The One Where I Totally Should’ve Punched Him

I’m bringing you an a-england Lancelot review today – because it’s a GOOD ONE.

Aengland Lancelot review

Are y’all noticing the a-england streak I’m on the past few manicures? It’s not even that I bought myself any a-england goodies recently – I purchased a few of them at once, AGES ago (like, a year ago at least. Which in my nail polish collection timeline is EONS.) And they were just sitting there, in the full of untrieds drawer, waiting their turn. After I tried one, and loved it, now I can’t stop. (Don’t want to more like.)

This time I’m bringing you an uncharacteristically simple mani. There is no garlic, apples, not even any PSY oddities. Instead, a gorgeous, vampy colour.

Lancelot nail polish

I decided on Lancelot after I filed my nails down from their super long claw-state – I feel like dark colours especially black look much better, and much much classier on short, ‘cool’ nails, you know? DOES ANYBODY KNOW WHAT I’M TRYING TO CONVEY? Let me know I’m not crazy.

a-england Lancelot review:
(because uni finals are here so I need a thing to do. I already scrubbed all floors and surfaces clean and baked cookies. review time.)

>>> it’s a beautiful polish to apply – I really find that the application process is so flawless it’s the essence of relaxation – no streaking, no flooding the cuticles, no patches.
>>> pure painting pleasure
>>> all these nail porn shots are one coat. Really, singularity of coats here only.
>>> it did not, however remain flawless for as long as my polishes usually do – my OPIs and China Glazes – it did not chip, thanks to the HKGirl I think, but it started showing signs of wear by the 5th day (which for me? Very early on.) – quicker than I’d like. So keep that in mind.
>>> if your keen eyeballs have spotted the bubbling – I don’t know what it is. I think my HKGirl top coat is starting to misbehave.
>>> and lastly, the brush, if you haven’t used a-england nail polish before, it’s thin and relatively short – reminds me most of my very first polish, which was Inglot – I personally adore the thin brush, and non-rounded bristles

Short round nails

>>> when it comes to the shade itself, it is a beautiful vampiness, which Adina calls an ‘intriguing mysterious black red garnet’ on her website – but my pupils in most cases failed to recognise that it’s the deepest kind of burgundy and not plain black. Next time I shall try alternating it with Camelot and we’ll see.
The only thing that ensures me there is red tones in Lancelot is the look of my cuticles – they look redder with this colour on my nails (compare with Camelot here).
Don’t get me wrong though – I adore Lancelot and fully recommend trying it.

Black nails review

In other news, I genuinely wanted to punch someone today – BECAUSE OF MY BLOG!
Well no, not really – because they were being an ass. The FASCINATING story (but I need to vent, so y’all just happen to be victims lol) goes – we were having a study session, at mine, and one girl said, in between exam questions, that she has a blog. So I asked whether it was a lifestyle blog or something else, to which she asked me back – I don’t usually share my having a blog with my acquaintances, but I did this time (no real reason behind it, I just like keeping all parts of my life in nice, separate drawers I suppose.)
And another friend guessed if it was a hobby blog it was either about Doctor Who or nail art. I confirmed and the ass I was talking about, the one I wanted to punch in the face, badly – started laughing.

Like, full on, mean, out loud, just, laughing.

I was speechless. I should’ve punched him, really. I regret it.
And I made him sushi, damn it! (Well not him specifically, for the group, but still.)

I will try not to waste any more words or thoughts on an asshole that is so rude and ignorant I cannot even.

Lancelot A-england review

Ok guys,

I hope you like Lancelot,
Do let me know if you’ve tried a-england polishes before,
Hope you enjoy OUR HOBBY AND OUR BLOGOSPHERE as much today as every day,
And please say a silent prayer to the universe that the asshole trips and breaks a nail – painfully. Yep. I went there.

Loving y’all muchly,

Nail porn

PS OH! I know! If you haven’t already stalked the Models Own website for the past week or so (whatnoivebeenstudyingforexams.) – their 50% sale started 29th, my Mom’s birthday lol, at 10.00am UK time. Check them out!
AND they’re releasing their Colour Chromes. Just sayin. My plan is to swerve in the direction of the closest Starbucks immediately after class – which ends at 10.15, oh the horror.
(I’m really excited for the Colour Chromes. They’re supposed to be great for stamping.)
(Don’t judge.)


25 thoughts on “The One Where I Totally Should’ve Punched Him

  1. I had nearly the same experience. I was on a hike and I was showing off my manicure and some guy and girl walked up behind and past us, overheard me and started making fun of me by “showing off” their nails to each other and laughing. I was fuming. Painting my nails doesn’t make me vain or overly girly. Sorry but I have to say they were (dumbasses).

    Great photos, I’m in awe that was only one coat!

    • Oh no way! I honestly got pissed off just reading this!

      It’s so strange people are so mind-lessly unkind to each other!
      And an event like this can ruin whole day (or hike, if I ever hiked : P) – I know I should just not care, but it’s hard.

      Argh, rude dumbasses.

      Keep on painting girl, and keep on being awesome.

  2. This polish looks lovely, I can’t believe I still haven’t had the chance to try A England yet. I love this dark shade on your nails. Its always great to find a polish that gives just pure painting pleasure! xx

  3. I love reading your posts cat, you are so funny. I have never used a-england polishes, I don’t even think they are available on this side of the pond. I love your nail shape.

    I have read Lily’s (What I heart today) review on those chrome Model’s Own polishes, I want to ge them although again, not available in the US! Grr!

    Oh and lastly, Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  4. I always get the “too much time on your hands” comment! Actually, I don’t have too much time on my hands, I have pretty polish and I use my down time to paint them, no ner!!!!!! Stuff em all, your nails are fab! (Love this colour too!)

  5. Gorgeous nails Cat, and I wholeheartedly agree that darker colours rock shorter nails!!! Sorry to read you had such a rude experience with that guy… such a eeejit! Both you & we all know your blog is every bit as awesome as you are!! :) Karen x

  6. Psssh, you shouldn’t have to defend your hobby to anyone. What an ass! I am also of the separate drawers mindset for life/ acquaintances/ ect.!

    I love A England, and glad to know about the excellent formula on this one (what else is new?), but…I think it’s a bit too dark for a not-black color for me! I think I only picked up Dorian Gray from the Gothic Beauties set because of that… Looks good on you though!

    • Thanks Cait, exactly right!

      The separate drawers mindset makes my blogging a nice niche where it’s only me and my readers, I like it : )

      Dorian is GORGEOUS. Glad you approve of Lancelot on me : )

  7. I don’t understand why people aren’t kinder–it costs them nothing to be nice. Continue to be proud of your blog, those of us who appreciate it, love it. Oh and I love the polish. xx

  8. Awww Cat… you should have given him a dead arm :D <3 This looks lovely on you – totally agree about dark colours on shorter nails. I think I have finally settled on keeping my nails shorter now… I think… maybe.

  9. What a gorgeous polish! It does look completely black, but there’s nothing wrong with that! I completely agree with you – I love dark polishes on shorter nails too.
    And eff anyone who judges how you spend your free time/ what you do as a hobby! I hate judgy people.

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