I Chopped My Nails Off

Hiya lovelies! Hope you’re doing fantastic.

The title of this post stems purely from my desire to have my share of dramatic titles – in a similar vein to beauty blog posts: ‘I Chopped My Hair Off’ and such.
Well, here I go proving that I can use choppy titles too. hellyeah.

Natural almond nails

And also. I did kinda chop a lot of length off of my nails. They’re kitten klaws again, after having lived a full and happy life as fully fledged cat claws.
Don’t worry, they’ll be back, I’m just into experimenting with lengths and shapes now – as I said to Brijit, must be something in the air, both in Paris and London. We both had square nails all our lives and look at us now! Adventurous little spirits.

First, I’m throwing nailporn at your eyeballs of things very long and pointy and almond and adorned in China Glaze Trendsetter (which sheso gorgeous – made me buy) and A-England Holy Grail.

How to shape almond nails

This Christmas I bought myself 2 (two!) nail polishes only to add to my collection – both much lusted after and much loved now: China Glaze Trendsetter and Budding Romance. Oh olives.


Long natural nailsperfect New Years celebration booze – beer <3


Oreo ice cream sandwichThey’re LONG. Also, who knew Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich is basically the closest thing we have to heaven on this earthly plain?



Doctor who tshirtI call this my hobo look – it’s when I go to my local Morrison looking like a homeless person. Good look that.


Long almond natural nails

Then, 11 (eleven!) days of nail growth – no chips mind you, how awesome is that?!, and even longer claws.
Nail growth natural nail

And now we come to the snippy snap. And in the spirit of experimenting – we’re going round, even, gasp, oval, not the usual, safe square. Uuuuuh, how exciting.

Cutting nails short

How to depot lemony flutterAnd here are my short kitten claws depotting Lemony Flutter to a travel sized tiny (and annoyingly cute) jar.
(As if I remember to apply moisturising things on the go. Pffft.)

How are y’all doing?
I personally have exams at uni rolling in now, so naturally, I keep cleaning and scrubbing the house – which is the thing I do when I’m procrastinating instead of studying and submitting essays.
I have the cleanest home in the whole neighbourhood.

How to shape short nails

Do you have long or short nails at the moment?
Do you guys find that changing the shape and length affects your mood?

(when mine are short and edgy and black I feel COOL.)


PS A warm welcome to my new followers on facebook – where did y’all come from?! It’s so nice to see new faces – hoping you’re gonna like it here.
(I totally sang it to the tune from Annie the musical.)

Holler at me in the comments so I know you’re a newbie here!



46 thoughts on “I Chopped My Nails Off

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  7. Thanks so much for linking to me! And I’m so happy that you like the two polishes! I would feel kind of guilty otherwise ;-) Your combination of Trendsetter and Holy Grail is brilliant – I love it so much! And I prefer your nails long and pointy, but I always prefer nails long :-) Personally I don’t change my nail shape, only length sometimes. Although I really adore the stiletto shape on others, I feel that my nails are not really cut out for it.

  8. I just tried a gel overlay this past weekend and finally have tips that can hold a shape. I LOVE the claw look! its so sophisticated! how do you get them to be so pointed and even?

    • Woah! Gel overlay, NICE.
      Are you enjoying them still?

      My OCD freaks out when I’m filing them – getting them completely even. But I employ ALL the geometrical knowledge in my brain and we manage somehow. Not easy peasy though, I assure you. : )

      • I totally know that OCD feeling, I could spend HOURS filing my nails to perfection! These gel overlays are almost too good though since it makes me want to change my polish nearly everyday! I secretly love it though!

        • Ha! Im so glad someone gets it : D
          That’s one of the reasons I suppose I don’t file my nails every mani or even every three manicures – I do it once they’re super long and have to be taken care of. To avoid all the OCDness, you know?

  9. These colors. Is it possible to be attracted to colors. Do I have those colors in eyeshadow form? If not, why???????

    But really, how do you grow your nails so long? What if one of them breaks or is sacrificed in a car door or opening a cardboard box? How will you cope with the emotional trauma???

    So many questions, so few answers. Until next time, your obedient admirer and servant, Olive.

  10. I actually prefer your shorter nails :)
    At the moment I’m wearing mine short, much shorter than yours as they break and chip so easily :(
    Perhaps I should give them a break and not paint them in a while..

    • Oh! Nice to hear!

      For me personally, not painting them and ‘giving them a break’ gives complete opposite results – they start peeling and chipping pretty much STRAIGHT AWAY.

      So I wouldn’t recomend it maybe before you try sth else. What base coat do you use? : )

        • Nah, nothing really wrong with the base coat you’re using. It may be just your individual needs that this Manhattan doesn’t satisfy.
          What I’d recomend is either OPI Nail Envy which works for some people and might be easier to get (although did NOTHING for MY nails) or the one I use and which transformed my nails – Nailtiques.
          Now, they harden your nails, so it’s a good thing you prefer short nails – keep them short so they can’t bend for the first month of using or so and you should see the condition improving (NAILTIQUES is amazing at bonding the keratin layers – combats peeling, chipping and for me, even cracking).

          Also, go for the Nailtiques formula 2 or 1 (I’m using 2) – 3 is way hardcore.

          Nail care rant over.

          • Yep, it’s the Pro Shine Base Coat.
            OPI is quite expensive if you buy it at the stores here unless you find it on sale online or find discount codes :/
            Just checked Nailtiques .. is it comparable to MicroCell? Latter one would be easier to get for me.
            I actually own a (cheap) nail hardener.. perhaps I’ll give it a try and look more into that topic if my nails shouldn’t improve.. or turn into horrific zombie nails.
            Thanks for your help! :)

            • If Micro Cell is easier for you to get, go for it! Obviously it’ll always depends on the individual, but it should work comparably well to Nailtiques. (Do let me know if you get it)
              Happy to help : )

  11. I just recently went to rounded nails, and I’m liking it so far. It takes a little getting used to, but stick with it! I loved your claws, but they look great as smaller roundies too :)

    • But I thought you’ve been using Nail Envy with succes? Change of routine? Winter?

      Have you tried Nailtiques 2 before?


      And also, I like your shorter nails.
      It’s how I met them and came to know them. : D

    • My mom always liked the shorter round look too – and me, personally, I didn’t have much choice since I was biting my nails, and they were splitting and peeling and all in all, not growing.

      So I’m taking advantage of my strong claws now I suppose and experimenting.

      Say hi to your pointy-clawed sister! : )

  12. I’ve been experimenting for a while. Square, squoval (had those the longest, if my pre blogging time isn’t taken into account), almond, stiletto (they looked stiletto only without polish, polish kind of rounded the tips more :O), round (had my nails round all my life until I started blogging) and coffin for now :D. I’m on a quest to find a shape and length that fits best :P.
    Yours are super cute now though :)

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