Harry Potter Studio Tour and Olden Manis

How are y’all doing? Honestly. Hope you’re all happy or at least smiling and enjoying a nice cuppa right now while swimming through the blogosphere.

While I’m certain you loyal readers are familiar with my feelings about pink and nude nails on me, I really enjoyed this combo I’m sharing today – I think muddy olive nail polishes are just simply my cup of tea. The muddier the better.

China Glaze Kalahari Kiss (my first ever, and only China Glaze bottle) and OPI Uh Oh Roll Down the Window.
China Glaze Kalahari Kiss
I found this in Mah Vault (that place deep in the memory spaces of my tablet where older manis go to hide and wait their turn – mostly trying to scream loud enough to be heard over the roar of my procrastination) – it’s OLD. Just look at my nails. The shape, the length. From the olden days around the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Which, if you’re a decent human being (aka Whovian), you know the date of.

Accent nail

Alright. In other news, my birthday came and went – on the 7th of Jan, Christmas is long gone and back to uni is on.
I asked for the most amazing birthday gift and my lovely Dad took me to Making of Harry Potter Studios in London – OH LORDY.
I’m not a huge obsessive Harry Potter fan (I mostly ADORED the books) – but being able to see how the movies were created was truly, truly MAGICAL. My Dad enjoyed it too, although he hasn’t even seen most of the films – proof that the tour is FASCINATING. He was so patient while I ran around throwing my eyeballs at ALL THINGS.
The visitors were, surprisingly, mostly teenagers and adults, not children. Made us cackle.
If I were less blue and in a better mood I’d tell you ALL about how this is the actual set in Leavesden where they made the movies, and lived and studied and had fun for 10 years – the crew and actors. The actual space and stages – not a museum at all. I’d also probably flood you with all the photos I took – so it’s way better for your pupils that I’m in a crappy mind state.
But I’m leaving you with:
I saw Hogwarts in the Snow!
Also, my highlight: I had a chance to walk down Diagon Alley and I couldn’t. leave. – pure magic.

Harry Potter Watford
What? Me? Oh, just casually parking my flying Ford Anglia.

Hope you’re all doing well and sending you frozen muahs,

22 thoughts on “Harry Potter Studio Tour and Olden Manis

  1. Aaaawwww i wanna see more from the Potter Studio :) I really want to go there some day as well.
    I’m sure i’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but i figured we all need a bit more magic in out life, so why not looking there for it, right?!


    • Oh it was so lovely : )
      And I hear they’re starting a new exhibit now, Hogwart’s Express! We live very close, so we actually see the sign passing by.
      Haha, love that spin, so true, a bit of magic is always a good thing.

  2. !! That is so cool about the Harry Potter tour!! Happy Birthday!

    And I totally agree about muddy olive colors. They are absolute fantastic. Strangely, I don’t like olive as a color but on the nails it can do no wrong!

  3. Oh, that sounds ah-maze-ing. I have all the envy (so much better than straight-up jealousy, no? More intense!) I’m also not the HUGEST HP fan in the world, but I really love the movies, particularly that whole world she created and the movies fleshed out. Sounds incredible – and happy belated birthday!

    • Woah Sandra, envy is like eons better, I can feel the intensity!
      : P

      Thank you! And the world she created was always my favourite part, too – for example, my favourite part of the Tour was Diagon Alley and The Burrow – I just loved seeing (and before that, reading about) the domestic side of the wizarding world, you know?

  4. Super jealous of your Harry Potter tour! I’d love to visit the actual set. My husband & I frequent the Wizarding World theme park in Orlando often, I love it. We are going again in two weeks, and we get to meet some of the actors from the movies! I am so pumped.
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  5. Your nails look gorgeous. Sounds like you had a fun birthday! I am not a Harry Potter fan but even I wouldn’t mind going there!

    • Ha! I adore coffee lovers – they always feel strongly about their strong cup of coffee : )
      I’m drinking a fantastic London Fog now. (Thank the Lord.)

      Haha aw, you’re so allowed to hate me a bit – that Ford Anglia really was fabulous : P

  6. I’m not a fan of Harry Potter but I think I need to add this place to my places to visit list. And since I’m actually in the UK, it’s a lot easier than when I was back home.
    As for your nails, I like muddy colours too :O, those greens look so nice.

    • You really do Kairi! As I said, I’m not a mahooosive fan either, specially not the films, but it was FUN. And, just to see the cinematographic side of making such a huge series of movies – very educational.
      Let me know if you do make it. : )

      Muddy all the way!

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