making me smile!

    • Hi gorgoeus! Glad you’re asking.
      You can check out my very first post where I posted my FIRST EVER attempt at stamping – didn’t hide anything ; ) So you can plainly see the progress that comes with practice.

      My honest opinion? It’s not that hard. And a little effort produces something truly AWESOME.
      If I were you, I’d order a plate (my recommendation, Born Pretty Store, super cheap, stamp well) and a stamper and just TRY. You don’t need special stamping polish, just try and see if you have a knack for stamping – some people, just do : )

      You are great at makeup stuffs so we already know you have good coordination ; )))

      Hope that helps, don’t hesitate to message me!

  6. I think you have the “Midas touch” equivalent in nail art! Whatever you choose to use comes out lovely, right?
    Happy New Year with everything good happening to us all!

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